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Elder Scrolls Online: How To Build Ultimate Arcanist? - Stats, Items, Sets & Skills

Posted: Jul 06, 2023

Posted: Jul 06, 2023

Source:  IGGM

I’ve been working on an Arcanist build since they released Necrom Chapter on the test server. In fact, I’ve found that there are many ways to play this versatile new class.

If you’re going to build an Arcanist, you want to get the most out of it. A pure One Bar Oakensoul build won’t do the trick. Now, my godlike Arcanist is more or less playable as One Bar build. This means you can Bar Swap to keep alive and get some Green Hornet effects and buffs. So let’s get started.


First, you need to invest all of your 64 Attribute Points in Magicka Attributes. Because Arcanist is a spell caster based on Magicka Runestones. But if you choose a Stamina Arcanist, I think it’s fine for everyone. But Stamina Arcanist goes against the natural inclination of the profession.

Elder Scrolls Online: How to build Ultimate Arcanist Build?

Looking at the stats, we have almost 31K max Magicka, 26K max Health, and 46% Spell Critical effects. 


For items, I prepared Thief Mundus Stones, which helps optimize Arcanist stats. And we can use Bewitched Sugar Skulls as food to maintain your strength. Also, be sure to fill up the blue Tri-Stat potion, although you will rarely need to use the potion, but be prepared.

Also, I’m also upgrading Azandar as my new companion. He has a great passive called Azandar’s Inquisitiveness. And he is also an Arcanist. The fundamental flaw I see with Arcanist build is its lack of Burst Heal. But it has the healing class ability of Runestones series, which are spell or damage shields that heal.

Elder Scrolls Online: Thief Mundus Stones


Arcanist can be weak for this reason. Especially for new players, when facing challenging boss fights, I use Mythic Sets and any of Armor Sets to offset this deficiency.

Mythic Sets also require a Ring of The Pale Order. Since Arcanist has Bloodthirsty trait and Multi-Effect Enchantment. Ring of The Pale Order returns 20% of the damage we deal back to us as healthy.

Since we don’t have access to the full Monster Set. So I pair Ring with Slimecraw Set for extra crit chance. And Slimecraw has a Divine trait and Magicka Enchantment.

Elder Scrolls Online: Mythic Sets

Now let’s talk about 5 piece armor sets. I use 1 Defensive Set and 1 Offensive Set to balance the build. Plus, Ebon Armory Set gives us a ton of health, making this Arcanist very hard to kill.

Offensive Set I use is Order’s Wrath. This is a super easy to make a set that gives us Spell Critical and 8% Burst Heal effects. Ebon Armory is an easily obtainable dungeon set from Crypt Of Hearts. This is a 4 player dungeon that I often solo.

Offensive Set I’m using on the test server is Noble Duelist’s Silks Set. This is a dungeon from Blessed Crucible. The 5 piece armor sets add a lot of damage to light and heavy attacks. So if you don’t mind taking on two different dungeons for your gear. This is also a great way to get multiple sets, saving you ESO Gold.

Arcanist Skills

Now the interesting thing is that Arcanist Skills are the key to the new mechanics being built so that more buffs can be cast from them. The first thing I need is Unstable Wall of Elements from Destruction Staff Skill Line. This is my only Non-Arcanist ability. This is followed by Cruxweaver Armor, which adds 6K armor.

Next, I have Arcanist’s Domain from Curative Runeforms Skill Line. This spawns a massive green vortex and gives us a bunch of buffs, including weapon and spell damage.

Elder Scrolls Online: Chakram of Destiny

In the end, I chose Chakram of Destiny from the same Curative Line. It spawns spinning green discs and gives you a nice damage shield. This is a stunning new set of spells to impress your fellow players.

Obviously, this new class has many variations and different ways to choose abilities. I’m after cool looks, balance and fun gameplay. Let me know how you go playing Arcanist in ESO. As always, have fun with your new career in ESO and keep exploring.


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