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Elder Scrolls Online: Introduction Of Necrom - Land Of Dark Elves, Friends And Enemies & How To Start?

Posted: Jun 27, 2023

I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to review a lot of games, especially RPGs. But at the same time, I can hardly spend too long immersed in a certain game, except for Elder Scrolls Online. In Elder Scrolls Online, I reviewed almost every year's expansion, including the latest chapters.

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online always gives me a very good experience, and it always makes me feel like I can't stop playing. Next, let me explain from the following aspects.

Land Of Dark Elves

With each new expansion, Elder Scrolls Online adds more territories to the map. The new areas this time around are Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha. There are Dark Elves settlements on Telvanni Peninsula, which literally means "city of the dead".

Visiting Necrom will be your first task in the expansion, and it is also the beginning of the main task of this chapter. Almost immediately, you meet Hermaeus Mora, Daedric prince of forbidden knowledge. The prince's dreadful enemies are sweeping Apocrypha, marching on the Necrom, and you must stop them. Of course, this brief description only hints at a very broad mainline quest.

As always, new areas are fun and memorable to experience and explore. In these places in the game, you may find some hidden treasure chests with a large amount of ESO Gold inside, as well as some items. Telvanni Peninsula is characterized by cliffs, giant mushrooms and verdant landscapes.

Elder Scrolls Online Mushroom

In contrast, Apocrypha is an alien-looking world with several terrifying monster enemies. It's a horrible place. Elder Scrolls Online continues to prove that its art team is at the top of the game.

Graphically, ESO is showing its age more and more, but with each expansion, the character models continue to improve, backed up, as always, by solid writing and voice acting. The sound design is still impressive, and ESO's music always manages to inspire and add beauty and mystery to the experience.

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Friends And Enemies

A few chapters ago, Elder Scrolls Online introduced companions, artificially intelligent characters who can accompany you on missions and fight alongside you. These are great additions to the game for primarily single player players like me. After all, getting a group of like-minded people with enough free time to play is a challenge. Companions are practical and genuinely fun or fun to chat and adventure with.

In Necrom, new companions include two, namely Warden-class Sharp as Night and Arcanist Azandar. You encountered the former early on, but Azandar is located in Apocrypha and is much more hidden. Both have interesting backstories and engaging questlines. Of course, if you're trying out the new Arcanist class, Azandar may be redundant.

Elder Scrolls Online Azandar

Many of Necromancer's new enemies are truly terrifying creatures. These include explorers, floating, tentacle entities with varying degrees of challenge. Other new enemies include Hushed, Reptilian Lurkers, and Spider-like Psychic Fears.

How To Start?

Almost every expansion for ESO has introduced at least one new class. Necrom brings Arcanist, it is a magic-based class and a power that wields runes. Arcanist powers fall into three basic categories: healing, offense and defense. Depending on how you evolve your character, it can be a powerful and dedicated ally in combat, or a stand alone, balanced adventurer who fights, heals and defends equally well.

If you want to try Arcanist class, then you need to first roll the new character, play the new content, and then explore it freely. As an Elder Scrolls Online player, you can choose Necrom from your installed content and choose a character from it to access the quest.

ESO Arcanist

As with every generous and engaging new expansion, there's a ton of great content to experience. Fascinating new companions, wondrous new areas, and fantastic enemies, all paired with useful and entertaining Arcanist classes.

Necromancer's main quests are more mysterious than political, and there are some more challenging encounters in the wild. As usual, I was both impressed and frustrated after playing Elder Scrolls Online because I didn't have more time to play.


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