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Fallout 76: A Deep Dive Into Why Low Health Builds Are Worth Trying

Posted: May 13, 2024

Hello everybody, I hope you’re having a fantastic day today. Next I will explain their RADS why so high or their health so low and it is extremely beneficial.

Fallout 76: A Deep Dive Into Why Low Health Builds Are Worth Trying

Benefits Of Low Health

The main reason why our health is low, our RADS are high. The reason we RADS high is that it keeps our health low. And it takes advantage of the Unyielding effect that you can only get on regular armor. You cannot get on power armor and it has gained up to three plus to all special stats except endurance when health is low and this is extremely beneficial.

However, investing Fallout 76 Bottle Caps will greatly increase the attributes of game equipment.

When you have five pieces because that’s going to be plus 15 to all stats except endurance now you can see here when I irradiated myself you can just see the stats going up her. We have better strength, better perception, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and luck and having these stats higher is going to benefit us. And I’m going to show you why one of the is that it gives you extra carry weight, like almost an extra 100 carry weight you can see.

Health And Unyielding Armor

When I lower my health all the way to the maximum potential of Unyielding Armor I am almost like plus an extra 100 carry weight and that’s because our strength goes up your AP and Luck with the critical will just be insane.

Like once you learn to Maneuver around a bit, like you are just going to be an unstoppable machine and like out front of West Tek here can be pretty. Tough sometimes, especially for a new player, but you can see like they didn’t even hit me.

I’m just hopping around never ending AP and critical going off. It is extremely convenient and with your AP being so high as well as your agility. You’re never going to be able to run like I pretty much just ran across this whole Bridge without stopping to replenish AP.

Unyielding Armor is another reason people get so much xp from grenades at West Tek it’s not the big reason but 15 extra intelligence you get just from wearing Unyielding Armor helps with your XP gain from enemies. Because the higher your intelligence is, the more XP you will gain from the enemy.

So it’s basically the starter kit to running West Tek. Another thing is your charisma will be high. So this will affect your trading as well and your bargaining and you can see here. It’s $12290 and 2150 for the brick building and the metal building set.

Now you can see when I lower my health and we get the Unyielding effect going.

Operation More Convenient

It raises our Charisma so high that you don’t even need hard bargain anymore. This will give you the same deals as having a hard bargain on and it saves you a perk slot even if you don’t want to switch it on and off. You can see I’m getting a lot cheaper deal here than we did before. Our health was so low and again this is because of Unyielding Armor.

And you are definitely a Glass Cannon. But the more you learn to Maneuver, the less you will start dying. You will just pick up on little tricks. Maybe sneak when you first attack definitely hopping around really helps with the ground enemies.

Especially, if you’re at the queen event, you’re just not going to get hit by them as much as you just kind of learn how to Maneuver you can see.

I’m down here south in Cranberry and there’s just Scorchbeasts everywhere. And Scorch going everywhere. I think I barely got hit down here. Now you just got to be quick and practice and don’t be discouraged when you first try this build.

If you do, you are going to die a lot, but to be honest, like since I’ve been doing this for a couple of years. Now if I die like if anything it’s in Daily Ops or it’s just something you know that I wasn’t paying attention really to my health. You seem to have a lot of time to hit a stimpak before you die.

Do Not Use Nerd Rage

And you don’t have to go like full low Health. Although you will want to for Nerd Rage, you really don’t have to. I find I’ll die and it’ll mess up my RADS every once in a while. And I’ll just leave them there and you just have that little of extra health and then you really won’t die.

And as I was saying, Nerd Rage, this is another reason to have your health low with Unyielding Armor. As you do 10% more damage, you have a better AP Regen and more damage resistance.

And 20% more Health you can see here when we’re lowering our RADS again. It’s also a good way to tell when you’ve reached your maximum potential for Unyielding Armor.

When Nerd Rage goes off, you don’t want to raise your RADS any higher. Also another perk card with having your Rad so high radical is awesome. You’ll get five Extra Strength even more carry weight, you can have a mixed match set of Unyielding Armor as well.

It’s still actually pretty good. I’m sure if most of you tried a mixed match set of armor, you’d be pretty happy with it.

And you can get a mixed match set of Armor,if you get lucky and, like you, just get a Legendary drop. But I would check players’ vendors as you can here on the map.

I’m showing you can just check them and see if they have any armor, preferably three stars, and then go buy them. They’re usually not that expensive like 500 to 1500 Caps, sometimes for a one or two or three stars will be more expensive.

But to be honest, you really want to go for that secret service Armor and you get that by doing the main quest involving crater and foundation.

To Gain Secret Service Armor

And once you basically beat that whole quest you can come to Vault 79 here and you can come talk to Regs here and you can trade gold bullion to get Secret Service Armor set.

It’s the best armor in the game and it’s the easiest way to get Unyielding Armor on Armor. Basically, because you can just use one module rather than three modules that I’m going to show. I’m also going to show you two here the prices for it.

You don’t need Secret Service helmet, the jet pack is nice, and it is going to take a little of saving up but just keep in mind you can get this for cheaper at Manual. so pay attention to when Manual is around.

And here’s the little trick with this: if you didn’t know with most Armor, well, you can’t craft it.

So once you do have a piece of armor that you want a three star on, you pretty much have to come over here and roll a three star for three modules. But with Secret Service Armor you can just craft new pieces and more often than not you will get a three star, anyway.

So that’s your best bet for Unyielding. You only need to go one module at a time.You can see I rolled 10 pieces here and didn’t get any Unyielding.

It’s not exactly easy but still it was only 10 modules, and we got 10 pieces. And I think three or four of them here was a three stars anyway, so don’t waste your modules using three to roll that third star effect, just make new pieces over and over again. And you’ll be able to trade it in for script at Legendary PR as well.

And like I said, don’t let RNG upset you. Maybe you will have better luck than I. And I usually roll about five at a time with Secret Service Armor. Then I’ll go check and see if any are unyielding.

If they’re not then, I’ll go do another five and I just keep repeating that process until you know you got your whole set. It will take a bunch of modules if you get it within 200 modules. You’re probably lucky a way that I also lower my health is I just get my RADS all the way up by drinking dirty water.

Fallout 76 low health benefits

To obtain Gamma Gun

Another way people like to raise their RADS is to use Gamma Gun and all you have to do is get your hands on one and then just pretty much shoot yourself and wait for Nerd Rage to go off.And then again you know your Armor is at its maximum potential.

I hope this answers the question why some people have their RADS , taking these tips will make you feel better in the game. Have a nice day.


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