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  • Diablo 2 Resurrected: Update 1.12 Fixes Difficulty Scaling Access

    Dec 15, 2021

    Blizzard released the Diablo 2 Resurrected update 1.12 patch on December 14th, which fixes the difficulty scaling access, as well as other bug fixes for the PC and the consoles. IGGM lists the complete patch notes about it. It is worth noting that Blizzard refers to it as the 12.6 title update, so if you see the version number used with the console version numbers, don't be confused.

    A new patch is now available for Windows PC, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, and PS4/5. On December 14, the Nintendo Switch patch is already available.

    Bug Fixes

    For Consoles

    * Fixed an issue that required players to have a premium account to access offline player difficulty scaling

    * Fixed an issue that caused Assassin traps and Sorceress Hydras to teleport to the player after they move a certain distance from where the skill was cast

    For Windows PC

    * Fixed an issue that cause Assassin traps and Sorceress Hydras to teleport to the player after they move a certain distance from where the skill was cast

    * Fixed an issue where players were unable to bind mouse wheel inputs to skills

    This is the related patch content related to Scaling Access. Diablo 2 Resurrected seems to be moving in the right direction, bringing more content to players, thereby optimizing the gaming experience. This is what we like to see, as a Diablo 2 Resurrected Items seller, because better game content means that the D2R Items we provide can play a better role, so that players can immerse themselves in the game.

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  • WOW Classic TBC Pre-Patch Release Date

    May 18, 2021

    The WOW Classic TBC pre-patch will be released by Blizzard this week, including the latest update notes. The Burning Crusade will be the next major expansion of WOW Classic and will also bring players a better gaming experience.

    WOW Classic TBC will be released on June 1, but as before, each WOW experience first requires a pre-patch. This week, pre-patches for WOW Classic TBC will be released in all areas, but the release time is different.

    With the release of the pre-patches for the expansion, you will need to make a decision: whether to stay in WOW Classic or enter TBC Classic. If you can't make a choice, you can choose to use the character cloning service, which will cost you $15 cloning fees. Heroes who choose to cross the Dark Portal will find themselves in Hellfire Peninsula, a veritable barren wasteland where Fel orcs and cruel demons roam freely.

    WOW Classic TBC release Date

    According to Blizzard, the WOW Classic TBC pre-patch release date has been determined:

    * The United States: May 18, 3 PM PDT

    * Europe: May 19, 8 AM BST

    This separation is due to the development team deploying server maintenance at different times, causing some players to wait longer. The pre-patch includes some major changes to WOW Classic, which means server issues and further maintenance will appear.

    However, you can also look forward to a series of small patches to help fix the initial problems and help improve the overall experience of TBC before the official release.

    TBC will be released in North America on June 1 and in the UK on June 2. At that time, you can begin to search for the mysteries of the Burning Legion - Outland.

    Whether you choose to stay on which server, or stay on both at the same time, you can come to IGGM to buy WOW Classic Gold you need.

    Once WOW Classic TBC is released, IGGM will also launch WOW Classic TBC Gold. Cheap WOW Classic Gold and super fast delivery will enhance your gaming experience.

  • WOW Classic Community Starting 'Fresh Crusade’

    Mar 01, 2021

    WOW is a popular large-scale MMORPG game. After 6 expansions throughout 17 years, it is still popular and has more and more fans. There are currently about 7 million subscribers.

    Blizzard launched another glory of WOW Classic in 2019, allowing the studio to offset the time extended to standard games and the drip-feeding of expansions to the Classic title. This way you can experience what WOW was before "Wrath of the Lich King" in all of its glory while not necessarily over item-levels and pushing the bleeding-edge of Mythic Raids.

    On March 5th, the respite will arrive, and more than 1,300 players have promised to re-roll their characters on a less populated server in preparation for the expansion of WOW Classic: Burning Crusade. Blizzard confirmed that the expansion will be released this year, but the release date has not yet been confirmed. Community endeavor currently includes 7 international-scale guilds.

    The selected server will not be announced until March 5th, which will ensure that everything goes well. The community currently has 1,785 members, and plans to expand to Horde and Alliance factions in the PvP server.

    Despite a new start, community players still find that bots can be a problem. However, a server with a small population does not have the inflated WOW economy like a massive server. Compared with other servers, it should provide an even playing ground for the community.

    The core issue that players care about is the runaway economy, which is brought about by the operation of the GDKP dungeon. Players can use WOW Classic Gold to buy items, and the crafting materials are a fiercely competitive market.

    After 17 years, Blizzard is still fighting against Gold farmers and scripts that cause serious damage to legitimate players, but this does not affect fans' love of WOW Classic.

    If you need WOW Classic Gold, you can come to IGGM to buy it. IGGM can not only provide cheap WOW Classic Gold, but also provide fast delivery. Because players want to immerse themselves in the game as much as possible, farming Gold is a relatively boring process. More and more players will choose to buy WOW Classic Gold, which is also the most time-saving way.

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