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Tips To Farm Champion's Seals Fast In WOTLK Classic Phase 2

Posted: Feb 02, 2023

The Argent Tournament is underway, bringing the most profitable and fun dailies in Northrend. Whether you plan to keep the rewards for yourself or sell them for more gold, you'll want to be questing as optimally as possible. I've got the best strategies to get Champion's Seals fast for new players and seasons jousting veterans alike.

Before we start, I recommend setting your Hearthstone in Amberpine Lodge or Conquest Hold for quick Grizzly Hills teleports. However, if you've turned in The Magical Kingdom of Dalaran quest, just keep your Hearthstone and Dalaran. We'll cover the advanced secret shortly. But if you're just starting out, you need to complete the basic tutorial first, then you'll unlock the three Aspirant Dailies for efficiency purposes.

The Training In The Field quest is best on far south of the Argent Camp due to high mob density and there's only one Weapon Quest with a trick to it. A Blade Fit For A Champion quest grab my Weakaura Pack. So, once you get to the Valiant rank, you now have four dailies each day. 

WOTLK Classic Phase 2 Argent Tournament

There's the Weapon Quest from before, which is exactly the same. Then there's the Valiant's Field Training and kill quest, which you can group up for I like to pull two packs and then Starfall the Converted Heroes down in three seconds. 

Then there's The Grand Melee quest. If you're doing this quest or the champion version, the secret comes down to the shields. Each shield on you or the enemy is the 30 damage reduction. The shield and the thrust are also on separate global cooldowns to spam those Shields anytime they're down.

The best jousting strategy is to start behind the opponent to get maximum distance. I'd like to throw two Shield-Breakers while backing up, then charge and then spam thrust while spamming your Shield when the opponent backs away throw a Shield Breaker and then charge again and continue spamming thrust.

After jousting practice, we've got to do it for real for the quest - At The Enemy's Gates. Grouping up is highly recommended. Since one player can tank while the other unload Shield-Breakers and charges when you finally become a Champion. Three new dailies will unlock plus you'll need to pick a new city to rank up for Valiant. 

WOTLK Classic Phase 2 Champions Seals

Your first order of business is to complete the The Black Knight's Fall chain to unlock a fourth daily. The chain starts at Crusader Hotawa and after some CSI Azeroth activities, she'll be fighting the Black Knight. This will unlock the threat from above quest, which requires you to kill Chillmaw and his three Cultist Bombardiers. I highly recommend grouping up for this quest. It'll make it so much easier. Also, remember to select the Champion's Purse every time you finish a quest to maximize your Champion Seals.

The next quest Battle Before The Citadel is just like At The Enemy's Gates, except you need to kill Commanders instead. Make sure to do Enemy's Gates at the same time and try to group up for both and of course prioritize maintaining your shield and depleting the Commander Shield. And for among the Champions, the same strategy from jousting Valiants will apply. However, the CPU is more aggressive and you'll need to be better at maintaining your shield and breaking theirs. Finally for taking the battle to the enemy, the best location is directly south of the camp or at Aldur'thar. 

All right, so you know how to do all the quests optimally. What should you do with all your seals? My recommendation is to purchase the rarer faction Rams and sell them so that you can get lots of WOTLK Classic Gold right now. 


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