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Elder Scrolls Online: A Full Guide On Undaunted Celebration Event 2023

Posted: Jul 19, 2023

Undaunted Celebration is coming. As you might guess from the name, this event is dedicated to the Undaunted, and therefore the dungeons.

In this guide, I will show how to get rewards and tickets, what the reward boxes contain, what goodies wait us in the event stores and other interesting event moments. I took all materials from PTS.

Elder Scrolls Online: A Full Guide On Undaunted Celebration Event 2023

The Introductory Quest

Let's start with the Introductory Quest. You can pick up the introductory quest for free in the Crown Store. You need to visit one of the Undaunted Enclaves. Find Serileth there and talk with her.

In general, you can complete this quest or not, it only gives you some ESO Gold.

Event Rewards: Boxes & Tickets

Let's see how to get boxes and tickets.

To get the Glorious Box and 2 Event Tickets, you need to defeat the final boss in any dungeon in any mode. Starting from this event, we have a small change regarding tickets.

If you have the maximum number of tickets, you cannot pick up new ones. But they will not be destroyed. You can pick up them by killing the next dungeon final boss.

Plus, you will get a purple box. You can receive 2 Event Tickets and 1 Glorious Box per day per account. You can complete Bolgrul’s daily quest and get 1 box. But you can’t take a Glorious Box for this quest.

Box Contents

These boxes can contain treasures, motif pages, and Opal Weapon Style Pages from previous years and this one.

How To Get Opal Shoulder Style Pages?

You need to complete the dungeon on Veteran Hard Mode to get the Opal Shoulder Style.

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Sentinel Of Rkugamz

This year is dedicated to the style of Sentinel of Rkugamz. You can get Opal Shoulder Style Page from the first Darkshade Caverns Dungeon, which is located in Deshaan.


You'll find Iceheart Shoulder in Direfrost Keep in Eastmarch.

Lord Warden

Lord Warden is located in Imperial City Prison in Imperial City.

Nightflame Nightflame

You'll find in the second Elden Hollow in Grahtwood.

Swarm Mother

Swarm Mother is in the first Spindleclutch in Glenumbra.


And the style of the previous year, Velidreth, you will find in the Cradle of Shadows dungeon, which is located in Shadowfen.


Next one is the Impresario. This is a list of areas where you can find the Impresario. And this is a full list of the store’s items.

Elder Scrolls Online a list of areas where you can find the Impresario

Passion Dancer Blossom Pet:

  • Chartreuse Lily Petals
  • Enchanted Silver Flute
  • Mystical Sheet Music

Passion Dancer Garment Costume:

  • Bolt of Indigo Cotton
  • Bolt of Silver Silk

Style Pages:

  • Opal Rkugamz Sentinel Battle Axe
  • Opal Rkugamz Sentinel Bow
  • Opal Rkugamz Sentinel Mace
  • Opal Rkugamz Sentinel Mask and Shoulder
  • Opal Rkugamz Sentinel Shield
  • Opal Rkugamz Sentinel Staff

This event, she will sell all three pet fragments. The first 2 fragments for the costume. And all the pages of the new Opal Style for 5 tickets each. Let's take a look at these goodies.

Indrik Vendor

Next one is Indrik Vendor. You can find her near Belkarth in Craglorn. As always, she sells 4 feathers for Nascent Indrik Mount, 8 berries for transforming it in Mossheart and Onys Indriks and two Indrik pets.

  • Ebon-Glow Indrik
  • Nascent Indrik
  • Mossheart Indrik
  • Onyx Indrik
  • Sapling Indrik

Impresario’s Assistant

Finally, I want to introduce the Impresario’s Assistant. You can find him in any Impresario’s Tent.

In this event, he sells Pet Instructions, Hidden Shoulders for clothing styles, and 3 fragments for the Deadlands Firewalker Personality.

  • Aurora Firepot Spider
  • Hide Shoulders
  • Deadlands Firewalker Personality


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