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News Tag: DC Universe Online Cash

  • DC Universe Online: Everything We Need To Know About The Star Sapphires - 2024 Guide

    Posted: Feb 21, 2024

    It's entirely possible to craft a remarkably accurate version of Star Sapphire within the game. Next, we will explore the Star Sapphires in DC Universe Online. This guide will cover many of the essential items needed for the recreation. These items are accessible during the Valentine Seasonal Event - Love Conquers All. Let's dive right in.

    Female Characters

    We have an official Star Sapphire set of gear in DC Universe Online. While the bad news is that it's a set for female characters only, we'll be taking a look at male characters soon. You can get the Star Sapphire style from Vending Unit 44 in the House of Legends. It will cost you 70 Source Marks for each piece of the style.


    Now, let’s talk about where to get the materials. Now, we have the materials from the Valentine Seasonal Vendor. There’s the Villain vendor on this side, but if you go just across, you’ll see the Hero vendor. It ain’t a party till the main man shows up. You will see the Impassioned Chroma Pack, but there was also the Impassioned Material. And while we’re there, we’ll take a look also at the Zamaron Crescent Mask. We do have 2 Star Sapphire accessories and we also have the Carol Ferris Earth style.

    Moving on to the headpiece, here we have the Carol Ferris Earth style and we have the Impassioned Material. We can apply the Material to the Hairstyles. Then, let’s equip the Zamaron Crescent. However, if you equip the Zamaron Crescent, you cannot use the Emissive Eyes.


    We also have a Star Sapphire Emblem in the game. You can simply purchase it from our friend Booster Gold in the House of Legends. It comes from the very first time capsule. You also have the symbol, and there is the Crystal Accessory. I’ll take a look at that in just a minute. And there’s also a wall banner you could get for your Lair if you want to.

    Then you can get a pretty big Star Sapphire Wall Seal for your Lair. By the Light of Love, you can also get a Star Sapphire Orbital Strike. We don’t have a Star Sapphire Supply Drop just yet, so I still have to use the Valentine’s Day Hearts Supply Drop that you can get from the Valentine Seasonal Vendor.

    You should be able to get the Violet Lanterns as a random drop, much easier to just buy it from the Broker and it’s not that expensive. Therefore, it is also a good choice for players who do not have enough DC Universe Online Cash.

    Male Characters

    As mentioned, the Star Sapphire gear is now for female characters, with no corresponding style available for male characters. For a long time as a male character, the only real option you had was the Star Sapphire Designer T-Shirt, and it does allow you to create an interesting Star Sapphire if you want to.

    But once they added the Star Sapphire Emblem in the game, then you could easily create a male Star Sapphire, and it gave you a lot more options than just using the T-Shirt.


    For the aura, I love the Titianian Aura, which a great option for a Star Sapphire character. For the accessory, you can choose between the Star Sapphire Zamaron Crystal or the Floating Star Sapphire Symbol. And for the aura, I kind of like the Cosmic Purple one.

    Base Items

    For the base items, you can get a pretty big Star Sapphire Wall Seal for your Lair if you want to, although you will need a big wall for that seal. There’s a whole bunch of crystals you can get for your lair if you want to. There is also the Zamaron Love Crystal. You can use the crystal once per day, so it does give you a reward when you click on it. When you have too many characters and too many Lairs, it can be challenging sometimes. There’s also a huge Green Lantern Corps Memorial Statue that you can get easily enough from the Broker.

    Final Thought

    The Valentine Seasonal Supply Drop works well enough with the theme of the character. And we do not have an official Star Sapphire power in DC Universe Online. To recreate a Star Sapphire, I would use the Mental powers or the Sorcery powers to sort of mimic having the Star Sapphire powers. If you need some items or some styles for your Star Sapphire character, get them now from the Valentine Seasonal Vendor before it’s too late.

  • DC Universe Online: How To Maximize Precision DPS With This Celestial Build?

    Posted: Feb 20, 2024

    This time I will share a DPS guide with you, focusing on Celestial this time. Whether you're a novice player without enough amount of DC Universe Online Cash to spare, or a seasoned veteran looking for a simple build to play through the game, this guide is a good choice for you. So, let's dive right in.

    How It Works

    This is a Precision build, so you want to have Brawling. This is the weapon we're going to be using, so you grab all of these abilities. Then you want to go down to Martial Arts and then unlock all the stuff.

    After you get all this done, you want to go right back to Brawling, and then you're going to unlock the combo. Now, I am Flight. If you want this build to be better, you want to be Super Speed. 

    Let's move on. I have Robot Sidekick. And then when it comes to the stat points superpowered, you get all your critical attack chance, get all your critical attack damage, and any skill points you got left goes all into Precision. As you get more skill points, if you max Precision out, then you move on to Might.


    Now for the Loadout, I play with a modded controller, so the way I have this pieced out is not necessarily the way you want it. So I have Smite, Light, Cursed Idol. We also get the Robot Sidekick, Divine Light and Anoint.

    If you're Super Speed, you just basically replace the other 2 moves with Vortex Trap and Whirling Dervish. And I recommend being Super Speed. It'll boost your damage by so much.


    First, we're going to look at the gear. For the weapon socket, I'm using Blast Adapter. For the head socket, you want Critical Anoint II and Relentless Precision. For the neck socket, I've got Berserk. For the hands, you always go with Max Damage. You want Penetrating Strikes for the chest and the legs and feet don't really matter. These are the stats I'm working with.


    The artifacts, the main 2 artifacts are Transformation Card and Strategist Card, and you can use the Venom Wrist Dispenser. Now, if you're trying to just make an ALT and not necessarily make it your main, well then you can switch some of these out.

    You can switch the Strategist Card with something that gives you more stats. This is a Precision build, so we're going to go all Precision on the Adaptive Augments and the Origin Augments.

    Generator Mods

    Moving on to the base Generator Mods, you're going to want all Precision at the bottom. For support, I've got Restoration because it is Celestial. And of course, Power for the health and power.


    When it comes to allies, the best combat ally I'd recommend players to start off with is Krypto. He's the cheapest to rank up and he does so much damage. I have Oracle-Bot and Cyborg. I'm never going to rank this up. This is not necessarily what you want. For the other 2 allies, I recommend Shazam and Static.

    Shazam gives you a Might and Precision buff for 30 seconds every time you activate your combat ally. And for Static, every time you activate your Supercharge, he gives you a critical ability and critical weapon chance for 10 seconds, which is really good.

  • How Can We Experience Black Adam Beyond the Film? DC Universe Online and Other Games Are Recommended!

    Posted: Dec 09, 2022

    The DC Universe's Black Adam is a lighting-wielding supervillain and anti-hero, one of the main nemeses of Shazam and The Marvel Family. While perhaps not as well known as other DC regulars like Batman and Superman, he has appeared in numerous comics and related media since his creation in 1945.

    Now with a blockbuster film to his name, the character has become more mainstream than ever, and there's never been a better time to look back on his history in video games. While Black Adam doesn't have too many game credits, the ones he has are memorable. From fighting games to Fortnite to even the Lego series, here are some of the best ways to play as the mighty king of Kahndaq.

    DC Universe Online
    First thing first, as a loyal player of DC Universe Online, I would highly recommend this game to you. It is a free-to play game that has been running for over ten years and has 44 unique episodes. The latest chapter is all about Black Adam. In it, your custom DC hero heads to Kahndaq to assist him after a deal with Neron, the god of the Underworld, goes awry, plunging Kahndaq under Neron's control.

    Black Adam appears in many capacities in DC Universe Online as a playable character and ally. With so much new, free content intentionally themed around him at the moment, fans of the character may want to use this as an entry point into DC's deep, long-running MMO adventure. Also use DC Universe Online Cash to gear themselves, become stronger in the futuer.

    Yes, it seems like everyone winds up in Fortnite these days. Superheroes. Street Fighter characters. Even Naomi Osaka got her own cameo. But now that Black Adam's star is rising, it makes sense that he'd join the battle royale, too. His Teth's Throne emote lets him recline in royal splendor, and Hawkman has even lent him his mace to use in battle.

    It's humorous to see a near-invulnerable villain with godlike electrokinetic powers running around with Fortnite's guns, but apparently he's agreed to play by the rules. The Symbol of Shiruta on his back will even glow after every kill so that he can display his dominance to others even with his powers tied behind his back.

    Injustice 2
    Black Adam is a character in both of NetherRealm's Injustice fighting games, and Injustice 2 is the best game out of all of these entries if you're looking to play as him. Injustice takes place in a darker version of the DC universe, in which Batman and Superman have become enemies, causing a splintering of the Justice League into two factions. In the lengthy storyline that unfolds, Black Adam is generally an ally to Superman, although he is willing to assist Batman when their goals align and Brainiac threatens Kahndaq's safety.

    Injustice 2 is Black Adam's finest video game showing, not only for how well-written, voiced, and animated he is but also for how strong the character is. He's one of the highest-tier characters for competitive play, excellent at any range. His long movelist includes multiple attacks that track opponents wherever they are onstage, and if players do manage to get in on him, his Character Trait will shield him with floating electric orbs

    If you're looking for a fully realized and complex representation of Black Adam that doesn't feel like a cameo or movie tie-in, Injustice 2 is sure to spark your interest.

    Lego Games
    For a more whimsical take on the character, you can also find Black Adam in Lego Batman 2 and 3 and their spin-off, Lego DC Super-Villains. These open-world games stand out for their huge rosters of characters, sense of humor, and strong voice casts. Super-Villains, naturally, is the one to go for if you're more interested in the bad guys, and Black Adam has plenty of fun electric moves, including projectiles and a continuous beam of electricity he can aim with a reticle on the screen.

    The Lego games are very kid-friendly and won't provide the biggest challenge. But few games let you play as so many lesser-known characters, and the loving parodies of normally serious DC figures are endearing.

    As one of the biggest fans of DC Universe, Black Adam's movie did make me exciting. I hope you guys can enjoy those games and the film, it's a great moment for our DC fans.

  • DC Universe Online: Tips on Getting More Feats for Skill Points

    Posted: Sep 05, 2022

    Getting skill points is one of the most essential things you need to focus on in DC Universe Online, the question is how to get more skill points?

    Since there are like 42 dlcs and the number is increasing every day, we have a lot of options to get feats on your own. In order to get more skill points we're going to take a look at those feats, let's open our feats menu, now keep in mind this is an MMO and that means you will get a lot of feats within minutes, but there are hundreds of feats where you will need to grind, play missions again and again. In Feat menu we're going to skip legends pve, the first category under solo feats is basis. these are basically base decorations items coming from, different dlcs events which you can farm for by doing certain missions again and again, and collecting base items for event.

    Now you're going to have some feats which say collect based items for different dlcs as well, so you can go to the episodes click on each dlc and find these base feats. If you want the complete list of base items for each dlc, just search the dlc name base items in google and you will know the full list.

    Next we have Time Capsule feats, this one is going to take a while, because it requires stabilizers which is basically a key to open the time capsule, so you need to log in every day, collect your stabilizers from daily reward menu, and then open these time capsules in order to get this fee. But you can always spend real money and buy the stabilizer from the marketplace, if you are in hurry and have a massive bank account.

    One of the easiest feats you can get is under Exploration, for these all you need to do is to visit locations mentioned under each open world, and you got the feats, very easy skill points.

    Let's talk about General feats. You should already have tons of these feats while leveling up.

    Moving on details we have Artifacts, focus on these because you're definitely going to need artifacts. Once you have decided your role and know for certain which artifacts you're going to use, level them up with and metal and feats are going to pop.

    Next we have collectibles. These feats are for green, blue and gold nodes around the world and other stuff so collect everything you see and you will get the feats. In case you're looking for certain investigation or briefing and you don't know the location, just search the name on google, and someone probably have posted the location for them.

    Token of merits, so these are randomly dropped from completing missions, but you can go to watchtower, go to war room and find Central Hub, buy a victory token. Once bought collect them and your feats will pop up, but you're going to need 10,000 source marks to buy them all.

    Races, so depending on your movement mode you're going to have different locations for races all around, that's like one of the first thing you should focus on in order to get feats. If you are Super Speed, just google races location and you will get a map, then go to those locations, finish your feats, finish the races and get all the feats. Thus, you need to focus and complete all the races in Gotham and Metropolis for your current movement, that should be enough without spending any money.

    Renown, you can get this by completing solos for each mentor, just do all the solo missions from all three mentors every day and one hour basically and you will get source marks styles renown and base items, totally worth it.

    Generally speaking there are tons of resources you can get feats for skill points, on the other hand the currency in DC Universe Online is important as well, thus if you would like to buy DC Universe Online Cash, our website could be your priority. Cheap price and fast delivery, do not wait, come to buy!

  • New episode of DC Universe Online: Dark Knights is live!

    Posted: Apr 16, 2022

    DC Universe Online's new series "The Dark Knight" has been launched on April 14, and details of the new episode were highlighted in the same day's live stream. This episode is free as always, and it supports PC, PS 4, and Xbox.

    After Perpetua escapes from the Source Wall, she assembles alternate Batmans from various dark multiverses to form the Dark Knights to complete her plan to destroy and reshape the multiverse. The new episode's story is set on a backdrop of Perpetua's near-completion of plans and the devastated Washington District. Faced with this situation, whether you are a Heroes or Villains, you must stop Perpetua.

    A new weekly and daily open world quest has been added to Dark Knights: Death Metal DC. Players above level 15 can participate and start the quest by looking for the Death Metal DC option in the Warp Menu.

    First, the new Duo, Dark Knights: New Apokolips, is launched, and Grail will assist Wonder Woman to find the source of Perpetua's power on New Apokolips and transfer it to overthrow Darkfather's evil rule.Second, the new Alert titled Dark Knights: Return to Earth 3, Lex Luthor and Death Mental Batman will lead players to destroy Perpetua's throne of power on Earth, joining forces against the Crime Syndicate.Finally, the new Raid is called Death Metal, and players will fight Perpetua themselves, team up with Wonder Woman at the Source Wall to defeat Perpetua and organize her dark plans.

    In addition, the new series also introduced death metal as a new currency, added new collectibles and feat titles, etc., and designed new death metal-style new equipment for Batman and Wonder Woman.

    The new episodes have indeed brought more exciting plots and challenges to players. You can stay tuned to IGGM for more news. At the same time, whether you are Heroes or Villains, we will provide you with cheap DC Universe Online Cash. As a professional third-party game service provider, IGGM will provide you with perfect services, please contact us at any time.

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