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DC Universe Online: A Complete Guide To Bounty Bizarro Boss Fight!

Posted: Feb 21, 2024

Posted: Feb 21, 2024

Source:  IGGM

In order to have a Superman of his own, Lex Luthor called on his top scientists to scan and copy the hero’s genetic structure. Because of the complexity of the replica-making process, the result was the creation of a terrifying threat, Bizarro.

A mirror image of Superman, Bizarro, is an imperfect copy of him, as his poor genetic makeup causes him to be the exact opposite of the hero Man of Steel.

In DC Universe Online, Bizarro is a bounty mission for hero players. Players can start the mission via a wanted poster in Little Bohemia MPD Safe House. This mission requires players to find and defeat the failed Superman clone, Bizarro. In this guide, I will share some of my experiences and tips for beating Bizarro.

DC Universe Online: A Complete Guide To Bounty Bizarro Boss Fight!


First, before starting a mission, clarify your mission goals. Find and defeat Bizarro in Metropolis and report to the field officers at Metropolis Little Bohemia Police Station.

Players can either defeat Bizarro once and automatically get the mission again, or they can go to the wanted poster to start the mission immediately.

Attack Mechanism

Bizarro’s attack power is like a truck, and his attack power is disproportionate for such a low-level mob. Therefore, I recommend that you spend some DC Universe Online Cash to upgrade your hero’s overall stats before starting.

In this encounter, I recommend you choose the tank. Because Bizarro has Heat Vision and Freezing Breath, both of which are unavailable to players.

Heat Vision is the most dangerous attack, hitting at least 401 and knocking the player down, being unavoidable and having a long range. Freezing Breath is performed after he has obviously inhaled air, and hits quickly for 40 seconds, but is easy to dodge. There’s no real stun to deal with these, just tremendous damage that you either have to heal or try to burn off before he kills you all.

DC Universe Online: Bizarro Boss Heat Vision

Bizarro tends to lock onto a target for a period during combat. Therefore, it's beneficial to stay within melee range, otherwise he will spam Freezing Breath repeatedly, dealing very high damage that even healers can’t fully mitigate. He is also quite persistent, and players should expect to be Freezing Breathed at least twice in a row when trying to escape.

Because of the early warning effect, his Heat Vision is not as deadly, does relatively low damage, has a slower attack speed, and has almost two less Freezing Breaths per Heat Vision.

Combat Tips

Patients and security guards will automatically attack him when they see him, but will not cause actual damage and will be killed in a few attacks. The security guard can still attack you when you fight Bizarro.

Unlike most of his opponents, he doesn’t seem to see Clown Box as an obstacle. This means that even if he is chasing the player, when the player is hiding inside Clown Box, he will chase someone else, rendering him ineffective. But don’t worry, defeating Bizarro is not difficult as long as you keep attacking him while dodging damage.

DC Universe Online: Bizarro Boss Fight


Finally, after you defeat Bizarro, you will receive a nice reward, including STAR Labs Renown +40, 66 DCUO Cash, and Twisted Harness. However, it should be noted that Twisted Harness only applies to the first bounty reward after defeating Bizarro.

Additionally, players will receive 1234 XP for defeating Bizarro and completing the mission. Therefore, this is also a great way to help you level up quickly and improve your character.


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