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WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Honor Points & Titanium Ore & Consumables & Gold & Good Gear

Posted: May 22, 2023

Today I will be talking about different things I have prepared for WOTLK Classic Phase 3.

Honor Points

In WOTLK Classic, there is one very important thing. If you want to encounter Apex as soon as possible, you must first ensure that you have certain Honor Points. The first way to get Honor Points is to do window grasp, which you can do every three hours.

You can also do some weekly pre-questions here to earn Honor Points and Stone Keeper’s Shard as rewards. You’ll also be rewarded with window Quest Marks whenever you lose or win a battleground, and these Marks are also useful in Phase 3. So be sure to get plenty of Stone Keeper’s Shard and window Quest Marks.

WOTLK Classic: Phase 3 Preparation Guide

You can even do this until Phase 3 starts. Because Wintergrasp has a window, you can use some Tokens or Stone Keeper’s Shard and window Quest Mark to get Honor’s Tomb here.

The baffling thing about this project is that it is an Account Bound. So you can send these to your other characters, so you have a lot of Honor Points ready for the upcoming Phase 3.

Titanium Ore

What many people have been looking forward to is the possibility of view Tailoring more as double crafting. So if you haven’t reached level 450 yet. Then make sure to level up your class that way.

WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Explore Titanium Ore

You will need to mine your Titanium Ore in various ways. Meanwhile, you now have a chance to get different Epic Gems. You’ll be able to trade these Epic Gems on Auction House for quite a bit of money.

But we will also implement now a building with level 80 items and another new rate in Trial of the Crusader raids. So you can do 10 and 25 men raids here. You can get a lot of new loot.

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Trial of the Crusader raids are pretty quick. There are no junk monsters here, just 5 different levels, so understanding the tactics will be easy. Therefore, I also strongly recommend that you learn about them first.

Then remember to grab some of the consumables you need right away. For example, your Flask, or even your Mana potions or Healing potions. Because when the new price is released, the price of these potions will definitely increase. So it’s definitely a wonderful decision.

WOTLK Classic: Phase 3 Prep


Chances are you’ll get Epic Patterns here. These will allow you to craft items that can be traded at the auction house. Maybe you’ll also be very interested in some of Epic Patterns on Auction House, so be sure to have enough WOTLK Classic Gold ready that you can get them on Auction House.

You can also prepare some of the rest of the materials needed for Trial of the Crusader so that you don’t need to acquire expensive materials temporarily. Because I expect the price of many materials in Phase 3 will increase. So make sure to have plenty of Gold.

WOTLK Classic: Do This Before Phase 3

Get Good Gear From Phase 2

One of the most important things is getting the best gear from Phase 2. If you’re just getting back to WOTLK Classic, then remember to check out the many items at Auction House. These items are either crafted from old items, or are items that can be acquired directly at the auction house.

So, wrapping it all up, make sure you have all your items ready. You can get a Relentless Gladiator’s Battlegear to make sure to upgrade your dual crafting to level 450. You can also continue to explore Titanium Ore and prepare enough Gold. We should note that don’t forget to prepare in advance, which may help you get twice the result with half the effort in Phase 3.


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