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What Can You Do Right Now In WotLK Classic Phase 2 Before The Upcoming Ulduar Raid?

Posted: Jan 18, 2023

Wrath of the Lich King Classic has started on January 17. And we have already know that the Ulduar raid will launch on January 19.Instead of waiting, you might as well do something these days to better prepare for the new raid.

*One of the first things you're going to want to do is get your new Titan Rune Dungeon Daily done. We now have what's colloquially known as Heroic + Dungeons released and you can actually target some Phase One 10 man loot that you might be missing, still something like the Stray, some Trinkets or some Snrs. But doing the Daily will actually give you some extra badges, so you can stack up on badges getting ready for the Ulduar raid. The last boss can also drop a bag, which called Bounty Stachel. You might have to roll against the rest of your group for some extra badges.

Titan Rune Dungeon WotLK Classic Phase 2

Now there's a ton of badge loot that is all upgrades from Phase One loot and some of them are basically alternative this. But doing your Titan Rune Dungeons right now is going to be one of the best things you can do. As I mentioned 10 man loot dropping from these dungeons, 25 man loot from the raids will now drop in 10 man versions of those raids, also 25 man raids. It looks like we'll drop extra loot, so you should go in and clear all of the raids this week to get that extra gear to help you get ready for the upcoming Ulduar raid.

*Another thing you can do is go and do your Fishing dailies on every character that has Fishing. We should be able to get Epic Gems from the Fishing daily. Now that you're in Phase Two, you should be able to get them early and equip them already for your gear for Ulduar or have them saved up so that whenever you get an upgrade, you can instantly equip the gems.

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On that note, you should make sure you finish leveling up your professions and get all of your Consumables for the raid and for professions. Engineering is just so useful in this raid. Having rocket boots can save you from so many mechanics that should kill you. Otherwise, I would massively suggest everyone that has Engineering or can get Engineering before Ulduar launches to make sure you have rocket boots. This might sound weird but you want to also stock up on IRL consumes for this weekend. Most people are going to have a very long weekend dealing with Ulduar 10 and 25 mans potentially, even with multiple characters.

WotLK Classic Phase 2

And you definitely don't want to forget about eating food, so maybe get a few things you can just heat up in the microwave. It is actually extremely useful, whenever there's a new phase launch and it's kind of underrated. You can also get some energy drinks or whatever you need. But try to stay healthy.

From there, you're pretty much ready for the raid. You can do some dailies up in Icecrown, but they won't really help you out for the raid itself. Other than that you're going to want to focus on making sure your assignment sheets are all panned out, make sure you know every boss and every boss mechanic and your own job for those bosses and also making sure you know like your guilds planned for the raid.

If you want to complete tasks faster in WOTLK Classic Phase Two, or want to defeat bosses in Ulduar raid faster, you can prepare a lot of WOTLK Classic Gold in advance to easily get more excellent equipment and weapons.


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