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A Complete Guide For WotLK Classic Phase 2 Argent Tournament

Posted: Jan 19, 2023

This article introduces a guide on everything you need to know about the Argent Tournament when it launches with Phase 2 on January 17.

Regarding Ulduar and Wrath Lich King Classic, first we talk a little bit about the Argent Tournament. The Argent Tournament was designed to create a small strike force of Alliance and Horde members to attack Icecrown Citadel and kill the Lich King once and for all the tournament grounds in the sanctuary. So, no PVP is allowed a main quest line and daily quests allow players to gain reputation with various sub-factions for rewards, including titles, achievements, mounts, and Companion Pets.

Jousting is a mini game required for daily quests and faction reputation gains. The path to earning Champion status is a long one and I'll do my best to simplify it.

When you first get to the Argent Tournament grounds, you will have to complete all the Introductory Quests. After completing the Introductory Quests, you will have access to what's known as the Aspirant Quests, which will reward Aspirant Seals. After earning 15 Aspirant Seals, Valiant Quests will now be available to you, which reward Valiant's Seals. After earning 25 Valiant's Seals, the Champion Quests will be open for your faction city, as well as Valiant Quests for other races in your faction. Champion Quests will reward you with Champion Seals, which are then used to turn in for mounts, taverns and pets. Generally, pets are about 40 Champion Seals, taverns are 50 Champion Seals, ground mounts are 100 Champion Seals and flying mounts are 150 Champions Seals and are sold from the city vendors located throughout the grounds.

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Completing Champion Status for each faction City, earns you the title of Crusader and a new set of daily quests will now be open to earn more Champion Seals. Finally, once you earn Champion Status, the Argent Crusade and Death Knight Quest givers gives you a choice of reward, either a Champion's Writ or a Champion's Purse.

The Champion's Writ is used for buying reputation tokens to earn reputation with other factions in your race. The Champion's Purse contains a small amount of WOTLK Classic Gold and a decent chance of getting an extra Champion Seal. The Black Knight Questline sends players on a journey to investigate and ultimately unmask the mysterious Black Knight, who has set up camp on the tournament grounds.

Argent Tournament for WOTLK Classic Phase 2

Here are just some of the mounts that you can get for a full list of mounts, pets and tablets. Some of the amounts include an Argent Charger, which only can be purchased by a Paladin. The Storm, one faction has an Argent Warhorse. Darnassians has a Nightsaber. Ironforge has a Mechanostrider and Ram. Multiple factions have their version of the Hippogryph and you can also get an Argent Squire that can be upgraded to a vendor, bank and mailbox by applying an Argent Pony Bridle to it.

The Argent Pony Bridle can be purchased from the Argent Crusade quartermaster for 150 Champion Seals and it allows you to choose one of the three options every four hours similar to your Northrend Wormhole. So, once every four hours you can choose a bank, a vendor or a mailbox and will last for three minutes unlike a MOLL-E or a Prepot or a Wormhole. Only the person whom the Squire belongs to can use the services. So, you can't use the Squire mailbox for your whole raid. You still have to drop a MOLL-E , if you are not an Engineer. This might be pretty useful for you.

Here's everything you need to know to get started in the Argent Tournament. I hope this article was helpful.


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