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DC Universe Online: How To Maximize Precision DPS With This Celestial Build?

Posted: Feb 20, 2024

This time I will share a DPS guide with you, focusing on Celestial this time. Whether you're a novice player without enough amount of DC Universe Online Cash to spare, or a seasoned veteran looking for a simple build to play through the game, this guide is a good choice for you. So, let's dive right in.

DC Universe Online: How To Maximize Precision DPS With This Celestial Build?

How It Works

This is a Precision build, so you want to have Brawling. This is the weapon we're going to be using, so you grab all of these abilities. Then you want to go down to Martial Arts and then unlock all the stuff.

After you get all this done, you want to go right back to Brawling, and then you're going to unlock the combo. Now, I am Flight. If you want this build to be better, you want to be Super Speed. 

Let's move on. I have Robot Sidekick. And then when it comes to the stat points superpowered, you get all your critical attack chance, get all your critical attack damage, and any skill points you got left goes all into Precision. As you get more skill points, if you max Precision out, then you move on to Might.


Now for the Loadout, I play with a modded controller, so the way I have this pieced out is not necessarily the way you want it. So I have Smite, Light, Cursed Idol. We also get the Robot Sidekick, Divine Light and Anoint.

If you're Super Speed, you just basically replace the other 2 moves with Vortex Trap and Whirling Dervish. And I recommend being Super Speed. It'll boost your damage by so much.

DC Universe Online Super Speed


First, we're going to look at the gear. For the weapon socket, I'm using Blast Adapter. For the head socket, you want Critical Anoint II and Relentless Precision. For the neck socket, I've got Berserk. For the hands, you always go with Max Damage. You want Penetrating Strikes for the chest and the legs and feet don't really matter. These are the stats I'm working with.


The artifacts, the main 2 artifacts are Transformation Card and Strategist Card, and you can use the Venom Wrist Dispenser. Now, if you're trying to just make an ALT and not necessarily make it your main, well then you can switch some of these out.

You can switch the Strategist Card with something that gives you more stats. This is a Precision build, so we're going to go all Precision on the Adaptive Augments and the Origin Augments.

Generator Mods

Moving on to the base Generator Mods, you're going to want all Precision at the bottom. For support, I've got Restoration because it is Celestial. And of course, Power for the health and power.


When it comes to allies, the best combat ally I'd recommend players to start off with is Krypto. He's the cheapest to rank up and he does so much damage. I have Oracle-Bot and Cyborg. I'm never going to rank this up. This is not necessarily what you want. For the other 2 allies, I recommend Shazam and Static.

Shazam gives you a Might and Precision buff for 30 seconds every time you activate your combat ally. And for Static, every time you activate your Supercharge, he gives you a critical ability and critical weapon chance for 10 seconds, which is really good.


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