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Elder Scrolls Online: How To Get Rich From Farming Necrom Furnishing Plans - Tips & Tricks

Posted: Jul 20, 2023

One of the first things that I like to do, whenever I first load into the game anytime a new ESO chapter or a DLC Zone drops is farming Furnishing plans. Why? Because they sell for an insane amount of gold

Elder Scrolls Online


Now if you know me well, or have watched a fair amount of my sweaty gold guides, I actually prefer to not farm incredibly RNG heavy activities to farm ESO Gold in this game. I'm too much of a little Mulder to partake in that tomfoolery, it's important to me, that I'm fairly compensated in gold, for the amount of time that I spend actively grinding for it

It's why I cringe anytime, someone recommends something wild like farming alien Furnishing plants, or the coveted Khajiit Brazier as a viable and reliable damn bars. Gold farming strategy, you could very well farm for these things for hours, if not days and walk away with absolutely nothing going to show for it in the end

Elder Scrolls Online Preface

There's nothing wrong with seeking out these items of course, but it's important that players are aware of this possibility, before they dedicate so much time to farming for these kinds of items. Farming DLC Zone Furnishing plans is an activity that's kind of in the same vein, which is why I bothered to include this preface. 

Generally speaking, you can spend a long time looting containers in an instance, but you aren't guaranteed a Furnishing plan or a valuable one at that. This notion is one of the reasons, why a lot of purple quality Furnishing plans are worth so much in the first place.

Is Farming For Furnishing Plans Worth It? 

Whenever a new Furnishing plans are added to the game, by way of the addition of a new playable Zone, I make an exception to my gold farming standards, why? Because as I stated previously all of these plans are worth a ridiculous amount of gold, and receiving a Furnishing plan isn't nearly as rare of an occurrence as the aforementioned situations. 

But most importantly, even common green and blue drops are worth a lot when they're first added to the game. So the chances that you'll walk away with some solid cash, after farming for the most recently implemented Furnishing plans are as great as they'll ever be the moment a new Zone drops. 

Elder Scrolls Online New Furnishings

I would recommend taking advantage of this, especially if you ever have some time to kill while you're in game. Like if you're in a dungeon, or Battlegrounds queue or waiting for your raid roster to fill up, because half the team canceled last minute because they all caught Ligma or something. 

As I'm writing this, Necrom chapter has finally released on PC NA and PC EU servers, as expected of the new Furnishing plans are flying off the shelves, and they're worth quite a lot of gold, these new Furnishings do look quite nice. 

So it wouldn't surprise me if they remain expensive for a fair amount of time, until they get added as part of Master Writs merchants inventory, of course. You're probably wondering where to best farm these new Furnishing plans, let me show you a few locations. 

Two Recommended Farming Locations

Location 1 

This location is ideal, if you're just looking to quickly and casually farm for some plans to kill some time. Cipher's midden is a town, that's located in Apocrypha. Take a brisk walk from the way Shrine to Leramil study and you'll find yourself greeted by a handful of lootable containers in a small little enclosure. 

These containers do not reset, if you simply walk out of the study and back in. So consult your preferred instance resetting method instead mine, involves previewing a home from the crown store, and then leaving the home. Doing this places me exactly where I last was and repopulates containers, so that I can continue farming

Elder Scrolls Online Leave The Home

Location 2 

This location is ideal for those looking to seriously farm for some plans. A heads up though Sailenmora Crypts can only be accessed after you've started the quest that corresponds with this area. This means that you'll have to do a minuscule amount of questing to be able to unlock the place, and refrain from completing the quest, in order to keep this instance open and available for looting. 

Elder Scrolls Online Sailenmora Crypts

After you complete this quest, you won't have access to these Crypts anymore, so you might not want to do that. This also likely means that you'll have to sacrifice a quest journal slot, in order to keep this quest open for maximum efficiency

As I stated previously, you'll need to do a little bit of questing before you can access Sailenmora Crypts, but trust me it is so absolutely worth it. Simply talk to this last located by Sailenmora to start the quest, complete a couple of mundane tasks, in the nearby area and Bing Bong have access to the Crypts. 

If you are a Vvardenfell Furnishing plan farming enthusiast, it'll come as no surprise prize to hear that these Crypts are packed, full of lootable urns that can drop Furnishing plants. I mean packed full, this place feels like it has a hundred urns to loot, I was honestly overwhelmed. 

You'll find lots of these little clusters of two to five urns scattered all over the floor, as well as earns lining shelves and in the walls. However, it is important to note that there are ads that will spawn here, not very many of them mind you but it's worth mentioning. Rest assured they are incredibly easy to defeat, making them more of a nuisance, than an impediment. Be sure to farm containers passively while you play through Necrom, there are definitely other great farming spots out there.

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I thought I'd at least get the ball rolling, by sharing these two with you all. That'll do it for this article, I hope that if you decide to farm for some Furnishing plans, you are blessed and get some really swanky ones.


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