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Fallout 76: How To Speed Up Your Journey To Gain XP And Level Up?

Posted: May 16, 2024

Posted: May 16, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Allow me to introduce you to another Fallout 76 guide. In today's walkthrough, I'll unveil the most effective strategy to rapidly level up, accumulate perk points, and ascend to higher levels in Fallout 76. By following this guide, you'll join the ranks of high-level players, ensuring your place among the elite in the Wasteland. Let's dive in!

Fallout 76: How To Speed Up Your Journey To Gain XP And Level Up?


Now, to start this off, the first thing we're going to do is to open our map. And then you're going to proceed to find the West Tek location. Once over here, you are going to need a couple of things just to boost the XP gain that you obtain. These items being, first, if you have any Lunchboxes, always worth popping them because they can give you upwards of a 100% XP boost, so basically double XP.

The second Fallout 76 Item I highly recommend is the Berry Mentats. Not only does this provide an XP boost by increasing your intelligence, ensuring you gain more experience points in the game. And finally, for an additional boost to your XP accumulation, consider acquiring the Vault-Tec Bobbleheads, which further enhances your XP gain and contributes to your leveling process.

So if you have any lying around, go ahead and pop them before you do this XP farm. And there is one more extra thing you can do, and it being getting some sleep in Fallout 76. Now, you can get yourself the Well Rested perk or the Very Well Rested. They will all give you a bonus XP, and all you got to do is just by sleeping in a bed or sleeping bag for 30 seconds, then you will get the boost.

Kill Super Mutants

But once here, you also going to just simply wander into the area where is going to be a bunch of Super Mutants outside. Now, these creatures do scale based on your level, so if you are like Level 100+ already, the Super Mutants you're going to face are probably going to be anywhere from Level 75 up to 100, and it will give you more XP than the low-level Super Mutants. But just clear out the outside area.

Fallout 76 Super Mutants

Once you've killed all the Super Mutants, make your way inside and do the exact same thing. There are a bunch of Super Mutants in here, and also Mutant Hounds. So, go ahead and kill every super mutant in this building.

It's not too long of a run, usually you can get one done within like 4 minutes. But by far comparing it to some of the other farming methods which are repeatable and give you a constant good amount of XP, this one is probably the best ones.

You could also use this to level up what’s called the Battle Pass. You can rank that up quite quickly with this method. But overall, just run through this entire area, kill all the Super Mutants, and once you have done that, you can just pause the game, return to the main menu, and join a new session.

Final Thought

If you do this in a Private World, the enemies will not reset because you are joining your own world and spawns don’t really apply when it comes to the same manner they do in a Public World. Because usually when you join a new server, most of the times the enemies will be respawned in that area. So you can constantly come back to West Tech and then farm it infinitely.

When it comes to the overall amount of XP you can get, this is based on how many hours or how long you do this for. Of course, the longer you do it, the more XP you are going to receive as a reward.


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