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Lost Ark: June Update Preview

Posted: Jun 02, 2022

Posted: Jun 02, 2022

Source:  IGGM

As we head into June, Lost Ark's monthly update is on the agenda. Just earlier, Lost Ark released a slew of new content coming with the June Update.

Since the production team wanted the content of the Western version to be consistent with the Korean version, they negotiated with Smilegate RPG to speed up the pace of updates in the coming months. For the rest of the year, players will be able to enjoy new advanced classes, new Legion Raid, and more exciting content.

Here's what we'll see in the upcoming Lost Ark June Update:

1. New Legion Raid: Vykas

As the boss of Covetous Legion, she will appear in the game as the second available Legion Raid enemy after Valtan. This Legion Raid, as always, requires eight players to participate, and using the right strategy will be the key to winning it, and the mechanics include some Checkpoints to ensure the team's progress.

Entering normal mode requires reaching level 1430, while hard mode requires level 1460. After winning, you will be able to obtain materials for crafting a relic equipment set, as well as other generous rewards.

2. New Guardian Raid: Kungelanium

As powerful entities, Guardians can tip the scales for good or evil. The Kungelanium is a powerful level 6 guardian challenge that can be challenged in Guardian Raid by players with item level 1460 or higher. The way to conquer it supports single-player, multiplayer, or teaming up with three other heroes.

3. New Dungeon: Thronespire

This is a new single-player dungeon where players can experience a higher frequency of battles. This dungeon requires the player's item level to reach 1325 to participate, and there are a total of fifty levels waiting for you to challenge.

Lost Ark's monthly updates always bring us fun and surprises. If you want to better experience the fun of battle. will be your go-to, where you can get Lost Ark Gold for sale and more news.


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