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Fallout 76: How To Easily Obtain Massive Power Armor Plans? - Farming Location Guide

Posted: May 15, 2024

Greetings, fellow gamers! I'm excited to share with you some prime locations for farming an abundance of power armor plans in Fallout 76. These locations are easy to find and offer a plethora of valuable plans to enhance your armor, ultimately elevating your gaming journey. Let's dive in!

Fallout 76: How To Easily Obtain Massive Power Armor Plans? - Farming Location Guide

Watoga Station

Our first destination is Watoga Station. Follow the tracks until you find a train, but watch out for the challenging bots in the area. Near the train, you'll discover a plan. Specifically, you'll find the Plan: BoS knight uniform for crafting the Brotherhood Knight Suit, though the available plans can vary.

To check for different plans, pause the game, quit, and join a new world. Sometimes, you'll reload into the same location, indicated by enemies or an unplaceable camp. Pay attention to these clues, along with the time of day, to determine if you're in a new world.

Once you've collected the plan, it disappears from that world, and there's a cooldown before you can collect it again. Unfortunately, the exact duration of this cooldown escapes me at the moment. Let's move on to our next location after grabbing the plan.

KMAX Transmission

Our next stop is KMAX Transmission, near Blake's Offering. To reach it from the Watoga Station, follow the highway until you arrive. Expect a couple of ghouls to attack you upon arrival, and occasionally, a Wendigo might appear too. You can farm these enemies repeatedly for decent loot. If you're not a Bloodied build and want an easier time, hop onto the back of the truck, then onto the wall, and take them out from there.

Now, head over to the barrel nearby to check for plans. If the plans you're looking for aren't there, simply hop to another world and repeat until you find what you need. This time, we have the Plan: Marine Arms. Don't forget to collect the keys that should be nearby. Then you can access to the station, where you'll find various junk items, including a military-grade circuit board.

Additionally, you might stumble upon an extra plan, typically a modification for armor. Make sure to check before you leave, as there's plenty more Fallout 76 Items to be found in this area. So, be sure to explore thoroughly before moving on.

Harpers Ferry

Then let's go to the Harpers Ferry, which you can easily access by continuing from KMAX Transmission and heading into the area. Once you've arrived, head towards the back end where you'll find a train, and to your left, there's a staircase leading down. Explore this area because you can find some unique weapons, such as the Tomahawk and Black Powder Rifle. If someone hasn't already collected it, you might also find a Black Powder Pistol.

Fallout 76 Harpers Ferry

After exploring that area, walk inside and take a left where you should find more plans. If you've already collected part of a plan, leave the game and rejoin a new world to refresh the inventory. Similarly, if the item isn't there when you arrive, repeat the process of leaving and rejoining until it respawns. Keep at it until you find the item you're looking for.

Grafton Steel

For our next destination, we're heading over to Grafton Steel. If you've followed along from the Morgantown area, you should already be in the vicinity of the Grafton Dam and VA 76. Once you arrive at Grafton Steel, be cautious of the Super Mutants lurking around. While they're not individually strong, their numbers can overwhelm you quickly, especially considering the presence of their hounds, which can sneak up on you.

Proceed with caution and take out the super mutants from a distance to avoid being overrun. Once you've cleared the area, explore around, and you'll likely find another plan waiting for you - Plan: Deep Pocketed Leather Armor Limbs.

This is another spot where you can repeatedly collect plans by server hopping, allowing you to potentially acquire different plans each time. One common find here is pieces of the Brotherhood of Steel armor set, making it a worthwhile location to visit early on.

Whitespring Resort

The final stop on our plan-hunting journey is Whitespring Resort, conveniently accessible early in Fallout 76. From Vault 76, head in this direction towards Sutton Station, and you'll soon spot Whitespring Resort. This location is a treasure trove, boasting a variety of vendors, including Responders and Brotherhood vendors, offering a wide range of goods.

Whitespring Resort is an excellent destination for power armor plan hunters, particularly those seeking weapons, power armor modifications, or various armor and weapon plans. Make sure to explore the area thoroughly to uncover the abundance of plans available here.


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