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Lost Ark: What Are The Best Support Classes?

Posted: Feb 14, 2022

In Lost Ark, there are 5 classes to choose from, after choosing one, you will have the option to choose an advanced class in the tutorial. Each class offers different playstyles for different types of players, and you can test them out before you make a choice.

DPS, tanks, and supports are traditional roles in MMOs, but in Lost Ark, the lines are more blurred than usual. All classes can have their own DPS, Tanks, and supports can complete high-end dungeons by themselves, similar to pure DPS classes. Support classes still provide their allies with the necessary utility, including buffs and heals. IGGM will provide the best support classes in Lost Ark.

What are the best support classes?

It's nice to have both support classes on the team, they're Bard and Paladin.


Bard is one of the two advanced classes from the Mage, and she is a caster who deals damage with her harp. Her strong point is her crowd control abilities, she can push back enemies and stun them, giving her allies more time windows to deal damage. When choosing a damage-oriented build, she can handle a ton of damage.

She also has a healing ability and can deal massive damage from a distance. Bard needs to be mindful of her position at all times because she's more squishy than Paladin.


Paladin is a Warrior who uses the power of the gods to wreak havoc and protect his allies. He wields a great sword when dealing damage and a holy book when supporting the team, a combination that makes him very versatile.

He can deal significant damage, shield himself, and heal allies. The official site showcases most of Paladin's abilities that bring him closer to the targets than Brad.

To get your character fully armed, you can come to IGGM to buy Lost Ark Gold, which is the fastest way to dominate the game from the start.


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