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A Complete Guide On Turning In Masterpieces In Lost Ark

Posted: Oct 10, 2022

Posted: Oct 10, 2022

Source:  IGGM

One of the reasons why MMO is so popular with players is that it is always trying to provide players with as many collectible items as possible to improve the game fun and experience of players. Lost Ark saw the power of this kind of marketing, so it began to learn MMO and added collectibles to its games to let players find, including Mokoko Seeds and Masterpieces. There are a total of eight main items spread across the vast Lost Ark. Among them, the proportion of Masterpieces is not high, but once players find them, they will get some very good rewards. It's worth noting that many players have been immersed in finding these collectible items all the time, without knowing in advance where they need to hand in the found pieces. You must know that you will only get the corresponding reward if you actually hand in the work, otherwise it will be in vain. Therefore, in this guide, I mainly tell you where to turn in Masterpieces.


You'll need to bring each Masterpiece you collect to Alfons Vedice on Sunflower Island. Typically, Alfons will stay not far from the coastline. So if you get to Sunflower Island, just keep going towards the south of the island and you'll find him near the beach in no time. Once you've turned in the Masterpieces you've collected, Alfons will reward you differently depending on their type. You know, although Masterpieces is one of Lost Ark's eight collectibles, there are not many. It is conceivable that the rewards you will get should also be very good.

As of current statistics, we know that there are fifty-two Masterpieces in total in Lost Ark. Most of these Masterpieces are automatically acquired during your expedition to Lost Ark. Others will appear after you complete quests or collect certain items. So players don't have to put all their energy into finding these Masterpieces. For new players, all you have to do is to find these Masterpieces as soon as possible to help you level up faster and better equip yourself.

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