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DC Universe Online's Latest Event: Homecoming Party at Titans Tower Event

Posted: Sep 22, 2022

In Dimensional Ink's latest series of fall events planned for DC Universe Online, we can learn that Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower seasonal event will be opened, and will continue until October 6th. The characters that will appear in this event are the Starfire and Blackfire sisters and the Teen Titans.

The following is an introduction to the storyline. Sister Blackfire inherits the Throne of the planet Tamaran. Fearing that her rights would be taken away from her sister, she fabricated the facts and used the false charges to exile her sister, Starfire. Unbeknownst to her, Starfire kept returning to ask for help from his sister, but of course she was always rejected and exiled again. However, the content of this year's event will change, so this time she'll be exiled to a party hosted by the Teen Titans, and this party will help her cheer up.

In this update, Starfire will be partying at Titans Island and Titans Tower, including feature games, festivities, and rewards. Since the party will cheer up Starfire, this will make Blackfire unable to achieve her purpose, so she will definitely do some obstruction, and you need to complete the task of fighting the Blackfire who came to block to ensure the cheer up Starfire party went well.

Homecoming Party at Titans Tower Event

The event will also bring some fun to DCUO ahead of the next big content update in October. First, Episode 44, the sins of Black Adam, will be available in October. This content will accompany the release of the Black Adam movie, bringing players new on-duty content, event versions and regular and elite versions of a series of featured characters such as Black Adam and Shazam.

In this episode, there are also new challenges, which include open world missions, a Duo, an Alert, and two new raids. And all the content and storylines in this episode will lead you to locations in Egyptian myth. Here, players will also have new tasks and rewards, including equipment, new styles, and more.

Until October, the game will return to The Witching Hour fall event. You can check out the details of the Dimensional Ink team's update plans for the second half of the year and even next January on DC Universe Online.

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