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WOTLK Classic Phase 2: How To Farm Gold With Dailies?

Posted: Feb 04, 2023

Since WotLK Classic Phase 2 has release, it means that we will have a new daily gold making route. I've heavily optimized the route to take less than 75 minutes while packing in over 900 gold. This route is also much more all friendly since I've cut away the longer and more difficult dailies.

Fishing Daily

The first thing you should do in your daily route is the daily Fishing Quest as Stormjewels are over 1,000 WOTLK Classic Gold each right now. So, I never miss this quest. A pro tip of this kind of quest is that you can do this quest at level 1 Fishing with a level 70 character. However, for Open World Dailies, I only use my ultimate above 300 Fishing while I'm fishing.

Daily Heroic

I search for groups for the Daily Heroic Quest and of course I like to combine this with the Daily Normal Dungeon whenever the stars align and I made sure to use the excellent pet X week artifact to make the dungeon smoother.

Argent Tournament Dailies

And next I fly to the Argent tournament Camp and Hit Up The Mailbox. One big optimization in my round is that I farmed 30 days Warth of the valley in a Champion Jousting Quest at the start of each month. Just fill up your inventory completely before doing the quest and then you can stack up 90 Valiant Marks and 120 Champion Marks and a little over two hours per all. Then, I'd pick up the quest of A Valiant's Field Training, At The Enemy's Gates plus the randomized Weapon Quest. I also pick up and instantly turn in The Grand Melee quest.

WotLK Classic Phase 2 Argent tournament Daily Quest

Argent Tent Dailies

And next, I apply west to the main Argent Tent to pick up my four Champions Dailies. That's Threat From Above, which requires the Black Knights quest chain to be complete first and Taking Battle To The Enemy as well as Battle Before The Citadel. And of course, I pick up and turn it among the Champions instantly and select the Champion's Purse for extra WOTLK Classic Gold.

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Orgrim's Hammer Gunship

Then, I fly to the Orgrim's Hammer Gunship while a lion should fly to the Skybreaker instead. While I'm here, I pick up the six quests, which are Blood Of The chosen, Slaves To Saronite, Retest Now plus Drag And Drop and Not A Bug. And don't forget Keeping the Alliance Blind, which for Alliance is a slightly different and it is called Capture More Dispatches.

Then I head to Aldur'thar on the east side. It's time to kill and siphon the Voidwalker Minions and sell in a Dark Messenger. Then, I finish up Retest Now in the lower west area. This counts for Taking Battle To The Enemy, too.

Time to up the challenge with Threat From Above. We've gotta kill chilma destroyer of worlds. This is an epic unbelievably difficult solo challenge that'll push you to your limits wait. Never mind two guys showed up and he's dead already heading to South.

We could knock out Keeping The Alliance Blind or Capture More Dispatches for Alliance. And then I fly directly up to new Drag And Drop nearby. You'll need to drag and drop three mobs. And then head Southeast into Assault By Ground and Blood Of The Chosen at the same time a slightly South quickly do Slaves To Saronite to get quest credits for the jumpers.

And then head out of the cave and go west through King Of The Mountain. That's you. You're the king of the mountain now. It's time for a Valiant's Field Training. And then below corporathar, we can knock out Battle Before The Citadel and At The Enemy's Gates at the same time group up and pump those mobs. These quests can be finished in under a minute if you ask for an invite in chat.

This is the time to do the Random Valiant Weapon Quest you've got unless you're going for a world's first Crusader Title. I prefer to skip this quest.


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