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DC Universe Online: Tips on Getting More Feats for Skill Points

Posted: Sep 05, 2022

Getting skill points is one of the most essential things you need to focus on in DC Universe Online, the question is how to get more skill points?

Since there are like 42 dlcs and the number is increasing every day, we have a lot of options to get feats on your own. In order to get more skill points we're going to take a look at those feats, let's open our feats menu, now keep in mind this is an MMO and that means you will get a lot of feats within minutes, but there are hundreds of feats where you will need to grind, play missions again and again. In Feat menu we're going to skip legends pve, the first category under solo feats is basis. these are basically base decorations items coming from, different dlcs events which you can farm for by doing certain missions again and again, and collecting base items for event.

Now you're going to have some feats which say collect based items for different dlcs as well, so you can go to the episodes click on each dlc and find these base feats. If you want the complete list of base items for each dlc, just search the dlc name base items in google and you will know the full list.

Next we have Time Capsule feats, this one is going to take a while, because it requires stabilizers which is basically a key to open the time capsule, so you need to log in every day, collect your stabilizers from daily reward menu, and then open these time capsules in order to get this fee. But you can always spend real money and buy the stabilizer from the marketplace, if you are in hurry and have a massive bank account.

One of the easiest feats you can get is under Exploration, for these all you need to do is to visit locations mentioned under each open world, and you got the feats, very easy skill points.

Let's talk about General feats. You should already have tons of these feats while leveling up.

Moving on details we have Artifacts, focus on these because you're definitely going to need artifacts. Once you have decided your role and know for certain which artifacts you're going to use, level them up with and metal and feats are going to pop.

Next we have collectibles. These feats are for green, blue and gold nodes around the world and other stuff so collect everything you see and you will get the feats. In case you're looking for certain investigation or briefing and you don't know the location, just search the name on google, and someone probably have posted the location for them.

Token of merits, so these are randomly dropped from completing missions, but you can go to watchtower, go to war room and find Central Hub, buy a victory token. Once bought collect them and your feats will pop up, but you're going to need 10,000 source marks to buy them all.

Races, so depending on your movement mode you're going to have different locations for races all around, that's like one of the first thing you should focus on in order to get feats. If you are Super Speed, just google races location and you will get a map, then go to those locations, finish your feats, finish the races and get all the feats. Thus, you need to focus and complete all the races in Gotham and Metropolis for your current movement, that should be enough without spending any money.

Renown, you can get this by completing solos for each mentor, just do all the solo missions from all three mentors every day and one hour basically and you will get source marks styles renown and base items, totally worth it.

Generally speaking there are tons of resources you can get feats for skill points, on the other hand the currency in DC Universe Online is important as well, thus if you would like to buy DC Universe Online Cash, our website could be your priority. Cheap price and fast delivery, do not wait, come to buy!


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