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WotLK Classic Phase 2: How Can I Make Thousands Of Gold With Faction Transfer?

Posted: Feb 13, 2023

Faction Transfer just got added to the game and thousands of players are taking the leap. But they're all making a huge mistake. They're losing out on massive potential profit. Luckily, I've compiled the ultimate Faction Transfer gold making guide, so you can make tens of thousands of WOTLK Classic Gold when you transfer.

Faction Transfer Info

Before you begin your Faction Transfer, you need to know that there's a 25k gold cap per character. Due to this cap, we need to be storing our WOTLK Classic Gold, primarily expensive and stackable items. But, that's actually a great thing since there are profit making differences between item prices on each faction.

You'll want to first determine the price difference for items between factions. I recommend making a level one and checking the opposing Auction House alternatively. NexusHub allows you to quickly compare prices. If you play the system correctly, you can make over 10,000 WOTLK Classic Gold from one Faction Transfer. So, let's talk about what items to actually transfer for big profit.

Big Ticket Items

The expensive items you'll want to be moving to the opposite faction are crafting materials, like Maraudon drops, Scarlet Rubies and Frozen Orbs. Enchanting materials are also great, like Abyss Crystals, Enchanting Vellum as well as crafted leg buffs, such as Sapphire Spellthread. And don't forget those epic fishing gems, such as Bold Stormjewel and Runed Stormjewel from the daily, either.

WotLK Classic Darkmoon Card Greatness

I also plan to transfer with a few Darkmoon Card: Greatness, decks on hand since prices on servers like Grobulis vary by over 500 WOTLK Classic Gold. It's important to understand the population differences between the two factions you're switching between. That's because population actually determines the raw material prices. For example, a Eranikus. Herbs and potions are higher in Alliance than Horde. There are just less Herbalists picking the herbs, less Fishers fishing and less Miners mining. But speaking of herbs and mining stacks of herbs and ores are great cross-faction flips. 

You can also transfer full stacks of flasks, potions even Northern Spices, right now. Flask of the Frost Wyrm is almost three gold higher in Eranikus Alliance than Horde. Just remember to clean your bags out first to maximize room for profits.

Make A Profit With Pets

Pets are nearly guaranteed profit when you faction change, so stock up. There's Moths and the Cats, snakes from Orgrimmar and Dragonhawks from Silvermoon City

Don't forget the Argent Tournament pets, too, since you can't purchase the opposite faction fast from tournament vendors. And click the Malevolent Hatchling and Elwynn Lamb can be flipped for big profit. Just search the Auction House for every pattern. Snag up anything below market price. A 500 WOTLK Classic Gold is usually a good value.


WotLK Classic Recipe Beer Basted Boar Ribs

Transferring recipes is profitable as well since some recipes can only be obtained from Alliance or Horde vendors. For example, the Recipe: Beer Basted Boar Ribs is 18 gold on Grabulous Horn and only two gold on Gravia's Alliance. Meanwhile, the Recipe: Scorpid Surprise is nine times more expensive on a lion's than horn.

The Future Of Faction Transfer

If you plan to fax and transfer later on when race changes get added, you should plan your strategy, right now. Saving up a huge stack of WOTLK Classic Gold for Crusader arms to transfer them to a less populated faction is printing money. Also, in Toc the new epic Jazz will replace Scarlet Rubies as one of the best cross-faction flips. 

Stocking up on Emblems of Heroism and Titanium Ore is a great idea and if you want a really big ticket item to flip Battered Hilt, prices will vary by thousands per server when they're added in the end game. And while this isn't a big factor yet, many players will be transferring to Alliance for PVP and Horde for PVE on an evenly balanced server in a few months, transferring items, like Mystic Autumn's Glows to Alliance or Potions of Speed to Horde result in higher profit. 


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