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News Tag: buy DCUO Cash

  • DC Universe Online: Secrets Of Kahndaq Time Capsule

    Posted: Oct 24, 2022

    While Episode 44: The Sins of Black Adam won't be officially released until next week, the Secrets of Kahndaq Time Capsule, which released on October 20, is also well worth playing.

    You can obtain the Secrets of Kahndaq Time Capsule in the following two ways. The first is to buy directly from the Marketplace. The second way is through Stabilizers to unlock this new Time Capsule. If you don't have Stabilizers yet, you can get them by completing daily quests or you can buy them directly in the Marketplace.

    Gear Styles

    Inspired by The Sins of Black Adam, you will also need to collect your own Champion of Kahndaq and Enhanced Champion of Kahndaq styles in this new Time Capsule.

    When you open your Time Capsule loot, be careful to select a random Standard or Enhanced item in the selection window. This way, your gear style correctly matches your current character.

    Collection Rewards

    If playing as an archaeologist, you will need to collect the following three collectibles:

    1. The Battle Damaged Slimline Cache (includes chest and leg styles)

    2. The Mister Mind Accessory

    3. The Hieroglyphics Skin Set (includes three skin styles)

    Notably, these collectibles will appear as a choice in each Time Capsule's loot selection window.

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  • DC Universe Online Episode 44: The Sins Of Black Adam Is Coming Soon

    Posted: Oct 17, 2022

    Recently, Dimensional Ink Games announced the details of Episode 44: The Sins Of Black Adam, which is featuring Black Adam. As Halloween is approaching, the developers have also rolled out the festival's related events in this updated game and announced that Episode 44 will go live on October 26, 2022.

    Looking back at the previous storyline, we know that Black Adam went to the Underworld twice in an attempt to resurrect and rescue his wife Isis, but both failed.

    This time, he was still determined to enter the Underworld to rescue his wife. The difference is that this time he chose to strike a deal with Neron once and for all. Whether Neron can be trusted, however, is uncertain. In the face of those who like to trifle with the dead, it is unknown what kind of test the living will face.

    In the upcoming update of The Sins of Black Adam, players will be challenged with different themes such as good and evil, between life and death, between love and despair.

    Here are the specific updates for The Sins of Black Adam. First, in addition to normal and elite versions of all On Duty content, there will also be level-independent active versions available for a limited time. Second, the update opens up world missions, which include a solo, alert, and two raids. Third, Episode 44 is mainly based on DC characters such as Black Adam, Shazam, and Isis. Fourth, all the locations and storylines explored by the players are mainly inspired by Egypt and Egyptian mythology, and one of the most distinctive places is the Infernal Kahndaq overrun by the Underworld. Fifth, players will get new rewards including gear and styles in this update.

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  • DC Universe Online: What You Need To Know About The Witching Hour? - 2022 Guides

    Posted: Oct 08, 2022

    DC Universe Online's annual Halloween event is about to meet you, and before that, we first ushered in the annual The Witching Hour. The return of the event also brings new base items, new feats, and some style items.

    Currently, the event has started and will end on November 2nd. Those who have experienced The Witching Hour before must be very familiar with the event. Because most of the gameplay and functions have not changed. Players start the game as before by going to the House of Legends and talking to the Phantom Stranger or Tala.

    The Midnight Masquerade nightclub and the streets of Gotham City remain the main locations for players to participate in the event. However, the return of the event has added some fresh elements to set off the festive atmosphere of Halloween.

    In addition to queuing up for The Midnight Masquerade alert, players will also need to fight the haunting of the gothic club with other players. Since battles take several rounds, players can defeat haunting at its roots simply by figuring out what's behind haunting and mysterious masked apparitions. Before going to find the reason, players can prepare in advance to deal with the imitation abilities of several familiar characters.

    In addition to the above events, players can also head to the House of Legends to participate in the Multiplayer Aerial Movement Challenge: Flapping in the Night. In this event, players will transform into vampire bats and compete in a flying race around Arkham Asylum.

    The return of The Witching Hour will bring some new feats such as En Gourd, Hole-y Bedsheets, Batman and Patch Pillager. Pumpkin Knight and Spooky Host Accessory are also very noteworthy new style items. Not only can players get these new style items by earning the seasonal currency Spooky Bites, but they can also be exchanged for other items using Tekl's Halloween bucket. Of course, if the player can complete the Midnight Masquerade of the event and the daily event quests, they will also get those rewards mentioned above.

    If the player can find the Vault-O'Lantern in the House of Legends, there is a chance to unlock the Fall Vault.

    That's all for the introduction to The Witching Hour. If you want better gear in the game, you need to have enough DCUO Cash. Luckily, you can buy DCUO Cash at We can guarantee our prices are the lowest in the same industry. We have different payment methods, such as Paypal, Credits Cards and Pay Locally. We also place great emphasis on honest transactions. Please rest assured to buy!

  • DC Universe Online: Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards In October

    Posted: Oct 07, 2022

    Starting this month, as long as you log in to the game and go to Doctor Fate's game page. From stabilizers and source marks to Fate and Destiny currencies, you can claim corresponding rewards every day. And this month's rewards are also different than before.

    This month's Doctor Fate features the Enhanced Battlehawk Style on gear, inspired by Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

    It's worth noting that you need to log in for at least 21 days this month to claim your exclusive Pumpkin Shroom Witch Hat. And only you have the right to wear the hat.

    As a final reminder, you can subscribe at any time of the month. Once you become a member, you can claim all the rewards that a member has. Hurry up to log in and claim your rewards!

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  • DC Universe Online: The Witching Hour 2022

    Posted: Oct 07, 2022

    Attention all DC Universe Online players! The Witching Hour returns for a new round on October 6, 2022, and runs until November 2, 2022. In this return of the Witching Hour, players can not only get new rewards but also experience new activities, especially the vampire bat competition.

    Players who have only joined the Witching Hour before must have been waiting in line to participate in the Midnight Masquerade, collect and shoot on Spooky Bites! Those who are late and haven't queued up, don't worry, you can try the new event launched by The Witching Hour first. You can choose to go to the House of Legends and take flight in the "Multiplayer Aerial Movement Challenge: Flapping in the Night". In this event, you'll transform into a vampire bat and race on an aerial race course in Arkham Asylum.

    The return of The Witching Hour also brings new rewards such as new Base Items, Feats, and Styles!

    In The Witching Hour patch, we can also find some clues about the new Chapter 44 content. For example, the maximum number of skill points as well as the level of the maximum amount of origin has been increased. What's more, not only has the new advanced exobyte recipe been introduced in the patch, even episode 40 is getting some conversions. The patch further fixes bugs and replaces the playback interface.

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  • DC Universe Online: Bonus Artifact XP Is Back Again

    Posted: Sep 23, 2022

    Attention to the entire Titan's Tower and other community players, Bonus Artifact XP is back!

    The return of Bonus Artifact XP means your Artifact XP gains will double as you strengthen and level up your Artifacts. Whether you add XP to your Artifacts using Nth Metal or any Artifact, you'll get twice as much.

    Notably, this event also doubles the amount of Nth Metal drops. In previous games, whenever you defeated an enemy, the reward mechanic for taking Nth Metal from them was triggered. Now, this reward mechanism can still be triggered and can be triggered twice. This means that the chance of Nth Metal dropping is doubled after you defeat an enemy.

    Rewards Week will run from Thursday, September 22, 2022 to Wednesday, September 28, 2022. During this period the server will be restarted every day. And all players will get double Artifact XP when Artifacts and double Nth Metal drop. Players must seize the opportunity!

    Through the above introduction, we know that the drops of some artifacts such as Nth Metal require you to defeat the enemy. Therefore, it is very necessary to prepare sufficient DCUO Cash. Fortunately, you can buy DCUO Cash at We can guarantee that you can enjoy a high-quality service while enjoying the preferential price. We can offer you a 24/7 online support. And we have different payment methods, such as Paypal, Credits Cards and Pay Locally. Act now!

  • The Sins of Black Adam in DC Universe Online-2022 Complete Guides

    Posted: Sep 22, 2022

    With the Black Adam movie set to hit theaters on October 21, 2022, Dimensional Ink Games predicts that the latest version of DC Universe Online will feature Black Adam, and it's no surprise to DC fans.

    The Sins of Black Adam,as DC Universe Online's Episode 44 will be released in October 2022. The latest version of the game will provide players with normal and elite versions of all On Duty content and will also provide players with level-agnostic event versions available for a limited time.

    In previous versions, Black Adam twice failed to bring his wife back from the Underworld and rescued her. Therefore, this time, he will make up his mind, enter the Underworld again and make a deal with Neron once and for all. But whether either of them can be trusted is unknown. Nor is it clear what those who play with the dead will pay for the living. These contents need to be further explored.

    In the latest version of The Sins of Black Adam, players will take risks on a path themed around good and evil, life and death, love and despair.

    Also in The Sins of Black Adam, you need to challenge open world missions, including a duo, an alert, and two raids. The appearance of Black Adam himself, as well as characters such as Shazam and Isis, is also worth looking forward to. This version also adds a lot of storylines, such as exploring the Egyptian myth and the Infernal Kahndaq that has been overrun by the Underworld. In this episode, players will also receive new types of rewards such as new equipment, new styles, and more.

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  • DC Universe Online's Latest Event: Homecoming Party at Titans Tower Event

    Posted: Sep 22, 2022

    In Dimensional Ink's latest series of fall events planned for DC Universe Online, we can learn that Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower seasonal event will be opened, and will continue until October 6th. The characters that will appear in this event are the Starfire and Blackfire sisters and the Teen Titans.

    The following is an introduction to the storyline. Sister Blackfire inherits the Throne of the planet Tamaran. Fearing that her rights would be taken away from her sister, she fabricated the facts and used the false charges to exile her sister, Starfire. Unbeknownst to her, Starfire kept returning to ask for help from his sister, but of course she was always rejected and exiled again. However, the content of this year's event will change, so this time she'll be exiled to a party hosted by the Teen Titans, and this party will help her cheer up.

    In this update, Starfire will be partying at Titans Island and Titans Tower, including feature games, festivities, and rewards. Since the party will cheer up Starfire, this will make Blackfire unable to achieve her purpose, so she will definitely do some obstruction, and you need to complete the task of fighting the Blackfire who came to block to ensure the cheer up Starfire party went well.

    The event will also bring some fun to DCUO ahead of the next big content update in October. First, Episode 44, the sins of Black Adam, will be available in October. This content will accompany the release of the Black Adam movie, bringing players new on-duty content, event versions and regular and elite versions of a series of featured characters such as Black Adam and Shazam.

    In this episode, there are also new challenges, which include open world missions, a Duo, an Alert, and two new raids. And all the content and storylines in this episode will lead you to locations in Egyptian myth. Here, players will also have new tasks and rewards, including equipment, new styles, and more.

    Until October, the game will return to The Witching Hour fall event. You can check out the details of the Dimensional Ink team's update plans for the second half of the year and even next January on DC Universe Online.

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