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WotLK Classic Phase 2: How To Complete Titan Rune Dungeons?

Posted: Feb 06, 2023

Titan Rune Dungeons are a brand new mechanic that didn't exist in the original Wrath of the Lich King. Blizzard implemented this new feature as a new content and catch-up mechanic. Titan Rune Dungeons have been described by the community as "Heroic Plus" because enemies and bosses in Titan Rune Dungeons will have higher damage, higher health, and brand new mechanics.

However, Titan Rune dungeons are also the perfect way to catch up on your gear. Every boss drops epic items, which means you can pump up your character in a matter of hours. But these dungeons are actually hard, which means you'll want the secret strategies and add-ons to make things go smoothly.

Grab A Weakaura

The first thing you should do before touching Titan Rune dungeon is to grab a Weakaura Pack. This pack has alerts for all the mechanics, such as Combat Mechanics and WotLK Dungeons. I'd also recommend sharing this with your group before you head in since most players don't know the best strategies for the new mechanics and they don't know the best strategies, either.

New Mechanics In Heroic Plus

I'll write first slow down your Pull Speeds and amounts if your tank is double pulling everything and rushing through the dungeon. You're in for a long night. The faster you pull, the quicker you'll be dealing with the new mechanics and getting overwhelmed.

Remember that big pulls aren't more dangerous because of the increased mob damage and health. They're more dangerous because you'll be dealing with more Titan Rune mechanics at the same time, like Web Wraps, Glaciate and Mirror Image.

WotLK Classic Phase 2 Titan Rune Dungeons

Ultar Rare Dungeon Secrets

Dungeon secrets for Oculus, Violet Hold, The Nexus priorities should be Nuk-Em Down The Packs while your Healers backs the Illusion for Halls of Stone and Lightning. The debuff only applies near melee range of the mob, which means the melee based group is preferred for Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom using a Weakauras is really helpful to alert you to who's web wrapped.

Also, releasing tanks from web rap is your number one priority since I'll drop aggro for Utgared Keep and Utgared Pinnacle. You should only move when you have Glaciate and make sure not to stand on any Frost Patches left by other players.

Another nice tip is that you can mark your Healer, so nobody walks into him and puts down a Frost Patch while he's healing meanwhile for Calling Of Stratholme just bring a Priest, a Paladin or a Shaman to quickly remove the WOTLK Classic Gold debuff. Try to give Druids a disease removal skill for Gundrak and Drak' Tharon Keep. Your tank has to be on point with a WeakAuras to get the mobs out of the lifesteal buff. This dungeon is really hard since the debuff lingers for a few seconds and heals the mobs to full. Also, DK tanks are pretty rough here since the pool kinda looks like Death and Decay.

Forming Your Own Group

Now, let's talk about actually forming your group. People are going to gate qpu and require 4,000 plus gears. It even happened to me. But you don't need this whatsoever. I group with multiple players below 3300 and the runs didn't take longer. If you're worried about getting rejected, you have two options.

Farm These Now

Option one is to farm PVP Furious or Hateful Gear and get Blue Gems on the Auction House. You can get 3,500 Gearscore in less than two days. This is a great starting point.

Make Your Group

Option two is to make your own groups even with lower Gearscore. You'll find things still go smoothly as long as everybody's using WeakAuras shouting out the mechanics. And you should remember that Tanks and Healers are the most important for Titan Rune mode as long as those players have some gear. Your clear should go fine.

Also, do try to bring somebody with Enchanting because you'll be generating so many Epics and Blue Gems. There's a lot of extra WOTLK Classic Gold to be made by disenchanting unneeded items.

Pick Up These Dailies

You've got your group. Now, make sure to pick up the Daily Heroic Quest and normal Dungeon Quest for free Emblems. Then, after you do the Daily Heroic Quest, you can pick and choose which dungeon to hit up.


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