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Lost Ark: New Advanced Class Arcanist Coming In July

Posted: Jun 07, 2022

Posted: Jun 07, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Since the Lost Ark's Korean version is updated faster than the Western version, the Western version will have more content landing in the remaining months of this year. At the same time, Smilegate has promised that in the coming months they will implement a frequency of updating an Advanced Class every two months. The closest one to us is Arcanist, which is coming in July.

Arcanist is an Advanced Class in the third Mege category and one of the most popular one. She will bring two unique character mechanics that are well worth trying.

First, she activates the Arcana Card and the combo point system to produce different effects. Each of her attacks fills her deck gauge, and when the gauge is full, it triggers a draw for cards that will grant additional attacks or buffs.

Second is the skilled mechanic, Arcanist will be able to implement three different skills which are Normal, Stack and Ruin skills, corresponding to yellow, blue and red respectively.

Normal skills mainly include attacks that bring gains; Stack skills can leave up to four additional attacks on the hit enemy. The number of stacks allowed by different skills is different. Players can use a reasonable configuration of tripods. To achieve improvement. At the same time, Ruin skills can achieve maximum damage to repel the enemy.

Arcanist's long-range combos are great for playing a good backline DPS role in team fights and are capable of both single-target and multi-target skills. So, trying out this new character might bring you surprises.

In addition to the new Advanced Class,the July update will bring Valtan Legion Raid's Hell difficulty and Challenge Abyssal Dungeons. Players will have fun by the new content.

If you want to try Arcanist builds as soon as possible, follow closely, and we'll keep bringing you the latest Lost Ark updates and useful information, you can also buy cheap Lost Ark Gold here for smoother victories in various Legion Raids. You can always place an order or consult here.


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