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Lost Ark: Three Tips to Help You Win in PvP

Posted: May 30, 2022

Posted: May 30, 2022

Source:  IGGM

PvP is a mechanic that attracts players in many MMORPGs and so is Lost Ark. When players have completed a series of hard leveling work, PvP has become a new field that players are willing to challenge. Compared to PvE, PvP is more difficult, players are no longer limited to game data, but smarter humans, which means that when you know how to counter the opponent's ability, the battle is often very difficult It's almost over.

Compared with other games of the same type, Lost Ark's three PvP modes are more designed around the concept of "guerrilla warfare", including single-player battles and team battles. This requires players to have a deeper understanding of the rules. Here are some suggestions you can refer to.

1. Know your role and build.

For the most part, the combat character setup for each class in Lost Ark's PvP is not much different than in PvE, like Gunlancers still being aggressive tanks and Sorceresses still being trap-planting queens.

But there are exceptions, Paladin and Martial Artist type classes will surprise you because they can deal a lot of damage in PvP, so players need to understand the different class skills in PvP.

2. Familiar with Crowd Control rules.

Crowd Control is a very useful basic knowledge in Arkesia Competitive Proving Grounds. Well-timed CC usually keeps the enemy inactive for a long time, and using this well can bring good buffs to the team.

CC has three different levels. The weakest is Paralysis, the second is Push, and the strongest is Debuff.

Soft Paralysis in Paralys is applied to a stationary or animated target, causing it to retreat for a millisecond and unable to perform any action; while Hard Paralysis can interrupt the target's ability to put it on cooldown.

Push is a kind of CC with high visualization, consisting of Knock Ups, Knock Backs and Knock Downs, players can knock down the target or hit the air to limit its movement.

Debuffs include Stun, Freeze, Earthquake, Electrocute, Petrify, and Fear, which make the player stop in place, cannot use any skills and have no way to get rid of them, but to wait for the time to pass.

3. Understand the importance of Peeling.

Peeling is a common concept in games that refers to directing an enemy's attention from where an ally stays to oneself. Lost Ark players need to understand that Peeling is a bond of connection, never give up the teammates who Peeling for you; and never try Peeling for your teammates easily. Reasonable use of this strategy can often achieve twice the result with half the effort.

IGGM will be a good helper to help you get a better experience in the game, and we will provide you Lost Ark Gold for sale to advance your PvP progress. You can also get more useful information and news here, so stay tuned!


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