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DC Universe Online: The Witching Hour 2022

Posted: Oct 07, 2022

Attention all DC Universe Online players! The Witching Hour returns for a new round on October 6, 2022, and runs until November 2, 2022. In this return of the Witching Hour, players can not only get new rewards but also experience new activities, especially the vampire bat competition.

Players who have only joined the Witching Hour before must have been waiting in line to participate in the Midnight Masquerade, collect and shoot on Spooky Bites! Those who are late and haven't queued up, don't worry, you can try the new event launched by The Witching Hour first. You can choose to go to the House of Legends and take flight in the "Multiplayer Aerial Movement Challenge: Flapping in the Night". In this event, you'll transform into a vampire bat and race on an aerial race course in Arkham Asylum.

The return of The Witching Hour also brings new rewards such as new Base Items, Feats, and Styles!

The Witching Hour

In The Witching Hour patch, we can also find some clues about the new Chapter 44 content. For example, the maximum number of skill points as well as the level of the maximum amount of origin has been increased. What's more, not only has the new advanced exobyte recipe been introduced in the patch, even episode 40 is getting some conversions. The patch further fixes bugs and replaces the playback interface.

If you want to be stronger and stand out in The Witching Hour, you need to be well-stocked with DCUO Cash. Fortunately, you can buy DCUO Cash at Here, both new and old customers will get corresponding discounts. We have different payment methods such as Paypal, Credits Cards and Pay Locally. We also have a 24/7 service online! I wish you have a nice day!


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