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Elder Scrolls Online: Differences Between Delves, Public Dungeons & Group Dungeons - What’s The Best To Tackle First?

Posted: Jun 14, 2023

You may have come across various Delves and Dungeons whilst out adventuring, but may not know exactly how each of them differs or whether your character is ready to brave what’s behind these doors. So, today we’ll go over how each of these differs and why you’ll be ready to tackle any Delve or Dungeon in no time.


Delves will be the most common type of dungeon you come across, as each area usually has multiple. Delves are accessible by all players and you can go in solo or as a group.

Each Delve will have at least one boss, a Skyshard, its own set of achievements and its own quests to complete. Just make sure to keep an eye out for those quest markers. They are sometimes easy to miss as quite often they are found just outside of the delve.

Delves are great for beginners as they are relatively easy to solo. You may even come across other players to fight alongside whilst exploring as Delves are non-instanced.   

Elder Scrolls Online: Differences Between Delves, Public Dungeons & Group Dungeons - What’s The Best To Tackle First?

Public Dungeons 

Public Dungeons are similar to Delves, but are much more difficult.

They are recommended for groups. But you will also come across other players to fight alongside. Just like Delves, they are non-instanced.

Public Dungeons have multiple bosses as well as group event bosses. Group event bosses are more difficult than your regular dungeon boss and will reward you with a skill point the first time you defeat it. Just like Delves, each Public Dungeon has a Skyshard, its own set of achievements, and its own quests to complete.   

Public Dungeon bosses are much tougher than those you might find in Delves. So, for beginners, it is recommended that you have a friend or two with you. Otherwise, it might take a while to complete. If you have enough ESO Gold, you’d better buy some good weapons and armors to equip yourself, so that you will feel more relaxed when fighting the boss.

Group Dungeons 

Group Dungeons are what you unlock at level 10

They are designed for four players: two DPS, one Tank, and one Healer. You won’t run into random players whilst completing these dungeons as they are instanced. You will need to use the dungeon finder where you will be paired with other players based on the role you choose. You can queue for a dungeon on your own or with a pre-made group of four players or fewer.   

Whilst queuing for a dungeon, you can carry on playing the game as you were. Then, when a group has been found, you will get a pop-up to accept the dungeon and you’ll be ported straight in. You can also port into these dungeons yourself by clicking on its relevant map marker.  

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However, this will put you in the dungeon on your own and will not search for other players. Your friends can join you though if they travel to you. You unlock more dungeons as you level up your character. And once you reach level 50, you will unlock access to Veteran versions of the same dungeons. These are much harder versions of the dungeons and even have extra hard mode options if you like more of a challenge.

Some dungeons are only accessible if you have ESO Plus or have purchased the relevant DLC. Each of dungeons have their own story and multiple bosses throughout. These bosses are much tougher than Delves and Public Dungeons and often have more advanced mechanics that you need to learn to defeat them. So, this is probably not something you should be soloing when just starting out.


Delves are a great place to start out for beginners and you can easily start hopping into Dungeons once you unlock them at level 10. 

Public Dungeons may be a bit harder to jump into when first starting out, but there are always people running around that might be willing to help.


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