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Fallout 76: Which 5 Mutations Can Help You Play Through?

Posted: May 15, 2024

Welcome to Fallout 76 guide. Today I’m going to be doing a guide on five essential Mutations to help you play through the game.

Before we dive into the actual Mutations.

There are three different perks and Fallout 76 Bottle Caps which I’d really recommend you use to make the most out of your Mutations.

Fallout 76: Which 5 Mutations Can Help You Play Through?

Three Different Perks

1.Starch Genes

First, one is going to be Starch Genes. As this one will protect your Mutations stopping you from losing them. Stopping you from gaining some from just being around Radiation and stuff like that.

2.Strange In Numbers

The second perk I would recommend is Strange In Numbers. This one actually makes your Mutations even stronger when you’re a team with other people who are mutated, which is pretty much 99% of the players in the game. We’ll look over that into a little more detail when we review the different Mutations in this guide.

3.Class Freak

Finally, the last perk would be Class Freak. Some people claim that you don’t actually need to use this one, but I definitely recommend it. Because it really weakens down the negative effects of Mutations if you have it at level three. It’ll take it down by 75% which pretty much makes a lot of the negatives just basically nothing.

Five Essential Mutations

1.Carnivore And Herbivore

So the first Mutation I would recommend is either Carnivore or Herbivore depending on which one you want to go for. Personally, I like to use Herbivore just because of the benefits towards like Cranberry products and stuff like that. But I know some people who are builds do prefer to go down Carnivore route or so just have a think about which consumables you use which Buffs and stuff and Fallout 76 Items. Then decide which one’s going to be better for you.

The benefit with these is, of course, that you will get double hunger satisfaction from the chosen one. So if you’re Carnivore when you eat meat, you’ll get double if you’re Herbivore when you eat a plant, you’ll get double. Same thing goes for HP restoration and also you’ll have no disease chances from eating the consumables from your selected type.

Now the negatives of Carnivore and same as Herbivore, but obviously just switch it over, is you’ll not get any hunger satisfaction, or HP regeneration, or any Buffs applied from eating the opposite effect from what you’ve chosen.

2.Egg Head

The second Mutation I would advise is Egg Head. Now, this one is a really awesome perk for the simple fact that it boosts your Intelligence. It’s a very simple one doesn’t have too much to it but it gives you plus six Intelligence, which is a really big jump.

It does have the minus three Strength and the minus three Endurance but let say you have Stranger In Numbers that Intelligence is then going to go to like plus eight Intelligence.

And then if you put Class Freak on the negatives are going to go down to like minus one Strength, minus one Endurance which if you’re a Bloodied build then. These are just going to literally be null and void. Because you’re on and Armor is just going to push that through the roof. As well as other perks and your standard special stats, you’re really not going to miss one special stat realistically.

Fallout 76: Five Different Mutations

3.Herd Mentality

Now the third Mutation I really recommend is Herd Mentality. Fallout 76 of course is an online game and the majority of the time you playing you’re going to be in a team. So this is going to boost your stats pretty much at all times. As you can see on screen when you have this Mutation acquired, you’ll get plus two to all of your special stats in a team.

That’s just negated all the negative effect from the previous Mutation. But it is worth noting if you were going to play a solo, you would also lose two special stats. So just always being a team. It’s better anyway you get more XP especially if you’re in a casual team. Stay in a casual whatever you do.

4.Marsupial Mutation

Number four is definitely the most popular Mutation in the game. I would argue and that is Marsupial Mutation. This one comes with two benefits with the plus 20 Carry weight, which is of course ideal and in addition to that you also get a superior jumping height. So if you ever see anyone run around jumping at extreme height compared to you. It’s because they’ve got Marsupial Mutation.

Now again, this one does come with a pretty hefty negative with minus four Intelligence but like I said earlier if you’re using Class Freak that will not get down like minus one. With the minus 75% reduction from having that perk acquired which then again by having Herd Mentality will also wipe that out.

5.Demon Mutation

Now going on to the final Mutation. This is going to be one of my favorite ones with the speed Demon Mutation. This one comes with the benefits of speed. And that’s going to be plus 20% movement speed and also plus 20% reload speed, so whether you want to run around faster to hit the enemies or whether you’re running and gunning and you want to reload faster.

It’s ideal for both. The negatives of this, though, is it does give you a plus 50% drain on your hunger and your thirst on your moving.

But realistically they took out the kind of hunger and thirst negatives in the game. So you used to have to eat and drink, otherwise you would lose stats and stuff like that. Now that just got taken out, so you don’t actually need to eat and drink.

These are five essential Mutations in Fallout 76. I hope you guys like this guide. See you next time.


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