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Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom's Bastion Nymic World Event Explained

Posted: Jun 27, 2023

World Events in Elder Scrolls Online have been a staple of the game since its release. The theme of the game is to oppose Daedric Prince Molag Bal's idea of merging Coldharbour and the world of Nirn, so players must search for Dolmens near Tamriel to prevent Dark Anchors from locking the world at these locations.

Elder Scrolls Online

Each new chapter of ESO brings new world events to keep the game fresh, from Elsweyr's Dragon Charge, to Greymore's Harrowstorm, to Elder Scrolls Online: Bastion Nymic. Unique mechanics, Elder Scrolls Online Items all define world events, but Bastion Nymic has its own unique flair.

Nymic World Events Explained

Bastion Nymic exists in Elder Scrolls Online Necronomicon Chapter, and it is a New World Event that takes place in Tevanni and Apocrypha regions. The story of Necrom revolves around the demons Hermaeus Mora and Apocrypha. Rival Daedric Princes are trying to invade Mora's domain, and Bastion Nymic is their starting point.

Elder Scrolls Online Hermaeus Mora

"Nymic" is Daedra's true name, and knowing its name gives you the power to control it. Namic  kept these power names secret and protected, making it a key target for Hermeus Mora's enemies.

Your task is to enter Nymic and foil the plans of other Daedric Princes. The other Princes even pit Hermaeus Mora's own army against him in Nymic, which is why you are the key to saving it here.

How to start Nymic World Event

In order to gain access to Nymic World event, you'll first need to find Coordinator Tandasea in the city of Necrom. She'll give you the details and give you daily quests to complete Bastion Nymic.

To open the portal to Nymic, you'll need to acquire 5 Daedric Ichors, which you can obtain by defeating Herald's explorers around the map. After completing it, Tandasea will mark the areas on your map where these enemies can be found.

Dark Anchors

Next, you need to find a portal Edifice. Use Ichor to activate the portal to Bastion Nymic. Any mansion can be activated, there are four in total:

  • In Telvanni Peninsula, there are Fungal Downs Building and Glasscrag Building.
  • In Apocrypha, there are Withering Wastes Edifice and Fallen Hues Edifice.

How to Complete Bastion Nymic

When you first arrive at Bastion Nymic, you will be in the center of it. There are three different areas, but you will always start with one at random. Your first task is to defeat the main boss of whatever area you start in. There will be tons of additional enemies, optional puzzles, and secret encounters along the way.

Once you defeat the main boss of each area, a portal will open allowing you to return to the central area. You can face the final boss here to complete Bastion Nymic quest. Each time you play Bastion Nymic, the final boss will be different depending on your starting zone.

Elder Scrolls Online chart

Before fighting the final boss, you can choose to enter another area of Bastion Nymic. There you can fight area bosses and complete puzzles and other encounters.


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