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Lost Ark: Where To Find Dalian Orchard's Secret?

Posted: Feb 16, 2022

In Lost Ark, the Dalian Orchard's Secret quest forces players to find a hidden warehouse based on context clues only, which can be tricky for some players, so IGGM will give a guide.

Before starting your search for Dalian Orchard's warehouse, you'll need Connie's Orchard Storage Key, which is a random drop in the Flowering Orchard area west of the Sien Inn. As long as you keep farming these mobs, especially Orchard Keepers. Until you find it, then use the key to accept the quest.

In the quest description, you will see a locked warehouse on the north side of the orchard. This is a very sketchy statement, so it feels daunting. IGGM will help you complete it.

Where To Find Dalian Orchard’s Secret?

To find a less problematic warehouse, start at the Sien Inn or a nearby Triport. Then head north and follow the path to the northwest. You'll need to get around some fences and trees, but things will be easier after that.

If all goes well, you'll hit a dead end. On the map, it looks like a nub of a nook placed halfway between two larger, bulbous nooks. This dead-end should have a shack built into the wall, and that's the warehouse you're looking for. Walk over, talk to the NPC inside (Moonshiner Marco), and claim your quest rewards, including 18,522 XP, 720 Legacy Points, 2,950 Silver, and a Battle Item Selection Chest.

IGGM will also continue to provide Lost Ark-related game guides, and cheap Lost Ark Gold is available here, which will make your progress in the game smoother.


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