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WOTLK Classic Phase 3: How To Get Free Server Transfers?

Posted: May 18, 2023

Are you currently using the server ghost town for the new Raid and new Heroic Plus Dungeons? You need to make changes to get groups. Luckily, many routes offer free transfers that get you to the booming server right away.

Why Get A Free Transfer?

Because the free transfer is time-limited. So you’re likely to miss this opportunity to breathe new life into your gameplay. Of course, it would be great if you could easily find these groups and take up the challenge. So you probably know that free transfer is a good chance to start over.

WOTLK Classic: How To Get Free Server Transfers?

Is My Realm Eligible?

If you have any free transfers for your Realm, the best place is on Blizzard’s official free transfer support article. They offer free transfers of Realms that change multiple times per month.

Note that not every server is listed where you can currently transfer Season of Mastery Realm. Although they are not listed anywhere on the site, you can transfer Season of Mastery Realm to Classic Era or Wrath Classic realm.

I was even able to transfer a Season of Mastery Warrior directly into Faerlina, despite the server being locked. If you want some classic PVP action before the new server opens. You can join some PVP battles. You don’t even need to have a PVP character. So we know which Realms are usually free to transfer.

WOTLK Classic: transfer Season of Mastery

How To Free Transfer?

You can log into the game and click on the in-game store. From here you can select “Free Transfer” option, then click on your character and select Realm. You need to wait. We need to make sure we have selected the correct server. If you want to make sure you don’t end up in a Dead Realm, check IronForge Demographics first.

Best Servers For Wotlk Phase 3

I wouldn’t worry about whether the server is PVP or PVE, because PVP is all about the arena. But there are some major mistakes to avoid. You might think it’s a good idea to transfer your Nighttime to Whitemane. But that server has Horror, so you better choose an available server from the three available options before hitting that transfer button.

WOTLK Classic: Fresh Server

Get A Name Change For Free

Do you want to change your name absolutely freely? You can create a role with the same name on the server. You can transfer all your items to the new character. Then, after your free transfer ends, you will be prompted to change your name.

WOTLK Classic: How to Change Name Free?

Transfer Profit

I recommend doing bulk investing in projects with price differences before any free transfers. Unfortunately, Skyfury has a small auction house with only 1500 items on Alliance side. This means I can’t invest in typical items, but instead use the add-on TradeSkillMaster.

Next, I want to tell you how you can earn WOTLK Classic Gold during server transfers. As incredible as it seems, you can actually do price comparisons for multiple servers. This way, you can see which items will bring in the highest profit.

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I use the comparison tool to choose a Realm. I’m currently in the top bar. I select a project, then select the compare radio button in the project stats box. Now you can see exactly what the profit margin is and whether an item is worth moving in bulk.

Keep in mind that it may take over four hours for your character to update to the correct Realm. However, it took about five minutes after we completed the most recent transfer. You can play freely as usual without any restrictions.

The above are all the ways I use the free transfer service to change the user's name and transfer profits. Hope this method can help you. So hurry up and join in, don’t miss this great opportunity.


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