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Elder Scrolls Online: How To Beat All Bosses In Bloodroot Forge? - Boss Mechanics Explained

Posted: Jul 20, 2023

Posted: Jul 20, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Have you been unable to pass the level for a long time because it once trapped you in Bloodroot Forge? Many players are often not trapped by Trash, but by the boss. So, here I’m going to analyze the bosses we encountered in Bloodroot Forge and how they work.

Bloodroot Forge comes from Horns of The Reach DLC, and it’s a long dungeon. But we’ll make it shorter by only showing the boss, so let’s start with the first boss review.

Elder Scrolls Online: Bloodroot Forge Boss Mechanics Explained


This guy is just like a normal bear. He will do all kinds of bites and claw attacks on you. We should note that once the guy hits the 75%, 50%, and 25% health points, he will spawn a wave of mobs. But if you burn him quickly because the damage is high, the spawns will appear one after the other.

You can Taunt as many mobs as possible. They die quickly from splash damage from damage dealers. But our Lockpicks are also likely to be looted by them.

Elder Scrolls Online: Mathgamain


Let’s move on to Caillaoife next, she’s our next boss. There’s a lot to watch out for in this fight. First, she’ll spill the venom all over the floor while summoning a massive amount of poison. She will also summon the entire forest to act as her shield.

If you’re outside enough away from her, she’ll be invulnerable. You won’t be able to damage her through trees. You’ll just be stuck fighting all the mobs. 

But if you’re both very close around her, your therapist can actually do spam therapy on the floor. This keeps everyone alive and collects ESO Gold that drops after killing these mobs. In fact, as long as you stay in that forest, you will be fine.

Elder Scrolls Online: Caillaoife


We’re now on to boss number three: Stoneheart. This boss throws fireballs around so much that you can only fight him from a distance. Otherwise, all his attacks are focused on you.

But as long as you maintain Aggro, he won’t touch damage dealers. So they can get as close as they want, they just need to avoid some fire streaky. Small flames ejected that leave a persistent flame AOE. So don’t put them anywhere near the boss, keep them at a distance and only let the damage dealters get close.

Now, every time he throws something and finishes teleporting, he fires a red sign at one of Stone Atronachs to summon it. You need to kill them, because they will keep respawning. The longer the battle lasts, the longer it will take for them to respawn.

Elder Scrolls Online: Stoneheart


We get to the next boss, Galchobhar. He’d slam his weapon into the ground, and drop rocks from some inexplicable location in the sky.

So you know the usual way to deal with a boss like this is to have the tanks taunts him and let him come to you. He’ll scrape violently across the floor, leave flame trails, and whack you. But you just need to hold the block and stand in the middle. If you don’t, the projectile will fly out, killing everyone else in the party.

After a while, he’ll hit the ground a few times before throwing his weapon into the center of the area. When this happens, you can jump to one of the small safety rocks on the edge, and wait until the fire on the edge of the main island dies before jumping back. If you jump back too quickly, you will die instantly.

You need to hang on and stay in it, or your entire team will die. Now one very important thing to remember, when the fire breaks out, you need to jump onto one of these little outer rocks. But don’t jump on the rocks that other people on your team are standing on. If two people are on it, it will disappear faster and you’ll both be in the lava.

Elder Scrolls Online: Galchobhar

Gherig Bullblood

Let’s turn to the penultimate boss: Gherig Bullblood. It’s actually a kind of three-in-one, with the boss himself, but also Witch and Cow-man.

You can’t get too close to the lava pool in the center because projectiles will come out and hit you. Now, you need to take out Cow-man first, because he has a fall animation, and two people on the team are caught in chains and will die soon. So you need to kill Cow-man first, then you can kill the other two in any order you like.

If you see that Witch channeling, you’ll see a giant AOE spread out from his feet. Don’t be around when it explodes, or you’ll be hit with a horrible debuff. This will shatter your health, and only the best healers can keep you alive.

Elder Scrolls Online: Gherig Bullblood

Earthgore Amalgam Hard Mode

Finally came the last boss we encountered, Earthgore Amalgam Hard Mode, and he was in an arena. On both sides of this amphitheater, there are several braziers with a synergistic effect.

One will counteract the rock drop mechanic made by this boss, and the other will counteract Lava pools created by this boss. Lava pools grow, spread and fire projectiles. So it’s easy to get confused in this fight.

Elder Scrolls Online: Earthgore Amalgam Hard Mode

First still need to tank Taunts him and take him to one of Lava pools at the edge of the room. That way, when he throws away his little Lava pools, it won’t cause problems in the middle of the room. In Hard Mode, you have no synergy to counteract it. But you can dodge all those projectiles by keeping moving. The battle falls almost entirely on Tank’s shoulders, but as long as he behaves correctly, everything can be easily resolved.

In short, the above are all the bosses we will meet in Bloodroot Forge and the introduction to the mechanics of these bosses. Hope this guide helps you complete the dungeon with ease.


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