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The Latest Roadmap For Lost Ark

Posted: Oct 10, 2022

Posted: Oct 10, 2022

Source:  IGGM


According to the latest roadmap, Lost Ark will have the following plans for the remainder of the year.

In October, as Halloween is approaching, Lost Ark will not only launch a Halloween event, but also launch several new Halloween-specific skins. In addition, the game will open the second season of PcP and the second Arkpass. Several new elements will also be added to the game mode. Specifically, the Mystic Abyss Raid and Inferno mode of Vykas, and Achates Trial Guardian will all join the game.

In November, first of all, a new character called Reaper will be live. At the same time, the developers will also introduce a new tripod system to improve the current system and add an Amulet material to transfer Tripods.

A new character called Summoner will be released in December. It is worth noting that with the release of Reaper and Summoner, their Advanced classes will also be launched in the next three months. At the same time, to welcome the new Advanced classes, major balance changes as well as quality of life changes will be introduced. There are a lot of updates coming in December. The game will not only release the Brelshaza Legion Raid and the Calligos Guardian Raid, but also more chaos dungeons and boss rushes. More skins and bracelets will be added to the Lost Ark store.

The roadmap also includes many other features that will be in the game by 2023, such as events, raids, and skins.

That's all for the latest roadmap. If you encounter any problem in Lost Ark, IGGM may help you solve that. Meanwhile, you can buy Lost Ark Gold in our 100% stable and safe trading environment. IGGM welcomes you anytime!


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