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Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Fishing Guide! - Fishing Holes, Boosters, Achievements And More

Posted: Jul 07, 2023

Posted: Jul 07, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Fishing system in Elder Scrolls Online is fun and easy to operate. So here I will give you some great ways to relax and earn coins. I’ll show you how to get started and some tips for maximizing your fishing experience.

Types Of Fishing Holes

There are four types of fishing holes in the game, namely Foul, River, Lake or Saltwater. Each type of fishing hole requires the use of specific baits. Crawlers and Fish Roe for Foul, Insect Parts and Shad for River, Guts and Minnow for Lake, Chub and Worms for Saltwater.

Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Fishing Guide

To fish, simply hold down E key and select the bait for the fishing holes. Then release it when you see the fishing rod pop up and press the E key to put it away. Then just press E again to re-throw.

You will get a variety of fish and prizes when fishing in fresh water holes. Not only does this give you Fish Furniture for your house, you also get Mythic Items Leads from it. There are also some Gunny Sacks here, which also have small prizes inside.

ESO: Types Of Fishing Holes

Trophy Fish & Boosters

There are four types of Trophy Fish in nearly every area, and three Trophy Fish in each water type. Once you have collected all Trophy Fish in the area, you will unlock the achievement of that area. Some areas are easier than others, and some may take longer.

But next I will show you some boosters to help you have a great fishing experience faster and easier. If you have Champion Points, you’ll want real technique slottable. This can speed up your fish bite time by 25 times. There’s also Angler’s Instinct to help increase your chances of catching a Trophy Fish to complete these achievements.

You can also use Stacks’ other boosters feature, Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl. This food increases your chances of catching a Trophy Fish. You can get this recipe by fishing in Artaeum and taking it from Waterlogged Psijic Satchels.

ESO: Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl

Next, if you’ve unlocked Sharp-as-Night Companion, he’ll give you the added benefit of Sharp’s Patience. This will make the fish bite faster and increase the chances of catching Trophy Fish. These buffs stack and will help you master your fishing skills.

It’s okay if you and Companion haven’t maxed out Rapport yet. Just take him out while you’re fishing to get his benefits. Once his reports are maxed out and you unlock his Keepsake. Then whenever you let Sharp-as-Night Companion go out while fishing, the perk will passively activate, which will boost his Rapport.

Every time you catch a Trophy Fish, his Rapport is doubled and has no cooldown. This way you can get multiple Trophy Fish in a row to increase his Rapport. So if you have a long day of fishing planned, this is a great way to boost his Rapport relationship.

Fishing Achievements

Every area in the game has Fishing Achievements associated with it. If you press J to select a journal, it will take you in Achievements tab. Then you can see the requirements for getting Master Fisher's achievement. Once you earn that achievement, you can access your Global Achievement Furnisher.

ESO: Master Fisher's achievement

Furnisher that you can find in any of the three capital cities. You’ll be able to acquire your fishing boat for 25000 ESO Gold and choose other decorations to adorn it.

Perfect Roe

Time to Refining them at the supply station or over the cooking fire, they added Fish Filet tab in Necrom chapter. You just need to press E to add the fish you want to Decon, and the more the better, you can get Perfect Roe.

ESO: Farming Perfect Roe

If we’re lucky, we’ll get a Perfect Roe about every 100 fish. So Perfect Roe is a rare item, used to craft XP drinks. So they’re happy to sell XP drinks to Guild Traders for ESO Gold. They cost around 90 to 100K. And they always go up during double XP events, like New Life Festival and Witches Festival.

Above, this is the whole content of this fishing guide. I hope it gave you a little more insight into the fishing system in Elder Scrolls Online. Good luck.


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