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Lost Ark: Frustrating cursor bug appeared in Valtan Legion Raid

Posted: May 23, 2022

Posted: May 23, 2022

Source:  IGGM

With the Lost Ark May Update, Valtan Legion Raid is also being introduced to the Western version for the first time. A large number of long-awaited fans formed teams to join the exciting battles of the Valtan Raid for the first time. But two days ago, a player in the Lost Ark community posted a video of him being blocked from progress due to a bug in the campaign, and many players reported that they encountered a similar situation.

Based on feedback, this May update patch for Lost Ark appears to have introduced some weird loot bugs. As the video shows, the mouse pointer has been "sticking" to previously clicked elemental potion loot or other icons on the interface, preventing players from clicking other options and greatly hindering the progress of the game.

Unfortunately, this might be more than a simple cursor bug, as it doesn't have any immediate fix methods. A player with the same experience stated that the situation could only be resolved by logging back into the character. This is very troublesome for the player as well as the group.

While developer Amazon Games is tackling the sheer number of bots in the game, for now, players would prefer that the production team would have the leeway to fix this frustrating bug.

IGGM will keep you updated with the latest news from Lost Ark. We also offer you Lost Ark Gold for sale to support your progress in Valtan Legion Raid.


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