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Lost Ark: The Most Difficult Version of Valtan Legion Raid Coming in July

Posted: Jun 09, 2022

Posted: Jun 09, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Valtan is the Legion Raid introduced in the Western version with the May Update, and players need to form a team of 8 to defeat Valtan, the Lord of Destruction. For this team combat mechanism, players need to formulate a certain cooperation strategy after understanding the characteristics, abilities, and other basic information of each legion commander to successfully fight against it. Players can only unlock one difficulty per week to challenge.

The modes that players can challenge so far are Normal and Hard. In the July update, Lost Ark will bring Inferno Difficulty, which is the most difficult version that needs players to reach item level 1445 to participate. In this mode, players will see something fundamentally different than before.

First, the mode will add a "Scale of Balance", which will be adjusted for each player's equipment. At the same time, the Book of Coordination will also bring targeted equipment level adjustments for players. In short, everyone's equipment will be standardized according to the level of the Legion Commander's opponent.

Second, some features of the Gate Progression System will no longer be available, which restricts the continuity of players' raids. In Inferno Difficulty mode, players will not be able to interrupt Legion Raids and return to the progression again.

Taken together, Valtan Legion Raid's Inferno Difficulty is really worth expecting of players. If you have already completed Normal and Hard modes with your team and received rewards, then completing Inferno Difficulty as your next objective is the best option, you can use this to prove yourself as the best in Arkesia and earn achievements and titles Wait to increase your prestige.

Lost Ark Gold is a necessary thing if you want to prepare it well before the Inferno Difficulty is officially playable. But farming requires effort and time, so you can buy Lost Ark Gold directly on and you'll get a ton of what you need at a significantly lower price.

At the same time, IGGM will continue to bring you the latest information on Lost Ark, so stay tuned.


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