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Lost Ark: There are still new challenges after the weekly maintenance

Posted: May 27, 2022

Posted: May 27, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Lost Ark seems to have received quite a bit of feedback a week after Smilegate brought the new classes and new PvP mechanics in the May update. And unfortunately, the new content seems to have caused a bunch of bugs. Just a few days ago, some players reported that the cursor bug in Valtan Legion Raid was very frustrating, and although players found a way to improve it, judging from this update, the problem seems to be still being researched.

Following yesterday's weekly maintenance, some bugs have been fixed, including an issue where some players received an incorrect amount of Coins of Courage during PvP matches. After the update, those users who previously lost Coins of Courage due to this issue will be compensated for the difference, but it may take the team a few extra days to complete the delivery.

At the same time, this maintenance also fixes an issue that allowed players to send HTML in the chat causing excessive whitespace and an issue blocking the Book of Coordination from being saved if combat skill presets were loaded while on a Shadowhunter.

Also, earlier today, it was officially acknowledged that they are now working on a fix for the bug of Haiger's Manor and Rielvarr Ruins causing characters to be stuck in an endless loading screen. Players who encounter this issue can provide details to advance its resolution.

There is a long way to go to perfect the new content, and we should still have confidence in the development is committed to helping you improve your gaming experience, you can not only get the latest news here, but also get Lost Ark Gold for sale. Welcome to follow us!


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