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The Way To Get Soulful Requiem Song In Lost Ark

Posted: Oct 11, 2022

Today, Lost Ark is producing more and more content. Players can not only adventure with friends in various areas and islands on Lost Ark, but also get corresponding rewards by completing main quests and defeating world bosses refreshed at fixed locations.

But some tasks, such as collecting songs, take months to complete. These songs are equivalent to items in Lost Ark, and can help players teleport to a specific location. Since these songs play a special role in the game, it is not easy to collect all these songs in Lost Ark. The Soulful Requiem song is one of those songs. If you can get this song, you can get more rewards from the NPCs in the Feiton area. This guide will mainly tell you how to get the Soulful Requiem song in Lost Ark.

Soulful Requiem Song

To get the song, you first need to enter the Feiton region in Lost Ark. However, you must be Tier 2 and have an item level of 960 to be allowed into the area. Once in this area, you need to do two things. First, you have to complete the questlines in the area, defeating all the world bosses that spawn in the area. Second, you should work on improving the progress of your adventurer's tome. You can choose to interact with wandering merchants and cooks, complete Feiton Vista, kill monsters in the area, or defeat world bosses in Feiton to progress the book. In addition to that, you can also take part in Feiton's active questline. Once the tome reached 60%, you'll claim the Soulful Requiem song in Lost Ark. Claiming is also easy, you just need to go to the song's logo and right-click to claim it.

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