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Elder Scrolls Online: Epic Games Store Announces New Free-To-Play Games

Posted: Jul 14, 2023

If you love Elder Scrolls Online as much as I do, I believe you must have noticed that Epic Games has released a free game that fans can play on EGS on July 13. At the same time, Epic Games also revealed that two free games will be launched next week.

Elder Scrolls Online 1

Some Information

The Epic Games Store has officially revealed its free games for July 13, while also revealing two games fans can look forward to on July 20: Murder By Numbers and Elder Scrolls Online.

And when you read this article, you can no longer buy "GRIME" on the Epic Games Store. The "GRIME" game is a combination of horror, Metroid Castlevania and Soul-like games, and it has also gained a lot of players. But you can buy Train Valley 2, out July 13th, which is also very popular with players.


Train Valley 2 Will Be Replaced

But this coming July 20, Train Valley 2 will be replaced by Murder by Numbers and Elder Scrolls Online. This fits into the normal pattern of Epic Games Store's Thursday weekly rotation. While the sometimes more surprising Xbox Game Pass release schedule is welcome, and the equally solid PS Plus release is great, it's the weekly rotating nature of EGS that really helps it stand out. After all, some players may be excited about this week's Train Valley 2 and next week's two games, so it's really popular.

Introduction Of Three Popular Games

According to social media sources, Murder by Numbers and Elder Scrolls Online will be available simultaneously from July 20th at 10AM CST until July 27th.

Murder By Numbers

Murder by Numbers is an indie adventure puzzle game set in 1996 Los Angeles. Players take on the role of Honor Mizrahi and find themselves embroiled in a murder mystery as her boss dies shortly after firing her, so all you need to do is complete the puzzle. Players will team up with the robot SCOUT to investigate murders linked to a major dark conspiracy.

Murder by Numbers

Elder Scrolls Online

This game really needs no introduction, as this MMO allows players to explore as many parts of Tamriel as they want, and I believe you already know this game very well, and many players are very interested in farm ESO Gold.

Elder Scrolls Online

Train Valley 2

Of course, fans can pick up Train Valley 2 and experience it on the Epic Games Store until July 20. It's a niche game, as fans have to like trains and sims to enjoy this game, but those fans will really enjoy it regardless.

It combines trains, tycoon-style gameplay, and puzzles together, while the game also includes player achievements, DLC add-ons, and more. But if you're not interested in the genre, you'll just have to wait a week for your rotation.

Train Valley 2

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Epic Games Store Free Games List - July 13th / July 20th

  • Train Valley 2 (July 13 - July 20)
  • Murder by Numbers (July 20-July 27)
  • Elder Scrolls Online (July 20 - July 27)


The diversity of game types on display at EGS cannot be overlooked either. Among them, Grime is a game similar to Metroidvania, while Train Valley 2 is a niche train game, Murder by Numbers is a popular murder puzzle game, and Elder Scrolls Online is a game familiar to players and massive MMO game. It's safe to say there's always something for everyone in these game genres.


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