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Elder Scrolls Online: Is Necrom Worth Your Play? - Background, Introduction And Evaluation

Posted: Jul 08, 2023

In Elder Scrolls Online, Necrom is the newest expansion to MMORPG and fan favorite fantasy RPG series. Like the previous expansion, High Isle, Necrom takes players into the vast world of Tamriel to explore a series of fresh uncharted areas filled with new quests to complete, world events, and even a brand new Arcanist character class.


Although Necrom promised to give players a wealth of game content when it was released, if you are a very avid game lover, will there still be new content waiting for you to discover after you have played for hundreds of hours?

Background About Necrom

In Elder Scrolls Online Necrom, your adventure starts when you befriend a scholar named "Leramil the Wise", and you sign a soul bond with a Daedric Prince as you help her contract. The main content of the game is that Hermaeus Mora, the lord of knowledge, has experienced an invasion in his hometown of Apocrypha, which may lead to the complete collapse of the real world. And you, as a true hero, set out on a quest to solve many Lovecraftian mysteries, while unraveling the chaotic depths of Apocrypha and facing the bizarre difficulties of its many cosmic horrors, a test for every player.

ESO Necrom

Before you enter the hellscape of Hermaeus Mora's home world, you'll come to another new area: Telvanni Penisula. Located on the east coast of Tamriel, this area is spectacular with lush exotic flora, roaming fields filled with tons of mushrooms, and you'll want to be careful here as you might find some hidden rewards like ESO Gold. Necrom, the eponymous capital of the Telvanni Peninsula, is built on top of a massive Dark Elf cemetery and honeycomb catacomb system, giving players a very eerie feeling.

The stunning place in Necrom is Apocrypha, and it's definitely one of the most visually appealing areas in all of Elder Scrolls Online. This area has a changeable sky, revealing strange horrors, leaves and landscapes that violate the natural order, and the scenes here are far beyond the players' imagination. During your quest, you'll travel through forbidden libraries full of secret lore, universities dedicated to the dark arts, and many other magical places.

ESO Telvanni Penisula

The sights and sounds of Apocrypha have a different vibe and some weirdness that you'll find haunting you even after you've completed your quest here, and it's certainly a high point in the gameplay session.

Introducing Necrom's New Features

Necrom definitely packs a ton of content you'd expect, including some fresh areas filled with quests, dungeons, and world events. For the most part, the quests inspire a sense that you're on an adventure, that XP grind is never-ending, but you can also feel like it's all about being enjoyable. Of course, there are some main and side quests with memorable characters and interesting objectives. Especially in Apocrypha, even trivial side quests are very immersive.

If you want to add members to your adventuring group, you can recruit two new companions, including a Redguard Arcanist named Azandar and an Argonian Warden named Sharp-as-Night. Both of these are worthy of your pick due to their excellent class abilities. You may need help during the game, as the new Bastion Nymic world event can be very difficult for you to progress alone. If you have a large team, you can also challenge Necrom's 12-person team copy dungeon Sanity's Edge, which will definitely bring you a different experience.

ESO Redguard Arcanist named Azandar

In addition to this, Necrom also offers a new character class, Arcanist. These rune-bearing mystic masters can play a variety of roles in the game, but they are best at dealing damage with strange dark magic. There are three class skill lines you can choose from, but either way, Arcanist class has some really cool abilities that make it a lot of fun for players to use.

ESO Arcanist

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My Opinion On Necrom

You'll find that Necrom offers some interesting new ideas for your gaming experience, and that it really stands out with its vibrant regional landscape, excellent questline, and engaging storyline. Arcanist Class is also a wonderful feature, and the new world events are fun, but they're just icing on top of the already excellent Necrom content.

As a big fan of Elder Scrolls Online, I have to admit that Necrom is really good, if you experience Necrom as your first DLC, you will not be disappointed.


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