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Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide To Zeal Of Zenithar Event 2023

Posted: Jul 18, 2023

Posted: Jul 18, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Today we’re going to talk about Zeal of Zenithar Event in Elder Scrolls Online. Zeal of Zenithar Event is a special festival. Primarily in honor of Tamriel, the god of commerce, labor and cooperation.

During Zeal of Zenithar Event, players travel through Wayshrines for a 75% reduction in travel costs and equipment repair costs for 50% reduction. Alliance Point, Tel Var Stones and Gold prices reduced by 10% for NPC vendors across Tamriel.

This also includes Cyrodiil’s Golden Vendor, Achievement Furnishing Merchants, Luxury Furnishing merchant and Houses. Also, during Zeal of Zenithar Event, crafted Inspriration will also increase by 100%.

ESO: Zeal of Zenithar Full Event Guide

Introductory Quest: The Unrefusable Offer

To begin Zeal of Zenithar Event, we must first complete the introductory quest: The Unrefusable Offer. The easiest way to get quests is to use Crown Store’s free quest launcher. If you completed this task last year, you do not need to complete the introductory task again. 

You can also talk to Amminus Varo directly at Belkarth Festival Grounds in Craglorn. The task is straightforward to complete. First, Amminus Varo wants to have Baked Apples. Next, he asked us to gather wood at one location marked on the map. We then need to find and return Zenithar’s Blessed Awl at the location marked on the map. 

After that we need to talk to Amminus Varo again, burn the offering to Zenithar and complete the quest. Once you complete The Unrefusable Offer, you unlock the daily repeatable quest: Honest Toil.

ESO: The Unrefusable Offer

Daily Quest: Honest Toil

The daily quest giver Fasaria is also located in Belkarth Festival Grounds and in the tent of Impresario if you completed the introductory quest. Next we have to talk to Fasaria to start Honest Toil quest

To complete this quest, you must level up or earn Champion Points, Mine Antiquity or Treasure Chests, or trade with Guild Traders for at least 10,000 ESO Gold.

Once you’ve completed the quest she requested, we’ll be able to return to Belkarth Festival Grounds. You’ll be rewarded with Zenithar’s Sublime Parcel.

Zenithar’s Delightful Parcel

During Zeal of Zenithar Event, you can also earn Zenithar’s Delightful Parcel by completing some events. The first is to complete Master Writs. Once per account per day. Complete the basic daily production of Writs to get a Parcel.

Next, each account has a chance to defeat World Bosses or World Events once a day. You’ll need to team up with at least one player who belongs to one of your guilds to complete group arenas like Dragonstar Arena or Blackrose Prison.

Note that you have a 50% chance of getting a Parcel each round, but you’ll find Parcels guaranteed to drop in the last few rounds of rewards. You have an infinitesimal chance of finding Parcel by pickpocketing, opening safes, or thieves’ treasure.

ESO: Zeal of Zenithar Event Best Reward Methods


In Zenithar’s Sublime Parcel and Zenithar’s Delightful Parcel, you have a chance to find the following rewards:

  • Crafting Resources
  • Style Items for Motifs Crafting upgrading materials
  • Research Scrolls
  • Furnishing Recipes
  • Provisioning Recipes
  • Cyrodiil repair kits
  • Treasure Maps & Imperial City Vault keys
  • Companion Gear
  • High Rock Spellsword Outfit Style

How To Earn Event Tickets During Zeal Of Zenithar Event?

You can also earn 3 Event Tickets per account per day during Zeal of Zenithar Event. Talk to Fasaria at Belkarth Festival Grounds in Craglorn and complete Honest Toil to get Event Tickets. 

During Zeal of Zenithar Event, you can find new rare combat and social encounters related to Zeal of Zenithar in Tamriel Wilds.

ESO: Impresario Event Merchant

Impresario Event Merchant

Impresario Event Merchant will also return during Zeal of Zenithar Event. You can get Kwama Miner Armor Style and Ashlander Peasant Weapon Style pages here for 5 Event Tickets each. 

It is important to note that any items you acquire from Impresario using Event Tickets will be tied to your account and you cannot trade them.

The above is my detailed guide for a Zeal of Zenithar Event summary in this ESO. Hope it helps you. Good luck.


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