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Elder Scrolls Online: How To Reach Apocrypha Zone In Necrom?

Posted: Jun 29, 2023

In Elder Scrolls Online, going to Daedric Realm of Apocrypha seems daunting, and the game's scenes are so scary that many players stop there. But if you want to know where to look, you can get to this location in Elder Scrolls Online.

Elder Scrolls Online

Some Introduction To Apocrypha Zone

Elder Scrolls Online has added two more locations. These locations can be explored and discovered by players through new in-game content such as Necrom Zone Quests and collectibles to improve the player's gaming experience. If you are interested, you can try it.

In the game, for Elder Scrolls Online players, it may be easy to find the location of Telvanni Peninsula, but for most players, if you want to find the location of Apocrypha zone, it may be very difficult, which requires you to master some skills.

Elder Scrolls Online Telvanni Peninsula

Many players are still trying to discover how to get to Apocrypha region of Telvanni, but the way to find it may be surprising. For how to find this area, we've explored Telvanni specifically to help you find exactly where Apocrypha is and how to get there in Elder Scrolls Online Necrom.

How To Find Apocrypha Zone?

If you're going into Telvanni to explore new gameplay content, you'll be interested in how to get to Apocrypha's Realm. This is a realm ruled by Daedric Prince (Hermaeus Mora), and players can enter by first going to Telvanni Peninsula, another new location included in Necrom chapter, which is relatively low in difficulty.

Step 1 - If you walked through Keywright's Gallery from the tutorial stage, then you need to find the portal that will teleport you to Telvanni Peninsula. This portal will take you to Necrom Outskirts Wayshrine, after you are teleported, next you need to go to Necrom City and enter the city.

Step 2 - When you enter the city, you need to find Necrom Wayshrine in the center of Necrom City, go east from Wayshrine, turn before the square and you will find Necrom Bindery.

Step 3 - After entering Necrom Bindery, look to the right and you will find two portals:

  • One to Apocrypha: Endless Library.
  • The other is the gateway to Apocrypha: Chroma Incognita.

Elder Scrolls Online Portal

You can choose any portal, because going to any portal will lead you to Apocrypha, so you can rest assured that the bold choice will not lead you to the wrong place.

Other Ways To Reach Apocrypha

If you are looking for it from other regions, please find and go to Wayshrine closest to you, this is the premise. Use Fast Travel system and bring up the in-game map, then exit Telvanni map and find Apocrypha field, you can find the available Wayshrine, Soundless Bight Wayshrine to get to Apocrypha, relatively easy to find, but you need to master the method.

Elder Scrolls Online Map

When you're in Soundless Bight Wayshrine or Necrom Outskirts Wayshrine, you'll find a quest giver NPC, Leramil the Wise, waiting for you. Next, you can talk to her to get Zone Questline she gave you. You need to complete them to trigger the Proxy Zone Quest of fate. When you complete Questline, you can also get the corresponding ESO Gold rewards.

At both locations, you can start looking for your new companions:

Azandar Al-Cyabiades is located in Cipher's Midden before the bridge into town.

Sharp-As-Night can be encountered at the exterior entrance of Necrom Outlaws Refuge's shelter just outside the city.

Hope the above guide to finding Apocrypha Zone In Necrom was helpful for you.


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