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Elder Scrolls Online: Secretly OP Ultimate Generation Monster Set Revealed! - Baron Zaudrus Set

Posted: Jun 16, 2023

Are you looking to improve your tank build and maximize your ultimate generation? Here, I’ve got an incredible monster set suggestion for you that can give you a whopping 120 ultimate per minute and the best part is it’s all done with a single free cost skill.

You may have heard of the Baron Zaudrus Set before. And while many people consider it lackluster, I’m here to reveal the hidden trick that makes it shine.

Baron Zaudrus Set

The Baron Zaudrus is a set. Applying a status effect to an enemy grants you a stack of ambition for 10 seconds up to three stacks max. When you gain 3 stacks, the stacks are removed and you gain 4 Ultimate. On gaining Ultimate, you cannot gain additional stacks for 1 second. 

At first glance, it may seem complicated and not very promising as it requires consistently activating three different stats effects. 

Elder Scrolls Online: Secretly OP Ultimate Generation Monster Set Revealed! - Baron Zaudrus Set

Elemental Susceptibility

However, that’s about to change. Allow me to introduce you to the destruction staff ability, Elemental Susceptibility.

This skill applies chilled, burning, and concussed status effects to your enemies. Not only is it a free skill, but it also triggers these effects every time you cast it. Here’s where the magic happened.

Baron Zaudrus has a one second downtime, which means you can proc the set up to 30 times per minute when combined with Elemental Susceptibility.

How To Combine Baron Zaudrus With Elemental Susceptibility?

Now, let’s explore the three effective ways to combine Baron Zaudrus with Elemental Susceptibility to boost your Ultimate gain. 

The first method is to spam Elemental Susceptibility. While continuously casting this skill, you can gain up to 120 Ultimate per minute. It’s a straightforward approach that guarantees maximum Ultimate generation. 

Elder Scrolls Online Baron Zaudrus Set

The second method involves activating all of your skills and then casting as many Elemental Susceptibility spells as possible until your other cooldowns need refreshing. This method is generally the best option. But it may not be suitable for tanks who need to maintain multiple short duration skills, such as Dragonknight is using Stone Giant and Frost Clench.

The third method is to use Elemental Susceptibility and let it auto activate the status effects over its duration. This will grant 32 Ultimate per minute. While not the most effective method, it offers an automatic way to proc Baron Zaudrus once every 7.5 seconds. To further optimize your Ultimate building member to perform a light attack every 9 seconds, this will grant you an additional 3 Ultimate per second, totaling 27 Ultimate every 9 seconds. 

Additionally, take advantage of any class ultimate passives, such as the Dragonknight’s Mountain’s Blessing. This passive grants you three Ultimate every six seconds when casting an Earthen Heart skill, such as Stone Giant or Igneous Shield.

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Some Examples

Now, let’s put it all into context. If you’re a Nord Dragonknight using Baron Zaudrus crocking Mountain’s Blessing on cooldown and performing a light attack every nine seconds, you can earn a staggering 360 Ultimate per minute. That’s an impressive boost to your Ultimate generation. So, why is all of this important?

Consider situations where your group composition allows you to switch monster sets or specific fights where Ultimate generation is crucial. For example, in the Reef Guardian Hard Mode encounter in Dreadsail Reef, some groups prefer to hold the boss still and burn it with a Dragonknight tank spamming Magma Shell. This can be achieved with Baron Zaudrus monster set combined with someone in the group using Pillager’s Profit.

Furthermore, in scenarios where Saxhleel Champion is being used, having more Ultimate can extend the duration of Major Force. And this is especially useful in fights with limited Major Force uptime, such as Asylum Sanctorium.

Now, you know how to take this rarely used monster set and make it incredibly useful. If you don’t have this set yet, hurry up and buy one with your ESO Gold!

Remember, with the right strategy and a little known trick, you can transform an unappreciated set into a game changer for your tank build.


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