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News Tag: WOW Classic SOD Phase 2

  • WOW Classic SOD: The Best Strategies To Help You Accumulate Gold In Phase 2! - Open World, Solo Dungeon & AFK Gold Farm

    Posted: Mar 18, 2024

    Fellow adventurers, are you busy taking advantage of Discoverer’s Delight Exp Buff to level up and take on new challenges after the level cap? The new collection of epic equipment, mounts, and consumables discovered in Neron raids may surprise you, but the hidden costs of these loots will definitely leave you overwhelmed.

    This is where my Gold Farming Guide for WOW Classic SOD comes in. I’ve been exploring and testing a range of gold farming methods in Azeroth, so in this guide, let’s reveal the best gold makers in Season of Discovery Phase 2!

    We’re going to look at three of my current favorite open world gold makers to get consistent gold to pay for all your expenses. We’ll then discuss solo gold farming in some of the most challenging dungeons. Finally, we will delve into the secrets of AFK gold makers to help you make huge WOW Classic SOD Gold profits without putting in too much effort. Now, let’s get started!

    All Open World Gold Farming Methods

    Let’s start by looking at open world farming.

    Ogres Of Feralas

    My third favorite place is Ogres of Feralas. The mobs here will melt like butter so you can always keep your world buffs going.

    This is a safer farming spot than most open world farms. You can earn 6-8 gold per hour here, mainly because of their Mageweave and random Greens drops.

    In addition, you also have a good chance of getting high-level crates, such as White Bandit Mask crate, which may bring a profit of 9 gold.

    Come here when there are fewer people, it’s a very pleasant farming spot. But remember, as the number of people here goes up, your profits will go down very fast.

    Witherbark Troll

    Next, let’s talk about Witherbark Troll farm, which is similar to Ogres of Feralas in that the major drops are Mageweave and raw gold.

    Fortunately, it’s far less crowded, but the captured mobs are scarier. Mageweave Cloth, Troll Tribal Necklace and Greens are relatively common drops here.

    Basically, you get 7-9 gold every hour on this farm, and if you use a fast-killing character like Hunter like me, your profits can be even more. Of course, any crates you acquire can net you additional gold.

    Firemane Dragonkin

    Now let’s talk about my favorite open world farm, Firemane Dragonkin, which is amazing for a level 30 range character.

    Besides some perfect greens, I also got several Waylaid Supply crates from this farm, easily earning 8-10 gold per hour.

    The only downside to farming Firemane Dragonkin is that running away is bad if someone decides to fight you, so I had to throw in a reward here.

    Solo Dungeon Farm

    Now that we’ve discussed open world farming, let’s talk about my favorite solo dungeon farm.

    The first is Cathedral farming. You need a Mage or Hunter. Mage can do a 10-minute full clean, and Hunter can do a 12-minute full clean. You can earn around 25 gold per hour, and you’ll also can sell additional epics and valuable Greens on Auction House.

    Another one of my favorite solo dungeons is Uldaman. The 30 gold per hour payoff is powerful, and you also can obtain a variety of rare and expensive items. And running this dungeon only takes you three or four nights to get Mage or Hunter to level 40.

    AFK Gold Farming

    Killing mobs for gold is great, but what if I told you that there are even more profitable gold makers hidden in your favorite city? Let’s talk about some exciting ways to farm AFK gold.

    Using Auctionator Addon

    The first lucrative AFK gold makers were just for crafting items. I’m sure you already know that. However, if there was a way to instantly check every profitable craft and every Waylaid Supply crate in the game, it would make this method of farming much more efficient. And this addon can do this.

    First, you need to grab Auctionator from CurseForge. This is a very simple auction application. You need to import all content lists from Shopping List tab. Then run the list by pressing the search button, export the results and copy them to the data import section of the worksheet to get the latest price data.

    Now you can easily learn which crafts are profitable and which ones should be avoided, even for Waylaid Supply.

    As for the crafting itself, I definitely recommend crafting a variety of items to keep sales going. In my case, I usually focus on Cooking, Engineering and Tailoring.

    That being said, Alchemy is also a huge profit driver, but very few players have that profession. As you upgrade more alts, be sure to consider choosing a profession to maximize profits rather than minimize raid performance. If you are serious, you can make hundreds of gold profits every day. Therefore, I highly recommend this approach.

    Crate Gambling

    Finally, let’s move on to another AFK gold maker, Crate Gambling. It’s a fun and risky way to make money, especially on a server with a large population like Crusader Strike.

    If you are a Hardcore fan, you probably know about Wastewander Water Pouch, which is a quest item that drops from Bandits and is used in most quests that people do, such as Water Pouch Bounty.

    There is a repeatable aspect to this quest, in that you can turn in five Pouches to receive a Care Package. Care Package will almost always include Moonberry Juice and maybe some Pumpkin. It also has a slight chance of getting a Healing and Mana Potion.

    But the real draw is that it may include Scroll of Strength III. This is the scroll used by Top Parsing Warriors on the largest servers, who are willing to pay up to 15 gold per scroll on raid reset day.

    Remember, this is not a gamble for the faint of heart. Sometimes you need hundreds of Care Packages to get even one Scroll.

    The above is what I know about the best gold makers in WOW Classic SOD Phase 2. I would love to know what your current favorite gold making method is. If you have a better way to farm gold, please share it!

  • WOW Classic SOD: An Excellent Gold Farming Method That You Can’t Miss In Phase 2! - Winter Squid Farming Guide

    Posted: Mar 04, 2024

    Here, I will introduce you to an excellent gold farming method in Season of Discovery Phase 2, which is farming Winter Squid. Unlike the others, this is a limited time farm and you can only do it until March 20th.

    Why Farm Winter Squid?

    Actually, this item has no use in Phase 2, but from Phase 3 or even Phase 4 onwards, it will be very expensive. It can be used to create an excellent food buff, Grilled Squid, which provides 10 agility to Melee DPS character.

    The best thing about this fish is that it is a seasonal fish and you can only catch it from September 22nd to March 20th. This means you have less than 20 days to use this farming method to suit your own needs.

    What’s more, we won’t see any Squids for the remainder of Phase 2, possibly all of Phase 3, or even the beginning of Phase 4.

    If they keep this release cycle, every DPS player will want this food buff for the extra damage output. This means that this farming method is an excellent investment.

    I can’t tell you when is the best time to sell Squids. But I guarantee the price of each squid will be at least a few WOW Classic SOD Gold, maybe even a dozen gold coins, depending on the server and the time you sell it.

    How To Fish For Squids?

    Are you fascinated by this golden farming idea? To try this farming method, you first need to press the fishing button to get a good Lucky Charm, put on your Fishing lures or even Fishing Enchant on Gloves, then go to Tanaris and start fishing in the open water.

    I did this myself and after an hour of fishing, my loot included:

    • 22 Squids
    • 31 Raw Rockscale Cods
    • 16 Clams
    • 11 Raw Glossy Mightfish
    • 6 Stonescale Eels
    • 87 Raw Spotted Yellowtails
    • 2 Ironbound Locked Chest

    Actually, most of these items are junk, but the chance of catching Squids here is about 8%. And considering you get some extra WoW SoD Gold rewards for each item, this farming location isn’t too bad.

    All in all, you can earn anywhere from 20 gold to 100 gold per hour on this farming spot, maybe even more on some servers. Because these Squids are currently easily sold on my server for about 1 gold each, and you can still catch them easily.

    Other Fishing Spots

    If Tanaris isn’t your thing, you can also go fishing in the ocean in Hinterlands or Feralas, or you can fish on Jaguero Isle in Stranglethorn Vale.

    However, I still recommend that you fish in Tanaris, because you have the best chance of catching Squids here, and you don’t have to worry about mobs attacking you, because Tanaris is a neutral area, and both Alliance and Horde players can participate.

    There is another place that should be the best one by far, and that is Azshara in Bay of Storms. However, I do not recommend this because our current fishing skills are too low and most fish will escape.

    I fished there for 5 minutes and only caught two fish with 348 fishing skill. But on Jaguero Isle, Hinterlands or Feralas it only requires 205 Fishing skill, and you can even throw the fishhook directly. But I still recommend that you upgrade your fishing skill to level 300 to prevent the fish from escaping.

    You can use Tuskarr Fishing Gear to increase your skill all the way to 363, but that’s still not enough to consistently catch in Azshara.

    Best Fishing Time

    Last but not least, the highest catch of Squids is from 12:00 noon to 18:00 at night. As far as I know, and after some testing, this only works with Azshara in Bay of Storms. Except for Azshara, they cannot be caught from midnight to 6:00 AM.

    Anyway, I really recommend you give this farming method a try. There’s a lot of golden farming potential here. Usually, all fishing players are very calm and you just have to play some delightful music to talk to the players around you and enjoy. That’s it for this guide. I wish you all happy fishing.

  • WOW Classic SOD: The Best Spot For Farming Pet And BOE In Phase 2! - Stranglethorn Vale

    Posted: Mar 01, 2024

    Are you still trying to find the ultimate pet and BOE farming location in WOW Classic SOD? In today’s guide, we’ll be sharing a great BOE farming location that will lead you to discover a treasure trove of valuable loot, including the elusive Hyacinth Macaw pet!

    Located in Stranglethorn Vale, this location not only offers the rarest pets in the game but also epic rare BOEs. Stick around to learn the best strategies for farming loot, as well as the pros and cons of this lucrative location. Don’t miss your chance to get gold and glory!

    Hyacinth Macaw Pets

    As you can see, there are a variety of monsters to raise in the southern part of Stranglethorn Vale, and the coveted pets are the most expensive items in the area.

    The pet called Hyacinth Macaw is considered being the rarest and most expensive pet in WOW Classic so far because of its very low drop probability.

    It costs around 300 WOW Classic SOD Gold, but that’s the cheapest you’ll find until Season of Discovery ends. Because judging from comprehensive historical data, the average value of this kind of pet is very high.


    Also, this place contains some decent epic and rare BOEs, such as Basilisk Hide Pants. It’s currently available for sale instantly on my server for around 100 gold. I’m sure they’re even more expensive on other servers.


    Next, I’ll show you more loot for each type of pirate in the area, and I’ll also mention the pros and cons of this powerful gold spot.

    First of all, we should know that there are five types of pirates in this area, namely:

    • Bloodsail Warlock
    • Bloodsail Deckhand
    • Bloodsail Swabby
    • Bloodsail Elder Magus
    • Bloodsail Swashbuckler

    Each type has a high chance of dropping a pet. But Bloodsail Swabby has a slightly higher chance of dropping it. 

    For general loot, all these pirates have a chance to drop green BOEs and many other things. Judging from the data, Green Hills of Stranglethorn pages are currently in high demand and value, especially towards the end of the season. Because people mostly want to complete their pre-quest during this time.

    Bloodsail Elder Magus and Deckhand are slightly higher level and harder to kill, while together they can drop rare and epic loot.

    Bloodsail Swashbuckler and Warlock are both on land and can drop some rare and epic items. In my opinion, if you don’t have much gear and are used to playing solo, farming Warlock is your best bet. Because they are the easiest to kill, have reasonable drop rates for pets, and have some nice epic and rare loot.

    But if you are doing this farm with friends, I highly recommend you focus on grinding Bloodsail Swabby. Because, as mentioned before, Swabby has the greatest chance of dropping pets, and there are more mobs to kill.

    Pros & Cons

    Finally, let’s introduce the pros and cons of this place.

    First off, this place has the most expensive pets in WOW Classic so far. And since pets are not part of Season of Discovery, their value will grow over time. So if you can’t or don’t want to sell it now, it will definitely appreciate in value.

    Besides pets, this place is also very good at farming gold, and the average level of mobs is worth honing. If you are lucky enough to get these, you can sell these BOEs immediately to make extra money.

    As far as disadvantages go, I don’t think you should focus on finding pets in this area. Because this pet is known as the rarest pet in WOW Classic SOD, and your chance of actually getting it by doing small grinds every day is almost zero.

    Another reason is that the mobs here are very close and you should be careful if you are a solo grinder. If you have a character without Skinning, generally don’t pull a lot at once.

    If you love farming pets and looking forward to becoming a lottery winner, I highly recommend this place! Good luck!

  • WOW Classic SOD: The 4 Tips To Help You Grind XP Better In Phase 2!

    Posted: Feb 23, 2024

    Leveling up in WOW Classic can often feel like a grind, but to encourage players to start alts, Season of Discovery makes it relatively quick. Thanks to runes and gear, characters have much higher power levels than normal WoW, which helps grind XP faster.

    In WOW Classic SOD, several new options add variety to the leveling experience, such as new leveling Raids and items that provide reusable XP boosts. Here I will share four tips to help you farm XP quickly in Season of Discovery Phase 2. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    Selectively Complete Close-Range Quests

    In WOW Classic SOD, the easiest and most interesting way to level up is to complete missions and follow the story that unfolds in each area. But many tasks can be so scattered and take so long to complete that the meager rewards aren’t worth the effort.

    Generally speaking, the best way to level up is to complete quests, but it’s important to focus on completing quests that are grouped in similar locations. This will also help you maximize your WOW Classic SOD Gold and XP earnings in a short period.

    In Shimmering Flats, for example, players from both factions can access nearly a dozen quests with nearby requirements. Players can complete this set of missions efficiently by moving clockwise around the central track of Shimmering Flats.

    If a quest takes you to a distant location, ignore it until that location becomes your next central quest hub.

    At the end of Alliance Stonetalon Mountains questline, players must travel to the borders of Thousand Needles and Feralas. But unless you’re high enough to pick up some other quests in the same area, it’s not worth it.

    Complete Blackfathom Deeps

    Although Blackfathom Deeps is no longer the highest level dungeon in Season of Discovery Phase 2, it still has a lot of content worth playing as you level up.

    BFD has been changed to be more suitable for the leveling player group. For example, it now provides a large amount of XP to each player who defeats the boss, which is equivalent to the mid-level 30 mission XP reward.

    However, since BFD’s difficulty is adjusted for level 25 players, these XP gains won’t be as large the closer you get to level 40. But it’s worth making it part of your regular leveling path in SoD.

    Get Cozy Sleeping Bag

    A huge fresh addition to WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 is Cozy Sleeping Bag quest chain.

    This quest chain either starts in the southern Barrens in Phase 2, or in Westfall for Alliance. It takes players through Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, following a series of notes. Finally, as the notes are used up, players will also get their own Cozy Sleeping Bag.

    This item can be used every few hours, and you’ll gain a small XP boost if you walk on it and sleep in it. You gain 1% XP gain for every minute you spend in the sleeping bag, up to a maximum of 3%. This means that the sooner you get this item, the more you will benefit from it.

    Also, this quest chain also rewards a number of useful items, most notably a new SoD item called Student Fodder.

    You will receive eight Student Fodders, which provide 20% Rested XP when consumed. This will increase XP gained from killing mobs by 200%. I recommend you use it at level 30 so that you can upgrade to level 40 more easily.

    Grind Suitable Dungeons

    Besides completing quests in the world, grinding dungeons is the fastest way to level up in SOD Phase 2.

    But since each phase brings new areas to explore, they tend to be very crowded. It will be difficult to complete your quest when dozens of other players are all fighting over the same enemies.

    During the launch of the new phase, dungeons can become a very viable alternative to world exploration. This is especially true if you completed as many tasks as possible in the previous phase. Because this may reduce your options when new phases are unlocked.

    In dungeons, you don’t compete for shared monster XP. All you have to do is choose dungeons to grind in based on your level, which can make you level up significantly faster.

    Common dungeon grinding paths for Alliance players include Deadmines, Stockade, Razorfen Downs, and Scarlet Monastery until level 40.

    Horde players have access to Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, Razorfen Downs and Scarlet Monastery. It may get repetitive, but it’s a reliable way to gain XP.

    Those are my top 4 tips for farming XP in Season of Discovery Phase 2. Hopefully, this guide will help you reach Phase 2 level cap as quickly as possible.

  • WOW Classic SOD: How To Start Crafting Your Gnomeregan Gear In Phase 2?

    Posted: Feb 21, 2024

    WOW Classic Season of Discovery has a lot of new content for players to find across Azeroth. One of the highly anticipated features in Phase 2 is the new 10-man Gnomeregan Raid.

    This new raid not only provides players with many powerful items and equipment to enhance their characters, but also provides many cool new recipes for all crafting professions. This quest chain revolves around Corroded G-7 C.O.R.E. Processor item you obtained from Gnomeregan Raid.

    Similar to Void-Toucher gear from Phase 1, there are a few extra steps you need to complete before crafting can begin. In this guide, we’ll go over all the details you need to know to start making Gnomeregan gear. Of course, preparing enough WOW Classic SOD Gold in advance can make your production process more efficient.

    Plunder Grime-Encrusted Salvage

    First, you need to loot Grime-Encrusted Salvage that randomly drops from trash mobs and bosses in Gnomeregan Raid.

    You must then go to the dormitory area and place the item into Salvagematic 9000 along with 30 pieces of Silver.

    Once your machine breaks down, Ziri “The Wrench” Littlesprocket is here to help you fix it. You will need to collect a lot of expensive and rare materials.

    Get Corroded G-7 C.O.R.E. Processor

    Next, you must return to the front door of Gnomeregan Raid and kill Techbot so you can loot his Corroded G-7 C.O.R.E. Processor.

    You’ll then get Corroded Core Quest, where you’ll talk to Ziri “The Wrench” Littlesprocket to advance the quest chain.

    After talking to her, she will tell you that Wirdal Wondergear created the item. You then need to go to Booty Bay and talk to Scooty.

    Collect 4 Beacons

    After talking to Scooty, you will need to go to 4 different areas to find all Beacons. When you have collected all Beacons, return to Scooty so that he can teleport you back to Wirdal Wondergear.

    • Tanaris Beacon
    • Desolace Beacon
    • Feralas Beacon
    • Dustwallow Marsh Beacon

    Collect Materials

    After talking to Wirdal Wondergear, you will need to collect hard-to-obtain materials. There is a theory that you need to have at least 175/225 skill in one of the three relevant professions to get the dropped items, but this is currently unconfirmed.

    You can find Spent Voidcore by killing Naga mobs found on Isle of Dread or Feathermoon Stronghold in southern Feralas. This item may take some time to drop, so be prepared.

    After killing enough enemies, you can obtain Mote of Darkness from Shadowy Figure, allowing her to regenerate. It seems it doesn’t matter what adds you have to kill, as you can even get Bloodmoon Event PVP kill rewards.

    Complete Quest

    Once Wirdal Wondergear has worked his magic, you’ll need to travel to Gnomeregan again and talk to Ziri “The Wrench” Littlesprocket to complete the quest chain.

    You can now purchase all crafting item recipes and schematics for the newly added crafting components. You can also use Grime-Encrusted Salvage in the repaired Salvagematic 9000 to fill Box of Gnomeregan Salvage with valuable materials.

    That’s everything you need to know about how to start crafting gear based on Gnomeregan recipes. It’s a pretty long quest chain, but trust me, it’s worth it. Good luck!

  • WOW Classic SOD: All Available Warrior Runes And Locations In Phase 2 You Need To Know About

    Posted: Feb 20, 2024

    In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2, developers have prepared many new features for players to explore. We will experience new quests and face new enemies in the magical kingdom of Azeroth.

    Of course, what gets the most attention is the new set of Runes introduced in Phase 2. This addition to Season of Discovery changes the game, giving World of WarCraft players additional ways to level up and enhance their characters.

    In this guide, we’ll take a deep dive into all Warrior Runes available and where you can find them. Please note that it may take you some time to discover all Runes, and preparing enough WOW Classic SOD Gold can help your exploration process go more smoothly.

    1. Blood Surge

    Blood Surge Rune in Season of Discovery causes Heroic Strike, Bloodthirst, and Whirlwind to have a 30% chance of immediately performing the next Surge within 15 seconds and costing 0 Rage.

    You can find Blood Surge by defeating Ogres in Alterac or Stromgarde. Here, you’ll get Illegible Recipe drop, which will start Anyone Can Cook Quest.

    You will then need to travel to the southeast of Arathi Highlands and find Skonk, who will give you a follow-up quest to obtain 4 items: Hybrid Haunch, Smuggler’s Spice Blend, Balmy Brew, and Viscous Venom.

    After turning in the quest, you will get Blood Surge Rune from Skonk.

    2. Focused Rage

    Focused Rage Rune can reduce the rage cost of the player’s offensive abilities by 3 points.

    Players can obtain Witherbark Mallet from Witherbark Troll in Witherbark Village, southwest of Arathi Highlands.

    We then need to head into Witherbark Cave and find Witherbark Gong. Interact with it using Mallet, which will spawn Witherbark Goliath. Defeat it to loot Focused Rage Rune.

    3. Precise Timing

    Thanks to Precise Timing Rune, slamming is instant. However, it has a 6 second cooldown.

    To get this Rune, head to Deadwind Pass and talk to Dalaran Agent and you will receive Ariden's Sigil.

    Equip it and defeat 7 Dark Rider Elites after casting Reveal Dark Rider. If you get Dark Presence buff, you can be sure that Dark Rider is nearby.

    You need to collect 7 Darlan Relics and turn them in to get Precise Timing Rune.

    4. Rallying Cry

    You can cast a Rallying Cry to increase the maximum health of all parties and raid members within 40 yards by 15% for 10 seconds.

    The level 40 Rare Elite Wandering Swordsman in Badlands drops this Rallying Cry Rune.

    5. Intervene

    With this rune, players can run towards teammates at high speeds, blocking the next melee or ranged attack directed at them. This will also reduce their total threat by 10%.

    To obtain this rune, players need to attack target dummies southwest of Shimmering Flats in Thousand Needles. It’s important to note that you must attack dummies in order using these specific attacks:

    • With a two-handed weapon in hand, use Execute spell to attack the target dummy on the left.
    • Then target the middle dummy, equip two one-handed weapons, and cast Taunt.
    • Finally, target the dummy on the right, equip the sword and shield, and cast Shield Bash on it.

    Casting these three spells in the correct order on the correct dummy with the necessary weapons will summon a nearby chest that you can loot to obtain Intervene Rune.

    6. Enraged Regeneration

    This SoD Rune can heal a player for 30% of their maximum health in 10 seconds. But it can only be used while Enrage, Berserker Rage, or Bloodrage are active. You can also use it while unconscious.

    To obtain this rune, you need to start Highway Robbery Quest in Desolace. Then, give it to Bibbly F’utzbuckle and take the quest, On the Lam.

    Next, you need to go to Booty Bay Inn and talk to Tokal to submit the quest. You need to buy her a Cherry Grog and she will give you the next quest, No Honor Among Thieves.

    Find the rowboat under the bridge between Arathi Highlands and Wetlands, and it will take you to the east coast. There you need to find Illari Duskfeather, defeat her and loot Illari’s Key. Open the treasure chest and you will get Enraged Regeneration Rune.

    These are all available Warrior Runes that can be found in WOW Classic SOD Phase 2. We hope we’ve made your hunting a little easier.

  • WOW Classic SOD: How To Complete Tremors Of The Earth And Reap The Loot In Phase 2?

    Posted: Feb 19, 2024

    As we all know, Tremors of the Earth is one of the most difficult quest in WOW Classic. However, the rewards you can get from this quest are very tempting, especially Blazewind Breastplate.

    This is a leather chest armor that provides +23 Agility, unmatched by most other quest rewards in the game, especially with SoD Phase 2’s level cap of 40. Below is your detailed guide on how to fully complete Tremors of the Earth in WOW Classic SOD.

    Before The Start

    If you try this quest in Season of Discovery Phase 2, you will find that even though Tremors of the Earth can be started at level 40, it is quite difficult to complete.

    You’ll quickly discover that this quest is for players at level 50, while the level cap for SoD Phase 2 is level 40. Therefore, unless you spend WOW Classic SOD Gold to improve your character’s overall stats and bring along a team of relatively skilled players, you may have a hard time completing it.

    Defeat Boss Tho’grun

    The first important step in completing Tremors of the Earth is to collect an item called Sign of the Earth. This item will allow you to get certain objectives later in the quest chain, and collect it initially, although it is difficult and relatively luck-based.

    In WOW Classic SOD, the way to get Sign of the Earth is to defeat this NPC named Boss Tho’grun. This ogre roams around Badlands with no specific stopping place. Just need some luck and you can find him at some point during your travels in Badlands.

    We recommend picking up Tremors of the Earth first and putting it in your quest log. This way, if you encounter the boss Tho’grun, you’ll be able to kill him quickly, loot Sign of the Earth, and turn it in to Garek.

    Activate Black Dragons

    After giving Sign of the Earth to Garek, you’ll get the next objective in the second part of this quest chain, which is to find and defeat the two Black Dragons roaming Badlands: Blacklash and Hematus.

    However, before you have a chance to kill these two Black Dragons, you need to free them. You can do this by activating several pillars around the area. The locations of the three Runestones and their exact coordinates are:

    • Pillar of Amethyst [80, 64]
    • Pillar of Diamond [84, 33]
    • Pillar of Opal [73, 66]


    Activating these three Runestones will give you access to two dragons, which are level 50 enemies that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Therefore, I recommend that you bring a team to complete this task.

    For a team composition, we recommend that you choose a team consisting of three heavy DPS players, a tank, and a healer to ensure everyone’s survival.

    If you did this in Season of Discovery Phase 2, you should all be at level 40. But if you’re doing this later in the season, it’s recommended that your team members be anywhere between 40 and 50 levels.

    Blacklash and Hematus can be found in Badlands [81, 50]. Head there, defeat the two dragons, and loot their corpses for Chains of Hematus and Blacklash’s Bindings.

    Since these two quest items are what you need to bring back to Garek. If you kill these two dragons and forget to loot their bodies, you’ll need to complete the entire mission again. So don’t forget to loot them.


    Once you’ve successfully defeated and looted both level 50 Black Dragons, return to Garek and claim your rewards. This mission has some of the best rewards of its level in the game, but most players who target it do so to get Blazewind Breastplate.

    So if you’re playing a leather-wearing class, you might want to take that really nice item and keep it as part of your gear.

  • WOW Classic SOD: A Complete Guide To All The New Runes Coming To Phase 2

    Posted: Feb 06, 2024

    Season of Discovery started off strong, and even though it dropped off later, anticipation for more WOW Classic content is building again. With SoD Phase 2 coming soon, players will get exciting new Runes. Here I will introduce all the new Runes that Phase 2 will introduce.

    Season of Discovery Phase 2 is implementing two new Runes per class. Each of them has their own mission, and players need to find them.

    Some of these are very important in combat, especially for the new raids, so be sure to get hold of what works best for your class. That said, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with new Runes before they drop, and stock up on enough WOW Classic SOD Gold to upgrade them anytime later.


    • Eclipse: This will increase the critical strike chance of your next two Wrath abilities by 30%. And Wrath increases the critical strike chance of your next Starfire skill by 30%, with each effect stacking up to four times.
    • King of the Jungle: Tiger’s Fury now increases the physical damage you deal by 15% and instantly provides you with 60 Energy. To balance damage, Tiger’s Fury now has a 30 second cooldown.


    • Sheath of Light: Deals damage to your melee weapons and increase your spell power. It also causes your critical heal to apply additional healing to the target over time.
    • Guarded by the Light: This causes your melee weapon hits to restore mana over time. Meanwhile, the healing amount of Flash of Light, Holy Light, and Holy Shock will be reduced by half.


    • Melee Specialist: Reduces the cooldown of Raptor Strike so that it triggers immediately, and there is a certain chance that Raptor Strike will not trigger the cooldown each time it is used. Also, this Rune will remove Mongoose Bite’s cooldown.
    • Trap Launcher: Allows you to place a trap anywhere within 40 yards and allows you to place traps in combat. Also, fire-based traps and frost-based traps have separate shared cooldowns.


    • Rallying Cry: This is a defensive ability. It can be activated to increase the health of all parties and raid members within 40 yards.
    • Blood Surge: Skills such as Heroic Strike, Bloodthirst and Whirlwind have a 30% chance of making your next slam happen instantaneously and without consuming Rage.


    • Shuriken Toss: Throws a shuriken at your enemy, damaging your target and up to 4 additional nearby targets.
    • Master of Subtlety: This adds extra 10% damage to your attacks while sneaking and for six seconds after.


    • Mind Spike: Causes 108-126 points of Shadowfrost damage to the target and increases the critical hit chance of the next Mind Blast.
    • Pain Suppression: Reduces all damage taken by friendly targets by 40 points.


    • Invocation: Refresh Corruption, Immolate, Curse of Agony and Siphon of Life, causing damage immediately when the remaining time is less than six seconds.
    • Dance of the Wicked: Whenever you land a critical hit on an enemy, a buff is triggered that increases your and your pet’s dodge chance. When this happens, you also gain 2% of your maximum mana.


    • Missile Barrage: Gives your Arcane Blast, Fireball, and Frostbolt spells a chance to reduce the channel duration of your next Arcane Missiles spell in half, reduce its mana cost to 0, and cause the missiles to fire every 0.5 seconds.
    • Chronostatic Preservation: Fusion of Arcane, Fire and Frost magic for later use. You can hold this spell on for up to 15 seconds, otherwise it burns and heals friendly targets for 665-998 points.


    • Maelstrom Weapon: Damage caused by melee attacks has a chance to reduce the casting time of your next Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lesser Healing Wave, Healing Wave, Chain Heal, or Lava Burst spell by 20%. Note that this cast time reduction only stacks up to five times.
    • Spirit of the Alpha: Casts a 30-minute buff on a friendly target, increasing the threat generated by that target.
    • Two-Handed Mastery: Gain 30% attack speed when hitting an enemy with a two-handed weapon.

    While this may seem a little overwhelming at first, don’t worry, as most of these runs are fairly simple in their role. So deciding which runes to use shouldn’t be a complicated process.

    For example, Mage healers are a unique aspect of SoD in that they have the option of a Chronostatic Preservation Rune because of its excellent healing output. So, knowing these basic Runes information now can help you get a head start on Phase 2!

  • WOW Classic SOD: These 7 Cooking Consumables In Phase 2 Are Worth Farming!

    Posted: Jan 22, 2024

    Hello everyone, today I have given you a list of cooking consumables in Phase 2 that you need to target. These consumables are most likely to have the greatest value when the next phase is released. So grab as many recipes as you can, farm for materials, and have them ready as soon as Phase 2 launches, guaranteed to earn you some WOW Classic SOD Gold.

    In this guide, I want to provide you with a quick list of cooking consumables that may be of value to you in Phase 2.

    These items will probably fetch a decent WoW SoD Gold yield on Auction House. And knowing which items can be farmed directly in the game can give you a slight advantage over other players trying to earn gold early in the next phase.

    Keep in mind that these are only items that have value in Phase 2, but there's no way of knowing exactly how much since their prices vary from server to server.

    Sagefish Delight

    The first item you need to focus on is Sagefish Delight. This is just one tier above Smoked Sagefish we know and love.

    This must be of similar value to Healers and Casters. Because Sagefish Delight is a special food that restores Healers and Caster DPS.

    Sagefish Delight is usually the most valuable in long, mana-intensive boss encounters. Combined with other items such as Mageblood Potion and Brilliant Mana Oil, even a Caster with normal equipment can have good mana regeneration.

    In order to craft this, you’ll need a lot of Raw Greater Sagefish, which can now be farmed in Phase 1. The recipe for this item was obtained from several cooking vendors, such as Naal Mistrunner, Thunder Bluff, and Erika Tate in Stormwind City.

    Dragonbreath Chili

    Next up is Dragonbreath Chili. The way to get this recipe is relatively specific. In theory, Ogg’marr is sold in Brackenwell Village and Helenia Olden in Theramore.

    However, your best bet for getting Dragonbreath Chili is to find a Super-Seller 680 supplier in Desolace. Because this item is in limited supply, Super-Seller usually replenish it quickly. So you don’t have to wait too long.

    In order to craft this item, you’ll need Mystery Meat and Small Flame Sac, both of which can now be farmed in Phase 1.

    Monster Omelet

    Next we have Monster Omelet. The recipe for this item is obtained from Malygen vendor in Felwood and from Bale. To craft this item, you will need Giant Eggs and Hot Spices.

    Sadly, they aren’t really farmable in Phase 1 because the lowest level creatures that drop them are powerful. So I doubt you’ll be able to farm it properly.

    Tender Wolf Steak

    Our next item is Tender Wolf Steak. You can get the recipe for this item in Innkeeper Fizzgrimble. So getting it now shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

    Keep in mind that it sells for about 1 Classic SoD gold, which is a decent amount for Phase 1 of crafting this item. To craft it, you need Tender Wolf Meat, which you can’t actually farm yet because of the higher level of the mobs that drop them.

    Heavy Kodo Stew

    Next, let’s talk about Heavy Kodo Stew. The way to get this recipe is to purchase it through Kireena and Janet Hommers, but there is only about a 20% chance of having it in their inventory. Therefore, your best choice is Vendor-Tron 1000.

    To make Heavy Kodo Stew, you’ll need Heavy Kodo Meat, Soothing Spices, and Refreshing Spring Water. The only proper item you need to farm is Heavy Kodo Meat. These only drop from Barrens Giraffe, so in theory you can now farm it as a hunter.

    Spiced Chili Crab

    Spiced Chili Crab is our next item. This item can be purchased from three different vendors: Banalash in Swamp of Sorrows, Uthok in Stranglethorn Vale, and Kriggon Talsone in Westfall.

    But actually, Uthok is your best choice and is accessible to both Alliance and Horde. You will need 10 Tender Crab Meat to complete this craft. It is currently known that this craft can only be formed from three different crabs above level 40. So that’s really not possible at the moment.

    Spider Sausage

    The last item is Spider Sausage. The recipe for this item is naturally obtained by upgrading your cooking skill and is crafted by a level 200 Cooking Trainer.

    For this craft, you will need White Spider Meat. The lowest level mobs that drop this item are Darkfang Spider and Doctor Marsh, which are levels 35 to 39. So farming this can be a little difficult. But I bless you with the ability to wipe out their entire population.

    I hope you enjoyed this quick list of cooking consumables. It may be full of value in the next phase. Maybe this will give you an idea of what items you may want to farm when the next phase is released. As always, enjoy your game!

  • WOW Classic SOD: One Thing To Do Before Phase 2 Starts To Get A Head Start! - Reputation Grind To Exalted

    Posted: Jan 19, 2024

    The developers have finally announced that Season of Discovery Phase 2 will arrive on February 8th. This also gives players more time to prepare for its arrival.

    To help you prepare for the next SoD phase of WOW Classic, allowing you to level up faster and dive deeper into exciting content, we’re going to cover the single most important thing to do before Phase 2 goes live. Mastering it can help you get a head start before moving on to the next phase! Without further ado, let’s get started!

    One Thing To Do Before SOD Phase 2

    The only thing you should do is to upgrade this faction reputation to Exalted!

    There are two dominant factions in Ashenvale that provide reputation and rewards to PVP players. Horde can gain a reputation through Warsong Outriders, while Alliance players can be matched through Silverwing Sentinels.

    Not only because you get these good items to help you upgrade your character to 30+ early, but when you reach level 40, you will also get generous WOW Classic SOD Gold as well as some exclusive items as a reward!

    If you want to unlock exclusive rewards and move up the rankings as quickly as possible, here’s what you need to do.

    Reputation Grind To Revered

    To do this, you need to travel to Ashenvale and pay attention to this Battle for Ashenvale Progress prompt on the map screen. When the progress of each faction activity reaches 100%, the activity will start!

    In this case, there are three Lieutenants on each side, and killing one of them in these map locations will net you 400 reputation points!

    Reputation gain depends on your faction’s performance in this event, but is usually around 400 to 2,000 Reputation! You can do this until your faction reputation reaches Revered!

    Reputation Grind To Exalted

    From here, things get a little trickier. Because the only way to gain a reputation at this point is to actually play WSG and go back and find those Warsong Outrider Marks.

    You’ll get 1 WSG point when you lose, and 3 when you win! You need at least 3 points to return, which gives you 100 faction reputation!

    Good Tip To Help The Grind

    Here’s a good grinding tip that you can do every week on every reset.

    When you reach Revered in a faction, you will only grind for WSG. But in fact, you should also take part in Ashenvale event that resets every week and select quest items from the elite mobs spawned during Ashenvale event.

    Marking a monster and killing it is enough to earn a special WSG Mark to begin your faction’s quest! You just click on the marker and accept the task, now you can return to it!

    For Alliance, the name of the quest giver is Felore Moonray. You can find her in Ashenvale.

    For Horde, the quest giver’s name is Kazragore, and he can be found in the inn at Splinter tree Post.

    After the weekly reset, you’ll earn 1,000 reputation points every week! If you start now, you can complete it 4 times before Season of Discovery Phase 2, which will be a no-brainer for 4,000 reputation!

    We hope you found this WOW Classic SOD tip helpful and enjoy the upcoming Season of Discovery Phase 2!

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