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Elder Scrolls Online Necrom: A Best Guide To Build One Bar PVP Healer!

Posted: Jun 13, 2023

Posted: Jun 13, 2023

Source:  IGGM

It’s that time of year again to create a PVP Healer. If you’re new to PVP Healers, this guide is definitely worth your attention. Because we definitely made some changes from last year. So let’s get started.

PVP Healer Formulas

For One Bar setup, I have two main Formulas. The first Formula is a one-piece Monster Set that gives you a 5-piece set of Wretched Vitality, usually including any type of Selfish Sets or Support Set. The second Formula is a two-piece complete with Wretched Vitality for your head and shoulders.

Now, you may notice that we are not using the typical Damage Mitigation sets that we used last year. Instead, now use Wretched Vitality as our craftable Sustain Set.

I got the idea from shoddy’s Two Bar Warden build because it gives the character the highest recovery in the game for a certain amount of time. So this made me want to try it on One Bar setup. And I’ve always liked this change because I can easily earn more ESO Gold without having to kill enemies with Heavy Attacks as often.

Elder Scrolls Online: Best Guide To Build One Bar PVP Healer

Champion Points

I don’t have to worry about my Champion Points and stamina maintenance for the campaign. My go to set up is Formula One, using the five-piece Amber Plasm Set as my brace for my weapons, necklace, rings, belt, and five-piece weight set on my body, including Craftable sets.

You can then round it up with two different parts of any monster in its one-line bonus. It doesn’t get easier than Warfare Tree.

I always run Resilience for increased crit resistance since I never have any impact on my body on the second node. Because when you wear Mythic Sets, you automatically get Major Prophecy and Major Savagery.

They set your base crit chance to 22% and boost your crit damage with the secondary Force. So this Champion Points has a good synergy with these two rewards.

The next available slot is Muscle Flex, depending on your situation. If you are the main Healer in the group, I would double Healer node. If you’re taking a lot of damage, as a Warden Class, I’d probably recommend any Ironclad, Duelist, or Fitness Tree.

ESO: Champion Point Rework

Armor Weights

Being One Bar setup, we didn’t do luxury Cleansing like we usually do in a Two Bar setup. If you want more max stat padding, we might as well take advantage of their next two available slots, Muscle Flex, depending on your situation.

If the game doesn’t work, I’d go with Vitality, Fortified, and Slippery. If you want more utility for your team, or you have a specific build. I would choose Spirit Mastery and Shield Master.

ESO: Templar One Bar PvP Healer Build

Armor Traits And Enchants

I alternate between the first being five Heavy Armor, one Medium Armor, and one Light Armor, and the second being six Heavy Armor and one Medium Armor. Now I wouldn’t deliberately choose any of these, it just depends on the setup I’m running.

But if I run Heavy Armor support on my weapons and jewels. We’ll have Wretched Vitality as our main heavy armor set. At the same time, we need to get Damage Mitigation from another source.

This is not a traditional Mitigation measure. So we now run five Reinforced on the head, shoulders, chest, legs and boots. This way we can maximize our flat resistances as much as possible.

We know this interpretation of Enchants hasn’t changed since last year. But as a PVP Healer, your Health, Magica and Stamina are all important stats. These help you do your job efficiently and maintain similar jewelry properties to the ones I just mentioned.

ESO: The Best Weapon Traits

Weapon Traits And Enchants

Now for Vampire we have to use the third stage when we control it ourselves. So we really need the extra Mitigation provided by Undeath passive. Because we don’t get that defensive, staying power on a traditional Two Bar setup.

So now what is your average expectation for a fully buffed Breton Warden Healer? Be aware that these numbers will change with any support or self-resetting you decide to wear. So you need to make your own combination according to your own requirement and enjoy it. Good luck.


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