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WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Five Best Ways To Make Gold In Trial Of The Crusader

Posted: May 22, 2023

If you want to take advantage of the best ketchup face in Wrath, you’re going to need a lot of gold. And if you want legendaries, there is like Shadowmourne Val’anyr, you’re going to need even more gold. But luckily, there are several brand new gold making methods in Phase 3 that can get you easy gold with low effort. Here are my five favorite new gold makers in Phase 3. 

WOTLK Classic Phase 3 Five Best Ways To Make Gold In Trial Of The Crusader

5. Honor

At number five, we have farming Honor for Epic Gems

One of the easiest and most passive gold makers in Phase 3 is battlegrounds. Epic Gems will be available from the PVP vendor for between 10 and 20,000 Honor each. I know I’ll be hitting up the new Isle Of Conquest a lot on Phase 3 for, so it’ll be great to be getting paid at the same time. Wintergrasp is always a great option too since you can get around twenty thousand dollar per hour.

One really nice benefit of farming Epic Gems for PVP is that there's zero requirement. Plus, don’t forget: you need to be doing Wintergrasp anyway to get your Wintergrasp’s PVP Trinkets for the Trial of the Crusader. I also plan to combine my farming with the weekly PVP quests and Call To Arms for extra passive gold.

4. Jeeves

Moving into number four, we have Jeeves crafting.

Jeeves Engineer is about to kick into full swing. It’s a freaking robot butler that can access your bank and solve every inventory problem you’ve ever had. The Jeeves recipe can be farmed from the Library Guardians in Storm Peaks.

The problem is that the actual robot can’t be crafted without King’s Amber, which comes in Phase 3. Everybody’s going to be in such a big rush to purchase the mats on patch day from the Scrapbots to the Field Repair Bots

WOTLK Classic Field Repair Bot 110G

You could definitely invest in Scrapbots like me, but the smartest gold makers went back to BRD to farm the Field Repair Bot 74A recipe and there're thousands of profit to be made from the Field Repair Bot 110G. That recipe drops from the Simon Units in Blade’s Edge.

On top of generous profit margins from the Bots themselves, items like Fused Wiring will be turning a good profit on Phase 3.

3. Daily Quests

The number three best new gold maker in Phase 3 is the new daily quests. 

If you love easy daily quests generating gold with minimal farming, you’ll love the new dailies at the Argent Tournament. Most of these quests are done to the North, and the newly renovated Hrothgar’s Landing.

The best part is that you can do pretty much all these quests at the same time in just a few minutes. Assuming you’re a champion of your faction, the FBC High Crusader Adelard will offer one of four named NPC assassination quests each day. This new quest only takes two or three minutes each and gives you 21 WOTLK Classic Gold on top of a Champion Seal.

WotLK Classic Get Kraken quest

Meanwhile, Crusader Silverdawn also offers one of two possible quests each day for another 21 gold in just a few minutes. My favorite is Get Kraken!, which is insanely easy with the targeting macro. There are also seven new quests for the Sunreavers or the Silver Covenant. Those are the newly added factions you can champion with gorgeous new mounts.

In total, you can do five new daily quests each day for around 100 gold and five Champion Seals per day. Those seals can be turned into pets and sold on the Auction House. Of course, you can also combine these quests into an efficient daily route, which will net you over 700 gold per hour.

2. World Tours

Moving into the second best new gold maker, we have world tours.

If you love world tours at the launch of Wrath, you’re really going to love Phase 3. The new Titan Rune adventures are extremely profitable and they’re required for both mains and ultralight. 

WotLK Classic Titan Rune

You’ll be getting a max 10 Epic and an older 10 Epic from every boss. That means that these crystals are for everybody. Or it could mean Greater Cosmic Essence if you want to shatter the crystals and sand, using the new Abyssal Shatter feature.

There’s also Emblems of Triumph from the new daily heroic quest. You’ll be getting a total of five from the daily quest in the backdrop. Every single other boss drops everyone’s a conquest, which can be converted to BOEs or Epic Gems, depending on what’s more profitable. That’s not even mentioning Sidereal Essence from the last boss in every dungeon, which can be converted directly into Crusader Orbs at a three to one ratio.

I honestly might just live in heroic dungeons of Phase 3 and pay for all my builds that way.

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1. Titanium Prospecting

The number one best new gold maker in Phase 3 is Titanium Prospecting.

I prospected 1500 ores on the PTR last night and the results were very promising. I got 69 Epic Gems for my prospects, plus nine stacks of Adamantite Powder. If the gems sell for at least 150 gold leash on patch day, that’s at least 4,000 gold profit and just 15 minutes of prospecting. 

One underrated boost to Epic gem prices is that Trials of Crusader will have heroic mode available day one. That means the biggest spike in gem prices will be on the first day and then prices will plummet afterwards.

My entire strategy of investing in thousands of Titanium Ores geared around making money the first day, so this is very good news. If you want a way to generate thousands of gold, so you can profit from things like Titanium Prospecting. 


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