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Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide To New PTS Necrom Ocean Resort Furnishings Structural

Posted: Jul 22, 2023

Posted: Jul 22, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Welcome to the vibrant Feisty Mermaid Resort. Built in Necrom style, this resort is located on top of the ancient Nedic Ruin. It has nicely furnished rooms and has its own swimming pool.

This Feisty Mermaid Resort is also a game scene that every ESO player must experience. Therefore, here I will introduce the furniture structure of the Ocean Resort edition in the new PTS Necrom. This can help players gain a better gaming experience.

Furnishings Structural

First, players can swim in the ocean after entering the deck. Scenic Tide pools, as well as fantastic underwater restaurants, bars and dance halls, are perfect for partying or just relaxing. In addition, there is Oceanside deck dinner seating for a quieter and more peaceful dining experience.

As we approach the resort, you can see the new Necrom Stone platforms, outside walls, corner walls, archway, and the magnificent door. You can see the beautiful new High Isle Pillar, Ornate and High Isle Railing, Carved here.

ESO: PTS Necrom New Furnishing Items

The central Tide pools are the focal point of Ocean Resort. Here we can see the new interior Necrom Wall. Looking inside, you can see more elaborate walls and beautiful gold-edged floor platforms. This room showcases fancier walls, a domed roof deck. We can use it both as a roof and flip it upside down and sink it into the water as a swimming pool.

There are also indoor windows, which are connected to the outdoor deck with stairs. Players can use this to enter the sea for swimming safely. Here you can even see the platform used as a ceiling. There are two nice decks that can be used as interior floors, but one of them just has a different tile pattern on the bottom. I’m using it as a ceiling for convenience.

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Rooms Layout

All rooms have slightly different layouts except one. All rooms have their own private pool. Most also have deck access. The room is spacious enough to set up several beds for a family or large gathering. We can see sometimes parts of the old Nedic building in the room or in the surrounding buildings.

Some players expressed concern that Ill Spirits might be lingering in it. But management wants everyone to know that so far, no one here has witnessed Ill Spirits. And the building is very safe.

Underwater Restaurant

Now I want to introduce you to the only underwater dining, drinking and dancing experience in ESO. This wonderful underwater restaurant allows players to simulate entering and experiencing Mermaid’s Lair. But it is absolutely safe.

ESO: Underwater Restaurant

Many players worry that the kitchen here is too small. This is because hidden staff prepares most of the food here at the resort. Only the last portion is grilled on site for your dining pleasure. The spacious restaurant here is the ideal venue for large gatherings or business holidays.

The outdoor deck here will provide players with a more peaceful dining environment. There are fantastic views of the ocean and its beautiful depths. Plus, the bar has limited drinks for diners and dancers, and you can use ESO Gold to get them. If you plan to include swimming in your nightly festivities, remember to avoid drinking.

The economy room here just shows the simpler interior Necrom Wall. And the last room has its own private deck. And favored by some player who want more privacy.

The above is my detailed analysis of the furniture structure of this Ocean Resort edition in the new PTS Necrom. Hope you enjoy this wonderful trip to Feisty Mermaid.


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