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When Will Lost Ark's Second Round of Server Merges Happen?

Posted: Oct 08, 2022

The second round of server merges in Lost Ark will be on October 12th. This merge, as before, will not only merge the servers, but also change the names of the merged servers.

Since the last server merge took a long time, the game team has learned from the last lesson and reminded players to be mentally prepared for longer downtimes. Server downtime will officially begin on October 12th at 12 AM PT/ 9 AM CEST. The regions where the servers will be merged are Western Europe and South America. Among them, Western Europe has made it clear that four servers will be merged into two servers with new names. Specifically, the Rethramis and Tortoyk servers in Western Europe will be merged into a server called Ealyn. The Moonkeep and Punika servers will be merged into a server named Nia. Servers in South America will also face the same operation. For example, the Agaton and Vern servers will be merged into a server called Arthetine. The Gienah and Arcturus servers will be merged into a server called Blackfang.

Lost Ark

The downtime caused by the server consolidation on October 12 is in line with the weekly downtime, and all regions will begin downtime at the same time. And the above-mentioned Western Europe and South America will usher in a downtime that lasts up to 12 hours. Other areas not covered by the above will be shut down for at least 4 hours to perform regular maintenance and update of the servers in the local area. Players who are not clear about the process of the server merger on that day can log in to Amazon and Smilegate RPG game platforms by themselves. Downtime, duration, and updates for all regions are listed above.

For the inconvenience caused to players by the server merger, the official also made corresponding compensation. Once the server consolidation is over, a 15-day login bonus campaign will run. As long as players keep logging in within these 15 days, they will receive corresponding rewards every day. And on days 5, 10, and 15, there's a chance to get a number of special bonus items including Phoenix Plumes x20, Honing Support Selection Chests, Utility Battle Item Chest, and more.

The above is a complete introduction to the second round of server merges process of Lost Ark. If you want to continue to be strong in the game after the server merge is over, you still need to prepare enough Lost Ark Gold. Fortunately, you can buy Lost Ark Gold and check free Lost Ark guides at Here, you can not only enjoy cheap prices, but also experience high-quality services. We can offer a 24/7 service online. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service!


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