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  • ESO: Tips for Tales of Tribute

    Jun 15, 2022

    The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle not only brings new explorable areas and adventures but also an innovative card game mechanic. Tales of Tribute combines Auto Chess and Gwent formats for a more interesting challenge. Both players use cards to accumulate Coins to buy cards in Tavern. And use specific cards to gain power value, which will become Prestige after the round. When the Prestige of one side reaches 40, it will enter the settlement phase, and the side with the highest Prestige at the end wins.

    Properly strategizing and managing the above resources to keep your deck lean is the key to victory, and the following tips will help you have more fun in Tales of Tribute.

    1. Unlock All the Available Decks and manage them reasonably.

    Decks are the most important part of the entire game and the part where you need to apply your strategy the most. So when you have a lot of decks to choose from, you will be more at ease when facing the game. Tales of Tribute has a total of nine decks, five of which are unlocked when players complete the tutorial, and the remaining four can be earned later.

    While winning requires players to have a certain amount of luck, effective deck management can increase the chances of drawing stronger cards each round. If you want to ditch low-level starting decks, trading to patrons for more valuable cards later in the game is a good option.

    2. You can start with PvE first.

    Judging from the mechanics of the entire Tales of Tribute, it offers a variety of ways to play, and beginners should prefer PvE mode because it brings a low-stakes game environment with moderate difficulty. Very suitable for early experience accumulation.

    3. Understand the order of the resolved combos.

    Knowing the order in which combos are resolved is a very useful skill. The order in which players activate cards each turn will trigger their effects and combinations accordingly. So before playing a card, we can resolve its play effect first, then any combos on the card itself, and then any combos on other cards that trigger. Combos on other cards are resolved by the order in which they are played, with the previously played card being triggered first.

    The gameplay of Tales of Tribute is not only for leisure and entertainment, but the rewards are also very good, including gold coins, various materials and unique furniture. Not only does it also support player-to-player battles, but it also has a ranking system, and you can match another player in the search engine at any time to start the game.

    IGGM will continue to bring you more useful information, meanwhile, you can also buy ESO Gold here for a better gaming experience. You are welcome to place an order at any time, and we will bring you high-quality service.

  • ESO: How to Unlock New Companions in High Isle?

    Jun 10, 2022

    The latest expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online, High Isle, has officially landed on PC. Players will be able to explore the two new areas of High Isle and Amenos and enjoy a series of new content such as Tales of Tribute.

    For those who like to complete the Companions questline in the game, High Isle will surprise you. New Companions: Ember the Khajiit and Isobel Veloise the Breton Knight have been introduced, and if you want to have a good time with them, here's how to unlock them.

    Unlocking Ember requires players to start from Gonfalon Bay, finding and talking to NPC Ladlow Merchant after crossing the huge bridge in the middle of the river. Here you will accept the quest "Tower Full of Trouble", and after marking the quest, you will meet Ember, who is very approachable and will ask for your help. An hour after you complete this quest, you'll be able to add Ember as a companion.

    If you want to unlock Isobel immediately, you need to go west and reach Castle Navire Wayshrine, where you will meet Lord Remard DeFulley and start the quest "Tournament of the Heart."

    Similar to above, you need to mark this quest on the map and find Isobel outside Castle Navire, she will also become a Companion you can add when you complete the entire questline.

    Both characters have their unique charms and quest lines that players can choose according to their preferences. It should be noted that since only one Companion can be available at a time, they cannot be selected at the same time.

    Not just Companions, The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle has many more exciting parts waiting for you to experience. If you want to get a head start on your High Isle journey, you can get more updates and buy ESO Gold at IGGM, we are always ready to take your order.

  • The Elder Scroll Online: Dreadsail Reef Trial Preview

    May 16, 2022

    We are still three weeks away from the official release of High Isle, a new chapter in The Elder Scroll Online. Bethesda has done a lot to attract players to join, in addition to setting a more exciting story and interesting new characters, also announced a new PvE challenge: Dreadsail Reef Trial.

    Dreadsail Reef Trial is essentially a 12-player trial that tests players and their teams, with a rich plot and interesting game mechanics.

    In this challenge, the Dreadsail is a fearsome gang of pirates who have been threatening the safety of the people of High Isle and Tamriel. Players embark on a quest to annihilate the Dreadsail pirates as part of the mighty Brittany Fleet. The Dreadsail pirates' gang was headed by the Pirate Queen Taleria and established a gathering place called Dreadsail Reef. The ultimate goal of players in this trial is to defeat Taleria.

    Before actually facing Taleria, there are still many enemies to defeat, including the Maormer of the Dreadsail and their host of fearsome marine beasts. And there are many boss battles in Dreadsail Reef, which players need to complete by working with their team.

    It is worth noting that in the Dreadsail Reef Trial players will be able to get gold and collectibles as rewards for defeating enemies. Include Stormsurge Howler mount, Stormsurge Body and Face Marking. Complete all trials to earn the title "Swashbuckler Supreme". Not only that but after defeating the boss, four sets of special trial suits will be dropped, which will be able to reduce damage to players and teams.

    From what Bethesda has revealed so far, High Isle's new content is very cool, and players will be able to experience the wonderful High Isle journey in three weeks. IGGM will bring you the latest news from The Elder Scroll Online. Not only that, but we're providing you with ESO Gold for sale to help you get a head start on the new chapter.

  • The Elder Scrolls Online: A preview of new characters

    May 11, 2022

    It is less than a month before The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is released. In order to allow players to adapt to the plot and rhythm of the new chapter as soon as possible, Bethesda not only released the prelude mission of High Isle as a warm-up but also introduced the upcoming characters.

    Just yesterday, The Elder Scrolls Online introduced players to the evil Ascendant Lord and Magus, two powerful leaders of the Ascendant Order. Regarding the introduction of the new characters, the official revealed through a dialogue between them and the chronicler writers.

    Ascendant Lord and Magus are always in armor and they have spoken out against the corrupt Tamriel's kings and queens. Thus, They established the Ascendant Order to overthrow the Empire. On the surface, they criticized oppression and violence, but in fact, they have not given up this method to hinder and destroy the peace talks between the alliances.

    The Ascendant Lord and Magus are contradictory, they aim to reckon with oppression, but do the opposite, throwing the whole of Tamriel into endless chaos. When the chronicler in the conversation asked the Ascendant Order's motives for killing the guards and robbing the merchants and peasants, the Ascendant Lord did not admit it, and he radically believed that everything he did was reasonable.

    These two characters seem to play a big role in the new chapter's plot. The preview of the new characters has made players more interested in High Isle's political conspiracy plot and the positions of various factions, and they are more and more looking forward to the official experience of High Isle.

    IGGM.com will continue to provide you with the latest news of The Elder Scrolls Online. Not only that, you can also get ESO Gold For Sale on IGGM. As a professional third-party game service provider, we will serve you wholeheartedly. Welcome to contact us anytime.

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